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Here is the fourth in a series of Divorce Corp polls. Please vote only once. We will post the results after we have received a statistically significant number of votes.

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And we now have the results accurate to within + / – 2%.



Do our legislators really need to know more? What’s intuitively obvious to all of us is not obvious to the people running our government. Lawyers, judges, and experts are all too cozy. They do each other favors and exchange value at a level that would put most other professionals in jail. They think they are above bias and influence, as if they are part of some gifted nobility that need not worry about conflicts of interest. It is time to let your legislators know that we are paying attention. This area of the law is crying out for change. If your representatives do not act to reform this and other parts of the family law, it is time to find better representatives. Please sign up to help us reform family law on our Reform page.



42 thoughts on “Judge Disqualification – Relatives. Poll #4

  1. The biggest part of the problem is with the family court system, all of the judges and attorneys continually work together, it leads to a buddy system and become lenient with judicial canons, ethics, or for that fact fail to follow law.

    • The problem is we don’t vote them out
      In my county not one person can name 2 county judges
      They also out their ballots at the end of voting knowing the majority of us are going to leave
      That all counts in their favor
      And case in point, there’s never been a judge voted out here in the largest county judicial system in the country
      Our judicial inquiry farce board took a judge off the bench 14 years ago and 6600 complaints ago
      Set term limits with our votes- vote them ALL out until they clean up their act
      Also not 2 people could tell me what the power of contempt they have given themselves means
      And yet it takes away every single right we have the moment you’re held in contempt
      We’ve created on touchable monsters and it’s disgusting
      Read http://www.cleanupthecourts.wordpress.com

    • This is corporations taking over our court system for profits off of family suffering. I am president of IFFOC (Independent Federal Fund Oversight Committee, as well as, KCEAJ (Kansas Citizens for Equal Access to Justice) these courts subcontract SRS, DFS, DCF out in which goes into a general court fund, in which 15% to 25% of this goes into the judges retirement funds, violating judicial cannons, in which states a judge cannot profit directly or indirectly. I give seminars or lectures on the Quiet Storm, Corruption in our Courts.
      You can contact me at :

      Mr. David Martin Price
      3121 SE Fremont St.
      Topeka, Kansas 66605
      (785) 267-5132

  2. The dysfunctional divorce racket must be changed so that the families win and the racket loses. This can be achieved when you know how to do it the right way. It all boils down to the “money”. No matter how you slice and dice it.

    • We agree, but the judges almost never recuse themselves in these situations. We want to show them how the US public sees this, to illustrate how far off center they are. Thanks

      • Mr. Sorge, We need to hold these people accountable for the oaths they take in office. Their oaths of office are bonded (insured) for a reason. A bond is a contract of honesty. They have broken their promise of honesty as their oath promises. People need to get smart, do your research, and understand that the power in in the peoples hands. Not the lawyers. We are an abused society. They have succeeded in beating us down and making us think that we are helpless so they can continue their RICO, racketeering and fraud. Many are committing fraud in office and that is a violation of their oath. “We” need to take it back. Please make your next movie on how to do that. I will be happy to show you what I know. We need to put claims on their oaths and not only will is clean out the dishonest ones, it will discourage any new ones from forming. Please answer a question for me…What will happen if we don’t?

      • Joseph Sorge that is a good question. But how are you going to find that out? By motion of discovery??? Not in my case. I filed a motion for discovery and posed almost that same question, and even more to find out how close the Judge and the opposing attorney were. Reaction??? The judge didnt grant the motion, and ignored the motion to compel discovery. He blew it off and didnt even address it. The way he blew it off was I had two motions of discovery. One was questions to the attorney too about he his connections with the judge, and one was addressed to the mediator as to her connections with the attorney to see if they were kin, business partners, ex wife,,,what ever. My questions were very specific. The judge addressed that and asked his buddy,,,the opposing attorney “Is there even a allowance for that?” In reference to the motion for discover to the mediator. And the opposing attorney said no, that discovery doesn’t apply to the mediators. I asked for discovery because the opposing attorney was asked by his buddy the judge to choose the mediator. So the mediator was hand picked by the opposing attorney. They created a huge smoke screen around the motion of discovery filed for the mediator, and then totally skipped over the motion of discovery about the judge and his dealings with the opposing attorney. They purposely created a huge hooplah about me having a problem with the mediator,,,,which I didnt, I just wanted to make sure that the opposing attorney did not have a special relationship with the mediator and they were planning on double teaming me in the court ordered mediation.

        When I filed the motion for discovery for information relating to any inappropriate relationship between the judge and the opposing attorney, the opposing attorney gave me a threatening phone call, and threatened me by saying that if I want to know all of the social functions, and activities that he had been to with the judge then I better have a lot of money because that was going to cost me dearly for him to take the time to compile that information. There was also questions in the motion for discovery to ascertain if the opposing attorney had ever represented the judge or one of his family members, as your question ponders. The judge and the opposing attorney were buddies. You could very easily tell. However the judge blew that motion for discovery off and the opposing attorney never had to disclose ANYTHING about any possible inappropriate relationship between the judge and opposing attorney that would impede me from getting a fair trial, and violate my civil rights.

        I was pro-se, and I dont think that the motion for discovery for possible inappropriate relationship between the judge and opposing attorney, discovery is ever filed, because they are all in bed with each other down there at the court house. If I had an attorney he probably would not want to file the motion because he may be guilty of it himself, if not with that judge perhaps another one. So he dont want to get called out and have something that would impede his ability to represent any client,,,and thus lose that source of revenue.
        I later found out that the judge worked as an attorney in a firm in the same city here, (Pensacola Florida) as the opposing attorney prior to becoming a judge. So I dont know for sure, but he possible even worked in the same firm as the opposing attorney. The opposing attorney has been an attorney in Pensacola for 32 yrs, and its not that big of a city, so its hard to believe that he doesnt know all of the judges very well, from working with them, or after hours activities, like golf, fishing, or socializing.
        So again, you posed a very good question, but one that would be next to impossible to even find the answer to because they are all in the “good Ole Boys Club” and are all covering for each other. I Hope this makes sense. What I think should happen is they should have to rotate judges from around the state to keep a chummy relationship from developing in the first place. Its not 100% fool proof, but its better than being in a situation that a close personal relationship can easily fester between a judge(s) and an attorney(s).

        BTW, thank you so much for all that you are doing. I obtained the dvd of the movie and I plan on showing it to all of my friends and relatives.

        • Thank you for your comments. We agree that the current state of affairs is rife with conflicts of interest. Our suggestion is to have all attorneys, judges, and experts publicly list their prior and current affiliations and sources of income. Litigants would then have the absolute right to require the disqualification of a judge or expert based on a prior affiliation. Are there some details to work out? Yes, but the concept is to eliminate favoritism based on past or present relationships. Thanks



    After. Over. Ten. Years of many. Legal. Challenges thatyself and my children. Are. Victims. ..,that. Are. Unresolved…,,,issues.,,,,and. The. Best. Needs. If. My. Children. Consistently. Not. Taken. Into. Consideration,,,

    I. Did. Little. More. Research. To. Find. That. Opposing. Councel Grandfather, related. To. Judge. On my case. For. Ten. ..Years.,,..now. i. See. Why.
    My. Case. Has. Been, ignored, …misrepresentation to. Myself. And. My. Childre,n…,.,so. Much more. To. Say,,,,wherE. Does. This. Leave. Me. Now,,,


    With. All. The. Support. From. This. Movie and. Media. Attention……

    There. Will. Be. Alot. Less. Of. This. Happening!

    Again Divorcecorp, alll. Who. Made. The. Possible, hats. Off. To. You. All

    The. Futures. Of. Our. Children.,,,,are. In. Deperate. Need. Of. Reform.on. the. Probate. Level, with. The. Help. Of. You. All. We. Are On. Our. Way.

    God Bless
    Gail. From. MA

  4. That constitutes a conflict of interest and collusion. It would be naive for anyone to think these parties wouldn’t all communicate with each other and the judge to get what they want. Your movie was clear as I and countless others continue to experience in the un family court. It’s about money, power and politics. Institutionalized bureaucrats who play a game and care nothing about the US Constitution, due process, truth, justice and most importantly the best interest of the children.
    Frankly,it is no less than evil.

  5. If someone related to the judge is involved, the decisions will be altered to lean toward that person. It’s human nature and few judges have the maturity to truly step above it.

  6. You appear one sided by using an example of a woman accused of attempted murder. You appear to take advantage of the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ actual application of our laws. You come across prejudicial. There are many bad parents that are both men and women. Most parents, male and female, are both loving but parenting has never been equal even when the marriage is good. How many married fathers spend 50% of their time with their child at home? Very few. Children’s needs are not equal in terms of each parent. Children need their primary care giver a greater percentage than they need the other parent.

    Each case must be decided on its merits, but the standards are the problem. The family court simply needs to deal with money, custody pertains to parental rights, constitutional rights, and some constitutional violations are civil rights violations and some are criminal violations. They need to be held to the strict scrutiny of the standards in criminal and civil courts, not the circus environment in family court. The present system allows for exploitation due to the wrong standards being applied and abuses of the ‘great latitude of discretion’ that family court judges have, but shouldn’t. The other side of the problem is the lack of political will to hold egregious decisions accountable. However,if people form Common Law Grand Juries, which only “WE” can do, as in “We the People”, then ‘we’ can indite the judges and other court officials who abuse their power with official misconduct and violate their oaths of office. This will trigger a claim on their surety bonds, or insurance policies that bond or ‘insure’ their oaths. A fidelity bond claim will immediately terminate the insurance and thus the official will be fired with no insurance. The individual and their office will be responsible for violating their oaths.

    A common Law Grand Jury can investigate simply to ‘ ensure that a crime is not taking place, at minimum, but can investigate a crime, and can issue inditements. This inditement will trigger the claim on the surety bond in addition to other relief being sought. Its the real last chance America has to reclaim this country or I am afraid there will be no other opportunity to reclaim it. The politicians do not have the political will to represent their constituents so if the people don’t do it, then the people don’t deserve it. Americans have to get off their lazy ass to reclaim the freedoms of our constitution. Please see Amendment V and VII of constitution which gives the people the right to form common law grand juries.

  7. Not only relatives can exert influence on judges. There is much influence from bar associations, e.g. control of judicial nominations for elections. These associations have monopolized the legal profession, by steadily ousting ethical attorneys and judges for any dissent, and our government, with complicated laws which are very difficult to understand so as to discourage ordinary public from litigating without attorneys (and even from speaking out). These associations have effectively created an extra social class — attorneys — and this class is not subject to the laws which it crafts for the rest of us and they apply this law to the rest of us as selectively as it suits their purposes.

  8. I experienced the Sussex County NJ family and superior courts and now I call the county a Chris Christi banana republican county., DYFS (whatever they are called now), Family Intervention, the councilors, case workers, prosecutors, psychiatrist, jails, police, judges and lawyers are all in bed together in a huge business to get money that could go towards the kids education and pretending there is justice. They are as worried about the kids as the people who were worried about freedom in Iraq. There is something seriously wrong with this country and the media is not reporting on any of this. It’s not politically correct to tell the truth about this.

  9. Should judges recuse themselves when they attended school with the plaintiff in an acrimonious divorce?

  10. By law the Judge is disqualified. Look up Fraud on the court by an Officer of the court and disqualification of Judges , state and federal.

  11. The justice system is here to serve lawyers not the people.Judges are Lawyers who have connections Enough said

  12. I will never give up my efforts to obtain Justice for the Violations of my Rights!!
    The Complaint Process in Michigan DOES NOT WORK!!

    My name is : Allison MacArthur-Ruesink (you may view my credentials on LinkedIn)
    10495 Springville Hwy.
    Onsted, Michigan 49265
    Ph: 517.902.6698
    Email: welshponies@tc3net.com

    The Judicial Tenure Commission is just a bunch of tax payer funded lawyers who don’t give a damn about Joe Average! The same goes for The Michigan Attorney General-Bill Schutte, his Assistant AG Richard Cunningham- Integrity Division, and James Hughes, Region II Administrator, Michigan Supreme Court. Considering that Michigan has a well deserved “F Grade” for lack of ethics from the National Center for Public Integrity http://www.publicintegrity.org/

    The same Judges/Court Employees (Lenawee County Judge Margaret Noe and Priscilla Ruesink Jackson)that stole my farm and hundred$ of thousands in livestock and personal properties in 2009, now conspired and succeeded Alienating my former son-in-law Charles Willis III from his daughter after 11 years of systematic Parental Alienation, for Priscilla Ruesink’s niece Paulette Ruesink Folger, has now forced him to sign over parental rights to stop the harassment!!

    I am an 11th Generation American. You’d think my Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights would be protected by the Elected and Civil Employees of this State, but they are not. My family has served Liberty since colonial days, my son Owen Whitman Sr. formerly a Sargent in the Michigan National Guard and US Army, served in Kuwait, brother Walter F. Brown Jr., Petty Officer 20 years with US Navy Nuclear Subs (deceased), my father Walter F. Brown, Sr. Captain US Army Airforce WWII (deceased), and going back to 1620.

    Until I had the misfortune to be bullied and robbed by a bunch of unethical thugs I had no idea just how corrupt Lenawee County Michigan and the State of Michigan are. In fact I had never even had a point on my driver’s license or been in and legal trouble in my entire life but I have been treated like the dregs of society. The MacArthur-Ruesink Trust established in 2004 is Revocable by Mutual Agreement only yet my former in-laws with the help of several corrupt Judges and other Corrupt Public Officials, and Savoy Energy, are stealing all of the assets. The Trust which entaileds a 205 acre farm in Lenawee County Michigan has producing oil and gas wells.

    Paul J. Fischer, Esq.
    Director & General Counsel
    Judicial Tenure Commission
    State of Michigan
    Suite 8‐450, 3034 West Grand Blvd.
    Detroit, Michigan 48202
    Tel (313) 875‐5110

    Complaint No.2009-18229 to 18234 against Priscilla Ruesink Jackson(Lenawee County Friend of the Court Hearings Officer/Attorney/Notary/1st Cousin of ex-Husband Paul Ruesink and Dori Ruesink Durbin), Circuit Court Judge Margaret M.S. Noe (Previously attorney for Dori Durbin on her last 3 Real Estate Sales & Purchases 1998-2008) and several other Judges who were directly involved in the multiple frauds and harassment I have suffered. Fraud on the Court, False Prosecution, Repeatedly Violating my Right to Due-Process, having Court Hearings without Notifying me or my attorney, Issuing a Restraining Order without cause and without notifying me or my attorney, violating my Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, charging me $450 per day to live in my own home for 6 weeks (actual mortgage was $33.00/ day and the mortgage was paid through October 2009 from a joint bank account with my former husband), and seizing/stealing 27 horses (5 horses belonging to other individuals, 23 years of breeding down the drain! One of the stolen mares recently resold for $35,000 according to a trainer who had bought several ponies from my over the years, all of my farm equipment, family antiques and auctioning it all off (Nearly all owned before I ever met Mr. Ruesink! My list of missing properties is 5 Pages Long!) Oddly enough their cost to hold the auction equals what they supposedly made.$?! More Fraud, and Felony Embezzlement as much of the “Seized” property never went through the sale but probably is in the possession of one of the individuals who were working for the Lenawee Courts.

    Then several months A F T E R the eviction, Priscilla Ruesink Jackson & Circuit Court Judge Margaret M.S. Noe have a hearing which neither I or attorney Dan Randazzo was notified of, or available for, they bill me $20,000 for various BS like #1) putting a new bathroom in the farmhouse (their greed is insatiable! I had made $100,000 in improvements to the house and barns in the 9 years I lived there!) #2) Replacing the front door, nothing was wrong with the door #3) $2400 for not giving them a horse I haven’t owned since 2006 #4) Paying for Lenawee Court Services, Mr. Steve Matthes, to seize my property (although I had committed, been accused of, nor convicted any crime), guarding a “Living Estate Sale” by my former Step-Daughter Dori Ruesink Durbin and her husband Tom selling most of my household goods and antiques (most boxed for the 44 ft. moving trailer which was parked in the driveway when they evicted me at gunpoint) and then guarding at the “Auction” #5) Giving Dori Durbin’s dog his shots (really!?!), #6) garbage service, #7) lawn mowing, #8) appraisals of my antiques which they stole & sold, #9) boarding & Vetting for the 27 horses that they stole and auctioned off, #10) advertising for the “Estate Sale” and “Auction” of my stolen horses and property, #11) bills for utilities which had been left unpaid by my ex-husband when he abandoned me and the farm in September 2007 (2 years before the divorce and eviction).

    NO accounting of my property which was seized/stolen (Mr. Steve Matthes, Lenawee Court Services) was ever filed with the court as required by law. I have transcripts of all the proceedings and a copy of the entire 37th Circuit Court file!

    The Michigan Attorney General does NOTHING! The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Does NOTHING and closes the complaints.

    NOTARY FRAUD by Priscilla Ruesink Jackson
    Attention: Michelle Martin
    Michigan Department of State
    Office of the Great Seal
    7064 Crowner Drive
    Lansing, MI 48918
    Notary Fraud and Prohibited Conduct by Priscilla Ruesink Jackson
    The Michigan Notary Public Act, Act 238 of 2003
    • A notary public cannot certify or notarize that a record is an original or a true copy of another record.
    • * A notary public cannot notarize his or her own signature or take his/her own deposition.
    • A notary public cannot claim to have powers, qualifications, rights or privileges that the office of notary public does not provide, including the power to counsel on immigration matters.
    • A notary public is prohibited from using any term that implies the notary is an attorney, and from advertising in a foreign language, unless the following statement is prominently displayed in the same language: “I am not an attorney and have no authority to give advice on immigration or other legal matters.” The appropriate fees as specified by statute must also be displayed.
    • A notary public cannot use the term “notario publico” or any equivalent non-English term.
    • * A notary public cannot perform a notarial act in connection with a transaction if the notary is named in the transaction or has a direct financial or beneficial interest in the transaction.
    • * A notary public cannot perform a notarial act for a family member.

    A violation of the Michigan Notary Public Act is a misdemeanor. Upon conviction, a person can be fined up to $5,000 and/or be imprisoned for up to one year.


    Please note that Priscilla Ruesink Jackson violated this law for the 3 * Prohibitions , The Office of the Great Seal responds that it’s up to me to report it to the local prosecutor.

    This same Prosecutor, Jonathon Poer, who had me arrested and prosecuted for the fabricated crime of “ horses breaking into a dairy barn and stealing silage?!” at the request of Priscilla Ruesink Jackson, the same day I had filed a Motion To Set Aside the divorce settlement because of fraud. There is no evidence, no pictures, NOTHING but the “Lie Witness, Priscilla and 2 of her buddies” I pay ~$1000 dollars in fines and I am put on Probation ( These creeps even slipped the complaint paperwork for a drunk en driver into my file and I caught it when the Probation Officer was going to make me go for random drug testing ) for a year, and I have to miss my family’s 381st year reunion of the Alden Kindred Family at the family-farm in Duxbury Massachusetts which a Nation Historic Register property.
    Barrington Carr, Director
    Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau
    Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
    2nd Floor
    2501 Woodlake Circle
    Okemos, MI 48864

    Complaint No. 316652: Dennis E. Makula (Employee GreenStone Farm Services)
    License No. 1201000291
    Blissfield, MI (Lenawee County)
    Intentional fraud (low estimates) of appraised property for divorce, comparisons not representative and Mineral Rights omitted intentionally .

    Since my husband had remortgaged the farm right before we married, there is a previous 1999 GreenStone Appraisal to compare it to, $400,000 plus Mineral Rights. Not surprisingly, the ex-husband Paul Ruesink used to work for GreenStone and Paul and his attorney/cousin/court officer/notary Priscilla Ruesink Jackson and their respective siblings, were already in negotiations with Savoy Energy of Traverse City for mineral rights. They all signed leases with Savoy immediately after having me evicted at gunpoint, they are pumping oil from my former farm at 5285 Knight Highway., Adrian, Michigan. (Interestly, Paul’s younger daughter Paulette Ruesink Folger went through bankruptcy in 2010-2011 in Toledo Ohio, although she is one of the primary beneficiaries of the real estate fraud and Oil Revenues. I have recently left this information with Trustee/Attorney Douglas D. Dymarkowski of Sylvania Ohio.)
    Case Number: 10-36646, Chapter: 7, Filed Date: Sep 29, 2010, Entered Date: Sep 29, 2010
    Discharged Date: Jan 27, 2011, Judge: SPEER, Trustee: Dymarkowski, Fee: $0.00
    County: LUCAS-OH, Name: Paulette S. Folger , Party Type: Debtor
    LARA does NOTHING! and closes the complaint.
    James Hughes, Regional Administrator
    Michigan Supreme Court
    State Court Administrative Office-Region II
    P.O. Box 30048
    Lansing, Michigan 48909
    (517) 373-9353
    hughesj@ courts.mi.gov

    Roxanne Holloway, Lenawee County Court Clerk
    Martina Aranda, Clerk
    425 N Main St
    Adrian MI 49221-2198.
    Ph: (517)264-4594. Fax: (517)264-4533

    I file a Complaint against Lenawee County Clerk Roxanne Holloway and her employee Martina Aranda for holding my papers of a lawsuit against Corrupt Attorney Stan Sala for 4 weeks + 1 day. When I got my Complaint papers back, the were date stamped the day AFTER I filed them. (2 days before the 2 Year Statute of Limitations for filing a Legal Malpractice Lawsuit against Stan Sala . I provided Notarized Statement which included my Official Worktimes at the State office Building in Jackson for the date they claimed I submitted my Lawsuit Complaint.
    Michigan Court Rules (MCR) 1.1.1 and the Revised Judicature Act (Act 236 of 1961) Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 600.1974 REQUIRE that the Documents must be date stamped at the time they are submitted.

    Mr. Hughes 5 sentence response closing my complaint states “the court clerk has complied with court rules.”!?
    Detective Lt. Jaime Corona Michigan State Police Special Crimes Unit

    Allison has put together hundreds of documents showing the numerous disturbing violations of her Civil and Constitutional Rights, Conspiracy, Fraud and outright thief of $hundreds of thousands in Real Estate, livestock and Personal Property. November 2010 Detective Corona tells Allison Assistant Attorney General Daniel Tanay is supposed to meet with the Lenawee County Prosecutor about the overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing by local court, public and Ruesink family and officials . There is an election, Bill Schutte replaces Attorney General Mike Cox and Allison’s inquiries and phone calls to Corona and Tanay are not returned.

    Apparently Mr. Cunningham, Assistant AG Public Integrity Unit and Mr. Bill Schutte, Michigan Attorney General feel unless a prosecution has some political advantage like getting rid of a Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway so the new Governor Rick Snyder can appoint his own party choice, there is no reason to enforce the laws of our country or state.

    Eventually Allison gets a letter from Assistant AG Richard L. Cunningham saying “he’s not convinced there’s been any wrong doing. Case Closed.”

  13. They doesn’t need to be family It’s who ever has paid the bucks for their election… Plus they already ignore the people’s vote

  14. Evidently there’s alot of corruption going on and I personally believe that nothing is going to change unless you (The Divorce Corp) form a organation to fight the system. If you’ve gone this far can’t you do more with help from interested parties. Maybe theres alot more about the Divorce Corp I don’t know about. I just want to be able to contribute and support in anyway I can. I’ve been in court for 6 years, I have a number of issues that I believe the laws need to change, I want to make a difference and I want some justice.

      • Please tell us more about the organization you are forming, Are you aware that your film is used in an appendix demonstrating the family court abuses in a current case that is before the Us Supreme Court? Your readers should know about this. My posts have offered new ideas on fixing the problem. I would like for Mr. Sorge to comment in any manner regarding the comments in which to hold this racketeering industry accountable for its crimes. A grassroots organization has been organizing for quite a while now and have formed common law courts in each of the 50 states. They have many that are fully functioning. But people have to know the constitution. I suggest people get reading…keep doing your research. Don’t let this great country befall to the lawyers. I hope you would like to discuss this further. I believe we all share the same goal. We are all on the same team. Albeit, we may not share identical opinions of issues of alimony and parenting. But we can’t let that divide us, we need to work together and agree on what we can agree on and try very hard to work out the issues we don’t agree on. When we remove the crooks we need to be ready to replace the current laws. We can not let the bureaucrats do it, as you can see they are not fixig it now so we can not trust them. But we need to unite people. We have to come together and we need our constitution to guide us. What I would like for people to recognize that any court which violates our constitutional rights as a routine manner of operation is entirely unconstitutional by definition and must cease and desist any further operation. We can not have rights under the constitution and then have no rights under state law and that is what’s happening. There are civil rights violations on a colossal scale. Please visit http://www.NationalLibertyAlliance.org. and join U.S.citizens who want to take back our country by forming common law grand juries. An indictment from any grand jury will trigger a claim against the public official’s surety bond and they are immediately terminated. Oaths of office are insured against dishonest oath takers. I hope you all look into this because we are. There are several grassroots movements. We need to reach out and unite or we can not change this abusive racketeering against American citizens, by its government.

  15. I am thinking of starting a website to show what the local court officials, guardian ad litem did to me and my children. The GAL did not interview witnesses that were provided to him. My ex wife’s doctors, psychiatrist, my first ex wife, son with first ex wife, neighbor who witnessed my ex wife trying to break into my home with me there, and a coworker. The Gal never observed me with my children, and at the time of his report. The Gal had never visited my home. He said he did in his report. Two doctors wrote letters stating the Gal had not contacted them. My first ex wife and coworker wrote letters on my behalf. All is required under Ohio rule 48. Guidelines for guardians ad litem. I filed two motions to remove the gal with 13 exhibits including the letters from the doctors. Both motions were denied without a hearing. The gal recommended my ex wife get custody and I take parenting classes. I want to include a link to Divorce Corp’s website and a few others. Since my divorce there has been evidence of neglect.

    • Unfortunately we have seen judges punish people who expose the failings of the court system on blog sites, as you will see in our movie. That is why we need to reform this horrible system!

  16. Joseph,
    You have no idea how important this issue is to so many families or maybe you do…You need to be directly affected to realize this …Its people like you that can bring change….In Mass we formed Alimony Reform group and after 5 years got the Law changed..Yet it still needs to be refined further…I will help support your efforts any way I can…I’ve ordered your book and DVD which I should receive shortly…
    Please let me know what I can do to help ?
    Bravo !
    Bill Horrigan

    • Thank you Bill. If you would like to help please join our reform movement on our Reform page. We will be organizing a conference to draft model legislation to reform family law.

  17. If the government can put your unemployment or EBT on a visa debit card -Child Support can go on a Visa debit. All parties can view the actual transactions supporting the child. You can charge food, clothes, medical daycare..etc on the VISA debit. Treat it like an FSA card – it comes with restrictions.

    These baby mortgages need to be accounted for. When the last time have you given somebody 150k-250k without ANY financial accountability?