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Divorce Corp director Joseph Sorge was interviewed by Stefan Molyneux on Free Domain Radio. Click on the photo to see the interview.

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19 thoughts on “Director Joseph Sorge Interviewed by Stefan Molyneux

  1. Tremendous interview! Wish I could afford the book, or see the movie, but the Judge ordered my retirement to be liquidated to pay the ex’s attorney fees, leaving me Pro Se, and fourteen years later, with Lifetime Alimony, very near homeless.

      • Would someone please write me who is working on the legal side of this to force family law reform toward a standard of shared parenting? I have a case in Texas that it took 16 years for me to push through just to get a case # from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (law enforcement is now sitting on it) but I think this case, if won and with the case law on the books, will be an incredible legal stepping stone toward shared parenting. I am a mother of eight who was awarded primary custody of my children (father got 1x wk visit) but I have not gotten to spend one day or night with my custodial children since the divorce finalization at the beginning of 2007 and rarely before then (interim decree 2005) so I understand the pain of fathers who are prevented by the unjust court system from having equal parenting rights and time with their children. My children are now grown but I’ve kept chipping away to get TX Penal Code 25.03 acknowledged and enforced as a LAW so the perpetrators will be questioned, charged and prosecuted for their felony. It is a cut and dried case. There were no appeals made to the civil courts for enforcement. I had no money left after the divorce and another civil decree wouldn’t have phased the kidnappers anyway (grandparents and father.) They are undeniably guilty of three counts of this crime plus conspiracy and the BCSO finally agreed to investigate but it is a joke. I was just told that the sheriff’s department may be going to send the case to the DA but they’ve also told me they don’t even plan on questioning the suspects. They set my case on their desk and it’s been there four months. By the time the DA kicks back the case (so they can blame the non-investigation and non-arrests on the DA) I think they’re hoping I will have gotten so frustrated I’ll just forget about it. I won’t. I could use any help or advice out there to push this case through as three of my children’s kidnappings still fall under the statute of limitations. Watch the KFOX news report from Feb.3 out of El Paso …..

  2. Excellent program, and I am glad the public is finally getting the picture. I will never forget my exprience with the sysrem. Please feel free to look up my case for your interviews and any upcomming programs you may have . Keep up the good work Joseph!!

  3. I have not seen the movie as of yet but have pre-ordered the book.
    I , like many of my friends are divorced or in the midst of a divorce
    and can validate the horrific anti-male bias of the judiciary. It is apparent
    to me that the system has been perverted and corrupted to allow
    the demonizing of Fathers therefore allowing a moral justification to castrate
    them both emotionally and financially.
    This title IV (I had not heard of before)adds incentive
    for the States to actually promote divorce,i.e., easy money without accountability
    for how or on who it is spent. This leads to the promotion of Fatherless homes,
    and the social calamities that have been attributed to the breakdown
    of the family. This breakdown therefore furthers the dependency on the State and
    Fathers are no longer needed here…Men it’s time to move to Sweden, there at least Socialism
    is matched with parity and equality and you won’t be demonized, demoralized, jailed
    or castrated just because you have the unfortunate circumstance of carrying a Y chromosome.

    I will share your website and your book with my friends. I would also suggest
    to your audience works by Gardner, Wallerstein and actually Alec Baldwins book.
    As Molyneux stated at the ending; prior to going out on a date, “watch this video” or read the books and I would add always, always…. bring your own condoms.

  4. Joseph, for the most part well done. You are correct; our judicial system is broken, especially in regards to family law. You are correct, the special, self-serving needs of judges, attorneys, evaluators etc…are played out with no checks and balances in place. You are dead wrong that the system is a pro-female based system. I wish I had a dollar for every time I witnessed a man making 6 or more figures per year, claiming poverty in a divorce situation…burying the money and then the mothers and children who had enjoyed a lifestyle commensurate to the earning power now end up on public assistance, while the new girlfriend gets new cars, trips and so on…
    Any man or woman for that matter who thinks that $200 per month is sufficient to raise a child , without question has no experience in raising a child and probably shouldn’t be raising one if that is what he or she thinks would provide adequate food, shelter and clothing…what you failed to reveal in your discussion about Sweden, is that as a Socialist country the “pay” parents for having children. So each month the parents receive government support per child…sure if you are receiving $1900 per month per child from the government then maybe $200 per child might seem reasonable. The bottom-line is that your solution doesn’t scale…is it fair for children and a mother to have to stay in a situation with an abuser…or a man who frequents dangerous intimate relationships, thereby putting the mother’s life in danger simply because if she leaves they won’t be able to eat? You also failed to state the correct statistic; that women and children across this country have a 30% drop in household financial position annually, as compared to men. So if the system is so male unfriendly, why are women and children suffering financially?
    There are some wonderful father’s out there…but sadly there are a greater percentage that are not. When a father claims a mother is unfit, everyone’s eyes open wide and she is guilty before she starts…when a mother brings concerns…oh no it is parental alienation! Imagine that, trying to alienate a father who was not around to begin with…but now since it might hurt his wallet he is going for father of the year…? Sadly a case in Victorville resulted in a child’s death because of the “pro-beater father…surely the mother is trying to alienate him! he killed the baby. In San Bernardino county…the judge thought the mother was crazy to suggest that the father would beat the child over bad grades and admonished her…the little boy ended up with broken legs and arms.
    Family cases need to be seen on a case by case basis, that is NOT the problem with our system. The problem is that the courts are packed with corruption, judges can’t be held accountable for negligence and/or violating the law ; evaluators are easily paid off…and the children suffer under this circumstance.
    The right to equal representation is still on the books, but the judges don’t follow it. So the sole bread winner (male or female) just has to cry poverty and the other spouse gets no help; yet the crying spouse shows up with a high powered attorney! How is that equitable? If representation can’t be equalized monetarily it should be equalized by representation…then neither gets an attorney!
    I could go on, your interview was provocative. My children and I were forced out the country because of corruption and I am not taking that lying down. I am in the process of filing significant actions and I hope you will agree, corrupt officials should be held to task. There is no scum worse than one who took an oath to uphold the law and then choses to violate it…
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Dina, thank you for your comments. Well we at least agree that the system is dysfunctional, if not corrupt. But I don’t think I said the system was “pro-female”; instead I said that the system was prone to create a “dependent/provider” relationship when it may never have been that way, or need not be that way going forward. We have been careful to be gender-neutral. We believe in gender equality, so please don’t try to label us as anti-mother or anti-father. Yes, no one can deny the 2010 U.S. Census data showing that 90% of child support is paid to women, but we do not propose that this is due solely to gender bias in the courts.

      As for Sweden, you need to re-check your math. Swedes currently receive $168 per month per child (http://www.forsakringskassan.se/privatpers/foralder/barnet_fott/barnbidrag), not the $1900 you quote. And yes, their child support levels are similar. I am not saying that these levels are appropriate for the United States, and I plan to write a paper on the subcomponents of dependent support. But I believe that conflating the concepts of alimony and child support is harmful to the children, and that the child support laws need major revising.

  5. I just shared this video with Chasing New Jersey. They are interested in the injustices in NJ Family Court. I am a disabled vet, who has been ordered to pay LIFETIME ALIMONY or Adult Support…no children are involved. They are grown and emancipated. I am also in hot pursuit of the Federal Funds Fraud, where they are garnishing my pay (illegally) for spousal support only, and stealing from the US Government, getting 66 cents on every dollar garnished through Title V-D funds. This is country wide, and our county is broke. No brainer…..

    • If Mr. Bonfrancesco had been at his own divorce hearings with his lawyer instead of “indisposed” he would be more clear on what HE AGREED TO IN THE SETTLEMENT DOCUMENTS. No one is pulling a fast one on him. He regrets his decisions and now wants to cry victim. Perhaps he just needs to “man-up” and stop thinking the world is out to get him. NOTHING ILLEGAL HERE! In fact, if he keeps crying wolf he is only going to make it harder on the men who are really victims of the “slippery slope laws”.