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Is attempted murder domestic violence? If so, then should this woman still have temporary custody of her child?

Attempted murder freeze frame FoxCT Jan 2014

People are routinely denied access to their children based on unsubstantiated allegations of domestic violence. Many anti-domestic violence groups stridently claim that alleged abusers should not be given custody of their children. Yet in this case, according to FoxCT News, there is a recording of this woman asking someone to murder her husband. She was arrested and her wealthy family bailed her out for $1 million.

According to FoxCT, the guardian ad litem continues to recommend her as the custodial parent. The judge has granted her custody and denied custody to her husband, who’s worse offense appears to be a gambling problem.

What do we have here, payoff or double standard?  Tell us what you think in the comments section!



4 thoughts on “Is alleged attempted murder grounds for denial of temporary custody?

  1. I’ve been mired in this nightmare for five years. We weren’t even married, but due to NH state child custody and support laws, we’re up to our eyeballs in family court. My ex suffers from some pretty severe mental health issues, but the courts refuse to hear about them. Instead, after coaching from “women’s advocates” and “domestic violence specialists,” she was advised to begin with a restraining order, not out of any fear, but because such gives women substantial advantages in regards to custody and control of children.
    While for five years the NH family court out of Manchester entertained well over 100 false allegations by way of hearing, scheduled hearings with the specific knowledge that I would not be able to attend and while half of the claims brought against me were found to have been made falsely under oath, I still am restricted to alternating weekend visitations and am viewed by the courts as an “abuser” based only on my gender and the claims (again, most of which have been found to be outright lies, the others equally untrue simply aren’t allowed to be contested,) my ex makes.
    The courts really are little more than racketeers and in NH, the family courts themselves have neither legislative or judicial oversight, nor any appeals process. In 1978 the legislature handed power over the family courts to the state Supreme Court, then almost immediately, the Supreme Court decided to exempt all family courts and marital masters from appellate review. Effectively, this court of equity, which makes decisions on really no substantial burdens of proof of any kind, can make their orders, put people in jail, break up families and family bonds and cannot be held accountable to anyone.

  2. Couldn’t have been any closer to the judicial genocide that I am going through in Alabama. Its unreal when it happens to you right in front of your face too. I mean you don’t even need the other persons signature down here and there isn’t anyway to stop it from happening either. The thing that needs to be addressed more than anything is given that last fact, why isn’t it obvious what they are doing by making up false accusation after false accusation, filing warrant after warrant, and keeping your child away from you month after month. where is the morals of people at these days. There are things called CANNONS that judges are supposed to live by and uphold and I cant see that being exercised from where I stand. Even with the evidence that I have that’s undisputable and shows just how tortful and evil she’s being, along with the traumatization she’s placing on our daughter not knowing where her daddy has gone to. None of it matters or has even been herd in court in three months. its cost me over 7000 just to defend myself from vexatious accusations being made every other day. Like I was saying though all this wasn’t even necessary to get a divorce I mean I couldn’t stop it if she wanted it, it was going to happen regardless. So why destroy me. Everyday my little girl saw her daddy for three year’s and then thanksgiving iron bowl Christmas and new years and birthday and valentines all missed because of the inconsideration of the judges to give a damn about the life they are ultimately destroying. I can never get back the months I missed with my daughter and to be honest its cost me some years health wise that she can never get back. But guess what, they are only appointed that position by the votes of people so its up to us to change it if its going to be changed.

  3. Primarily this is part of a pattern of courts’ intentional mismanagement of such cases for the purpose of protracting them to allow attorneys to bill litigants for more hours. The courts often give custody of child to a less suited parent, knowing that the more caring parent (who had lost custody having been caught off guard) will keep returning to court in order to protect the child from harm (and him/herself from financial ruin) and each return allows attorneys to bill for more hours. Pay-offs are present in some of these cases, where litigants or their family/friends can afford it. Other times, extra money, in the form of higher fees, is obtained by extortion (for a favorable report, as DivorceCorp film illustrates).
    Double standard is present, too, but is secondary here. I read that a few decades ago there was a consensus among family court judges of despising fathers who desire contact with their children. Although we see official encouragement of father-child relationship now, it is still merely official lip-service against the inertia of lingering prejudice against fathers. But, even as today, a few decades ago, too, the primary motivation for courts was profiteering from aggravation of these disputes. So double standard has not dissipated yet, due to history of prejudice, but double standard is a secondary factor here. Here, as in many cases, in which divorcing/separating couple has enough assets, the primary motive here is profiteering (massively parallel government-sponsored protection racket).
    The murder plotter should lose custody, immediately, at least on grounds of being morally unfit and posing a danger (but who will hold courts accountable for making a fair judgment here?).

  4. I am also going through that conviction through allegation avenue.
    I was falsely charged 4 times via my ex with some kind of child neglect, and each time I beat the charges.
    You would think that having beaten these false charges, I would be considered sufficiently veted to have time with my child? No. The court refuses to provide any visitation order, even though I have full shared custody, no restraining orders and no findings of unfitness.

    You can read my story here:

    and here: