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96 thoughts on “Do you suspect that your attorney colluded with the other side’s attorney? Poll #22

  1. My attorney talked as if he had gotten all his information about me from my spouse and her attorney. He had no way of knowing those things without getting them from someone who had an interest in causing me damage. As soon as he could, he withdrew from the case, filing a pack of lies about how I did not maintain contact with him. The court didn’t even contact me about the hearing in which he withdrew.

    • That’s how they do. The same thing happened to me. Mine withdrew saying I was “uncooperative” because I wanted him to fight harder to protect my interests. These sleezy lawyers go with whoever has the money, even if it’s the other side and nobody can convince me that these crooks aren’t being paid off by the opposition.

      • Interesting, what did he think you hired him for? A hood ornament? That’s the whole point in hiring an attorney, someone to LOOKOUT FOR YOU. Attorneys are not as smart – or a lot dumber than you think.

      • That’s why you never hire an attorney in the first place, or you FIRE them the VERY FIRST instance of misconduct.

        That’s what we do with everything else. If a plumber fixes your sink, then it acts up again and again, you DON’T KEEP having them work on it.

    • lawyer stated after reading my file
      Has your brother inlaw been convicted!
      Has your wife been held accountable for making a false EPO
      Ok we are going to file for abuse of process and have restraining order placed on your brother inlaw
      2 days later
      After he spoke to the opposing lawyer
      We aren’t doing either you need to accept your lose move on
      He stated All the judges talk and You will loose
      He stated I am not prepared to go up against your ex wife’s family even with a smoking gun in hand

    • The first four attorneys I interviewed in my divorce/custody case seemed fairly ethical,
      I asked the following question to each towards the end of the initial interview: Can we phone the opposing counsel, as a preliminary matter, and I will just
      listen to the conversation so we can discuss it afterwards? All four of them said
      flatly, “no.” When I asked why all of them said something to the effect that “I have to work with them.” Any truly ethical advocate in general practice would have said yes to that
      question, without any hesitation, deeming the opposing counsel as an adversary. Divorce/custody attorneys, clearly most of them, do in fact work together to obtain the parents’ money and they are habitually unethical in terms of clients’ interests. That much is quite clear from the uniform responses of those I interviewed.

    • I am starting to believe that corporation share holders are calling the shot. food for thoughts asks a lawyer if you can see his or her license. What they have is a membership card, to the bar association. The whole system is so corrupt and retarded that you have to go through so many changes to correct a problem that everybody knows it wrong even the one who is unjustly receiving the benefits. If a judge has the power to make so many decisions that is wrong why does he not have the ability to make the right decision he or she can not be that prejudice against everyone. So the title to the film is very appropriate. they resist from making any changes that will effect their cash flow. The municipal court system was established in 1853 by the knights of Columbus and the K.K.K. Do the research on it if you do not believe me, Look up Dred Scott vs. Stanford connect the dots. I suspect some of you always know.

    • It happens every day in divorce negotiations out of view of opposing parties and condoned by the court/judge. I AM A FORMER COURT REPORTER having worked inhundreds of family law courts and have witnessed myself attorneys pretending on the record to fight for their clients but in reality behind closed doors they horse trade against their clients interests, even at the expense of the children. THIS IS TRUE!

      It occurs daily in courtrooms! Why? So the attorneys can return to their clients and make them think they got them a great deal and their monies’ worth.

      In reality the attorneys are mainly cow towing to the court to keep them happy because in reality most judges I’ve known and observed, and heard speak frankly, despise being assigned to family law courtrooms. They don’t know the law and use “discretion” as a tool to make rulings that are in effect illegal and not according to law. I’ve heard judges say “if they don’t like it they can appeal.” !!! Again, at the expense of parents, their assets, and their children. This is why our courts are corrupt!!!! Power corrupts and it continues to devastate our families.

      • Hello Mark,

        Unethical attorneys and unethical judges are simply orchestrating a racketeering operation.

      • Mark Peterson you are so correct. All the details are worked out with the attorneys prior to the trial, and the trial is simply an orchestrated play for the record. In my case I was pro-se, and since the opposing attorney had no attorney to collude with, I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that he colluded with his buddy,,,,the corrupt judge. As the trial progressed it was so clear that all the details had been worked out and the judge and attorney were simply acting out their parts. It would not have mattered if I had been there or not. And your are right, the judges dont know the laws and/or the Florida Statutes, so no one should take for granted that they do. But the reality is,,they dont know them because they dont have to know them, because they just fly by the seat of their pants and there is no one to check them. Even if they did know the Florida Statutes, they would still do what they want to, as did the judge in my case, even after I read the Florida Statutes that he and the crooked opposing attorney was violating. They just acted like I didnt exist and went right back to raping me.

    • my ex was raped 100s of times between the ages of 4 and 14 because the courts granted her pedophile step dad custody. Now my ex has made me and our son pay for her being molested as a child with the assistance of mine and her lawyers who are ready to exploit her/my son just as she was exploited as a little girl. I have court documents. She sued the pedophile step dad when she was in her 20s because she developed cervical dysplasia due to the molesting. The gov is now going to put me in jail for not being able to continue to pay the little girl who has become an abuser. The ppl are being raped by lawyers and judges who are not held accountable for directing the molesting of little girls. They have a fiduciary duty that they are intentionally neglecting or they are too stupid to be in office. Either way, what are the ppl willing to swallow. The legal system is not complicated. It is an undesirable atmosphere that is exploited by lawyers who have learned the undesirable system. It is only the ignorance of the ppl that provides the venue where the children are molested. Get educated or you sanction child molestation.

      Anyone want to help expose the way lawyers are colluding to provide pedophiles with little girls?

      • How do the judges decide who gets child custody? Why would a judge give custody to her mother when her stepdad is a convicted pedophile? I am the stepmother in this situation and I have no criminal record whatsoever, not even a speeding ticket. The biological father in this situation does have a prison record for selling lsd about 20 years ago. Is this reason enough to hand this child over to a pedophile. Also the stepdad’ s convicted pedophile father is also in this child’s life. This is disgusting. I get that her Dad sold lsd one time, but is that reason to hand her over to pedophiles?

    • That’s why you create a paper trail and NEVER only talk to your attorney over the phone. You should review the Rules of Professional Conduct, file a bar complaint and sue him for malpractice.

      And that is why you never hire an attorney in the first place.

      • Thanks James Christianson, for the comment. However, I did review and cite the Rules of Professional Conduct, provided objective written and transcribed information from the lawyers and court transcriptionist that clearly documented code of conduct violations. The Bar refused to process my complaint and refused to provide a written explanation as to why my complaint would NOT be processed. I was verbally told that my complaint did not “rise to the level of” and that complaints against opposing lawyers and complaints filed before the litigation was finished would NOT be processed. Of course, if the litigation goes on forever, the time period in which you can file a complaint expires. I was unable to find a lawyer willing to prosecute for clearly defined legal malpractice. I summarized in writing with supporting documents what legal malpractice occurred in my case and found that the lawyers I interviewed would not even read the summary or look at the documents when I met with them to discuss my case. The legal malpractice lawyers I interviewed were only interested in cases where the lawyer had missed a deadline or committed a clerical error.

        • No Name, that is because they are all in bed together, its the fox guarding the hen house. If they were to censure a fellow attorney then they would be putting themselves in line to be censured back,,,,down the road, because they are all corrupt. I have noticed that if you are in a room of attorneys that do not have a dog in the fight, and you mention something about a corrupt attorney and/or judge and name them, they all get quite, and try to change the subject. Because you are talking about their family,,,and they are are all corrupt and they all know the corrupt things that the other one did. So they basically plead the 5th out of self preservation that fellow attorneys do the same if their name comes up in a bad way in a public forum.

    • I had an attorney come up to me with the intention, I thought to assists me because he recognize that we, meaning him and I belonged to one of the world oldest fraternity. I still did not fully trust him because I know how most lawyers can be. He relieved his self before the Judge after me paying him about four thousand, for a little of work that he perform and none of which he was suppose to do. Prior to that he introduced me to my ex-wife lawyer who I refused to shake her hand. Because I already know that lawyers work together and I suspected most people do know that lawyers are in conclusion with one another and not only in divorce cases, or else that and some of these other question would never be posed, I was told that a lawyer first obligation is to the court then the judge then the opposing lawyer and then to you and I. And hoping that they do not have any personal internal issue that would make them go against your interest. Are these polls really accomplishing anything, because I believe that most people know what right, and those who act like they don’t usually have sometime to gain. So I wonder if thees efforts could be put to better use

  2. Both attorneys try to guess what the judge will do. If there is enough perceived benefit for one attorney’s sphere of influence to supply a judge theres really nothing u or your attorney can do. Remember your case is just one out of hundreds that these two attorneys, therapists, gals, parenting coordinators are working on together with dollars involved. Do u really believe you or your kids are that important to any of these powerful rich players?

    • My kids and my parenting relationship is all that counts in any forum in any family-law related forum. The court system, the judges, the custody evaluators, the legislators, the GALS, the parenting coordinators and other rif-raff that form the divorce eco-system are merely practising the oldest profession in the world packaged by the nation state, special interest groups and other profit-makers to appear respectable. The only reason that these players are “powerful rich” is because the society in which they cavort is organized on selfishness and greed as the highest and noblest “virtues” and nobody but those in the death grip of the divorce eco-system gives a damn or understands the true tragedy and pathos involved in the destruction of a sacred parent-child bond. Otherwise, these joker-players would have been booted off and their big shop-of-horrors shut down for good a long, long time ago. There are these anti-domestic violence groups who think nothing of painting the entire eco-system to protect their narrow interests – does not matter that a large cross-section of kids unfairly targeted in the divorce eco-system of their creation are not caught in any type of abuse etc. That counts for nothing to these zealots because they get one of the parents to concot a tale of abuse which the divorce eco-system quickly and without haste processes into a case of “abuse” or “violence” and one more parent and their kids are caught in their web of lies to be exploited, beaten up and discarded.
      History has shown that a eco-system such as this has limited social utility. Check out the short-lived regimes of Caligula, Nero, Adi Amin, Mussoline, Hitler, Pinochet, etc.. Interestingly did you read about the poll that came out today? According to that poll, the US Supreme Court enjoys a 60% or more unfavorable rating. It is distrusted by a wide majority of the American people. Does not come as a surprise that the corruption and malfeasance starts at the very top and meanders into every nook and cranny of the judicial system. Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a women’s sufferage movement. And women got to vote. The aftermath of the Divorce Corp movie appears to hint that there may be glimmers of a movement that fosters “children’s liberation from suffering inflicted by revenue seeking States amply aided and abetted by a corrupt judiciary.”

      • I live in a small town in Ohio. After I fired my first attorney. I found out how tight the attorney, gal, and magistrate were. And they do not like out of town attorneys coming in and messing up their cushy little system. They did everything they could to suppress my case. The gal did not investigate any of the leads I gave him. The magistrate had a stay for seven months. And the clerk of courts refused to send out the subpoenas. The clerk of courts told my attorney’s staff they were to short of staff to fax the subpoenas over my attorney’s office the day before the trial.

    • That’s NOT always true. If you STOP surrendering your case to a corrupt attorney and learn how to fight the right way WITHOUT one, OR you light a fire under your attorney’s butt, then you can prevail.

      I did WITHOUT an attorney and so have thousands of others.

    • A person who has nothing to lose, so they think is the one usually who is willing to bring a matter before the court and that is just how it is with little of far and between.

  3. Absolutely I believe this happens. What else are they talking about when they go to lunch afterwards??!

  4. This is the man who ruined my life and the lives of my children.


    “Not always possessive of the right temperament.”


    Because of sociopaths like this one my little brother took his own life because of lack of “the right temperament.” Does this judge care?
    My little brother and I did nothing wrong. We just wanted a simple life with our families. I am still being hunted by these predators today. How do we stop these terrorists? Like Hitler they think they are doing something good.
    I love and miss my three boys and need help getting them back in my life. Who will help?

  5. My Attorney is charging $ 350.00 an hour, now despite me having more than enough evidence, having seen CNA, and been in multiple mitigation events, my wife continues to attempt to limit my contact with the child despite me paying over $ 1K per month. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Ocean Country Family Court System is the most corrupt in the State of New Jersey. The Lawyers wine and dine on everyone’s dime and don’t give a damn about who’s paying for their lifestyle. Frankly, the Big Business of Divorce should be removed from Family Court, remove the Judges , Lawyers and provide a legal baseline of guidelines for Parenting time first and foremost, but I maintain that if in 40 – 50% of all custody cases went to Men, who are typically the high wage earners, Women would have advanced in terms of equal pay scales, and day care, because the laws would have changed because Men would need the same types of support systems that women in Divorce cases and single moms face. Gloria Steinem wrote that women must ignore their biological imperative in order to gain equality, but what you have now is a system that advocates Women regardless of ability or income that advocates to separate Fathers from their children, and then when the children become uncontrollable indict Fathers for not being there. That is the ultimate slap in the face from the Family Court System besides paying child support . The combative means that Lawyers use are not helpful and end up costing far more money than it’s worth, and much of it centers around custody and assets. America is one of the few countries in the world where someone with absolutely no money can marry and individual with money, and expect to get half by virtue of marriage … that’s sick , that’s not law of the land , it’s maritime law and piracy.

    • John, I agree with you I million percent…”what you have now is a system that advocates Women regardless of ability or income that advocates to separate Fathers from their children, and then when the children become uncontrollable indict Fathers for not being there.”

      You hit the nail on the head with that comment, its an endless loop of manipulation via the “family” court system and women who are more concerned with their social status than what is truly important.

      I think at this point, we all know that equal and shared custody should be the rule and not the exception. The problem is getting the “law makers” to echo that sentiment, because there are so many who profit from the way things are now. It’s a very sad time we live in.

      • Oh come to TX because here every woman who opts to end abuse through divorce is viewed as a slut. Who are a woman to want to break down the family in order to protect herself and her child? And how dare she fight off the system that is geared towards catering to the person with most resources, men. Here in TX family court system perpetuates family violence in a most coward day–via endless contempts, petitions, and anything else that will drain the mother of the child financially and emotionally. Your puny $1k does not begin to cover the cost of her having to respond to all of your frivolous short penis contempts.

        • Well, we have taken the virtue of morality and replaced it with the value of money, men are the least of your problems, even though you appear to read a different lexicon. Your individual view may be an experience that you can bear testimony to, but again since the courts have no moral basis, your argument will follow the same argument.

        • Liz.. First of all the child is not “her” child! It is “their” child unless you are the miracle women that impregnated yourself? If your meaning & definition of abuse is very typical of many situations I see “I don’t get everything I want” then this is NOT abuse. I agree that attorneys are grossly over paid, and you should blame the judicial system (the Bar! ..the “true” guilty party). Blaming men is a lie and gender racist bias. It is again the judicial system (Lawyers, Judges, evaluators, etc, etc.) that “drains” ALL of us financially & emotionally. Also your ingratitude and complete unaccountability of child support, where from your own admission, you feel it is okay to use to pay your attorney, is shameful! It is NOT your money! That money is for your “child” not for you, your lawyer fees, or anything else!

        • Wow, you are seriously a disturbing creature! You are the reason that things take forever in a divorce, You are the reason that Lawyers and judges do what they do, you are the reason so many good men are kept from their children each year! I bet you are also one of those women that used sex as a tool against your husband. In my opinion, you should rid the world of your presence! Take a long walk off a short cliff!

          Kids deserve both parents! And both parents should work! Get off your lazy bon bon eating ass and support yourself! it is no longer his job. Spend the child support on the CHILD! and get the self entitled greed out of your head

      • I am a woman who pays alimony to my abusive ex spouse and I have custody of our 2 children(my ex did not want custody so there was no battle here..)
        Until I went thru the divorce process myself I had no idea how for so many years, men have been abused and unjustly treated by the family court system…the stories I hear are terrible where good men, wonderful fathers are kept from their own children because of a vindictive ex spouses who make false claims etc. It is outrageous that a woman would hurt her children in this way…by keeping the one most important person in a childs life from them. The family court system and the divorce industry must be exposed for what it is…a corrupt system where the lawyers and courts profit off of the destruction of families. Divorce lawyers are truly bottom feeders.

      • Corey,

        The “system” may advocate women in the majority of cases. However, I am here to tell you that my case is a nightmare. The Detroit, MI court system is so corrupt. I proved that my x physically abused my daughter. I proved that my x was going against the Judge’s own amended court order. She (yes, female Judge) STILL awarded my children to my x because of her own ego in not wanting to “admit” that she had made a mistake in the first place. To reverse her original decision would be admitting that she had made a mistake. So, in my case, the system did not advocate “women,” but did advocate physical and mental abuse. (He has had two Children and Youth Services Investigations on him.) Therefore, in my case, a judgment was not made “in the best interest of the child,” in which “the law” advocates.

        • Kim,

          I’m very sorry that you do not have your children and that the system has once again failed the most important people in that equation, the children.
          I want to be clear that the system is the problem, there IS a gender bias in the family courts…although your particular experience may be opposite of that, it isn’t the majority. However, in your case, you are still a victim of your own gender’s wrath…these women judges, (as in a lot of professions) feel they have something to prove, so of course, she was not going to eat her own words and have to back down or change her ruling…you didn’t know these judges are “God”? ..or atleast in their minds, they are.
          It is very unfortunate what happened to you and what has happened to us all….but I think we have to focus on the real culprit, that is the family court system…as long as we argue amongst ourselves, they win….the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn’t exist….as long as the family court system keeps US fighting, we never get to see that we should be fighting THEM.

    • Why are you still using an attorney then? If you care to search hard enough, you can find resources that can help you learn how to represent yourself way better than that weasel will.

  6. There is no doubt that the entire eco-system of attorneys, business analysts, psychiatrists, counselors, mediators, and consultants involved in our divorce were in collusion. There was no mistake that after the well had run dry that the attorneys settled for the exact amount owed.

  7. Please ask this question next:
    Should your attorney and judge only be able to earn the same hourly wage as the client? ie $10.15 per hour vs. $350 per hour.

    • AS an attorney, I charged $85.00 an hour .I have over 30K in student loans, and my office expenses were over $2,000 a month, not to mention paying my own health insurance. Many clients did not pay their bills. So I left the practice and did better making minimum wage. Why go to college four years and law school for three years to get $10.10 an hour? That would be ludicrous.

      • If Ellen’s practice is family law, and she is not making
        big bucks, then clearly her practice is not centered
        around creating parental conflict and harming children.
        Kudos to Ellen! One way for Ellen to make good
        money and continue to be ethical is to make a side
        business out of reporting family lawyers and psychologists
        she encounters to the appropriate state boards, and
        pursuing legal and medical malpractice claims, including
        class actions against the many family law predators
        she encounters, tape recording them screwing their
        own clients, blocking mediation, blocking settlements,
        and talking their clients into restricting parenting time.
        This way, she helps to sink many of her competitors
        while protecting hundreds of children, and their parents.
        Each predator Ellen encounters can easily be made
        the target of an army (often hundreds) of children and
        parents who were victimized. It is an excellent, very
        ethical way to make serious money while helping lots
        of honest people hunt down family court predators.

  8. Absolutely ! Most have no idea that here in the USA, we do not own our attorneys when we hire them. Attorneys are agents of the court. In essence, we only rent attorneys to represent us in our legal matters. An attorney’s (demanded) allegiance is always to the court first. The client and his/her interests come dead last. The BAR Association(British Attorney Registry) demands that each attorney collude and work for the court. A “client’s best interest” is only a phrase used by attorney’s to catch more clients and make more cash. Attorneys make great actors, they need to be good actors as in many court rooms, they are only acting a part where the script has already been written.

  9. I know my attorney did not collude because he called the entire proceeding a “hatchet job” and managed to get most of the other party’s dirty tricks thrown out. But he definitely did benefit from the other party’s actions.

    My ex’s favorite passtime was seeking new orders for protection. It seemed a week didn’t go by without there being a new temporary restraining order that I had to defend against. During which time, any communication had to go from me to my attorney, from my attorney to her attorney, from her attorney to her and back, then from her attorney to mine and my attorney to me. That adds up to four telephone conversations (billed in 15-minute increments at $350/hour) per exchange (three that I had to pay for when she demanded something of me.)

  10. In a copy of some papers my husband’s lawyer sent to opposing counsel there was a copy of one of my husband’s credit card statements which showed an available credit balance of 30 thousand dollars. Guess how much in legal fees my husband was ordered to pay. Yep, you guessed it 30 thousand! Too bad for him that he became permanently disabled from a major heart attack, probably caused by the divorce, and no longer had that money available to him.

    • I know the feeling. I had a personal injury settlement of 30K in the bank just prior to my divorce in 2004. My divorce attorney at the time asked if I had any of the money left because the opposing attorney was claiming as marital property which the judge found otherwise. 16 months later my attorney bills after I already paid her 18K just happen to tack on additional fees to 30K. I refused to pay because she botched the appeal and failed to file the proper paperwork and basically lied. Fast forward to 2014 and I am in an ongoing lawsuit with this same attorney for the balance plus interest plus fee of attorneys representing her.

      • when I was looking for a divorce lawyer I met with one for a $400 “consultation” where I was asked to bring my last 3 years of tax returns and my 401K statement….I was scared and naïve and did not realize at the time that he only wanted to see how much he could make off of me..when he saw I had little assets, he pawned me off to meet with some new kids lawyer…I did not use this firm but in the end after a 2 year divorce battle spent $85K..we lost everything..our home etc….really ridiculous..greedy SOB’s. IT only dragged on as long as it did because my ex, who is a self employed contractor basically stopped working after I filed for divorce and claimed to make a mere $20K and was asking for lifetime alimony..which he got…you cant make this stuff up!

  11. Absolutely they do! That’s one of their jobs, to negotiate a meaningful outcome. Keep in mind that these folks work together nearly every day and many time go out to lunch together (especially in more rural areas.)

  12. During the four-way financial settlement meeting, my attorney told me to forego spousal support though we’d been married 12 years. Even the court special master/family lawyer who led the meeting told me XNPH was never going to give me any money so I should negotiate all that night. The lack of spousal support has changed the entire course of my life these 10 years. And nobody told me that if I’d just asked for a small amount then, that would have left the door open to arguing for more as his income situation improved thereafter. My attorney was tired, it was late at night and he just wanted the meeting to be done. He also, that night, told me to agree to giving up my engagement diamond on XNPH’s assertion, for the first time ever at that meeting, that my ex-mother-in-law had only given it to me with the proviso that it go to our daughter, a lie. So I agreed to give up my engagement diamond, my own property since the day of our wedding, to our daughter when she turns 18 — something I have no intention of following through on. My attorney did NOT protect my interests, and *today won’t even write a cover letter for me to XNPH’s counsel unless I give him a $10K retainer* because he only takes wealthy new cases from our former town *because he can.* The entire system is awful and a money-making machine, in my opinion.

  13. After spending over $4,000 on attorney fees, my attorney started trying to get me to agree to some Very bad deals that were being offfered by the other attorney. Little did I know, the law firm I hired and the mother of my child had a connection the entire time and found proof of it on Facebook. So, now I’m just out all the money and having to do everything on my own.

    • You should sue for undisclosed conflict of interest. At the very least, file a complaint with the State Bar Association or whoever it is in your state that hears such things. Seriously. CLAIM DAMAGES.

      • The State Bar Associations are populated by the same scoundrels that fill the divorce courts – judges, lawyers, mediators etc etc. Want to try an appeal? Sure. The appellate courts are nesting places for birds of the same feather as the divorce courts. Ethics? Conflict of Interest? Alice does not live in wonderland anymore. She has found the divorce Eco-system infinitely more malevolent with lawyer-rats, mad hatters with robes, custody evaluations performed by hacks appointed by the courts, GALS with one hand in your pocket and the other colluding and feeding the divorce eco-system vultures etc etc. There is really no place to turn but to the millions in the throes of the system, millions of others who have been devastated by the system and millions who would play to keep their futures from intersecting with the system. We need a groundswell to stem the tide of parent-child relationships being shipped to the abattoirs where the judges and players of the divorce courts make short work of the tender parent-child bonds using the machinery of divorce erected by the states. The spoils are then hawked by the other players in the divorce system for the financial gain of all of their brethren. Oh, the silence of the Lambs!

  14. My frigging lawyer was a trial lawyer and her lawyer was a real estate lawyer, and I had to fight everything my lawyer wanted to give her… He kept saying there is nothing more we can do… yada yada yada. I was the one that kept looking at stuff…
    If I would have left it up to my lawyer, I would have had about 150 dollars left over a month to spend…
    Then he sends me a bill after I paid him for a frigging stamp.. Can you believe that
    Maybe I should have hired the real estate lawyer.

    • Makes you wonder who they are working for doesn’t it? I say attorneys should ask themselves: If I was the client would I be happy with the deal I’m trying to pawn off on my client?

  15. There is no doubt that there was and still is collusion and this can be substantiated by documents in which they submitted and it appears judges are too myopic to care.

  16. My one day to be exhusband, would not grant me custody or support orders and it had been almost 3 years since I filed for divorce.

    Early November, I took the children to his house for a visit and he kept them. He had newly retained a very high profile, very expensive attorney. After I dropped the children off, I a copy of the fax that my attorney received from opposing counsel. They were claiming to be grateful for me giving my ex full custody of the children.

    My attorney did not call me back or return any messages/phone calls for eight days. I actually called the office of opposing counsel because I did not know if I still had legal representation.

    I finally got back my son with autism, in exchange for providing my ex-husband the birth certificate of my daughter. My son was undergoing a tremendous amount of stress because he could not deal with such a huge change. I was being blackmailed and I figured I would get my daughter back after I showed the courts the email stating he would only release my son upon providing him with our daughter’s birth certificate.

    When I finally heard from my attorney… She would not help me in anyway whatsoever. She continued saying that we could not file exported to get my daughter back because it was not an emergency. It was horrible. My daughter could not come home for 50 days.

    Finally opposing counsel filed the Ex Parte because I would not return her after the holiday vacation. My attorney sent me an email telling me not to show up because it was only to reset the court date from the RFO where the judge had recused himself because he was the roommate of opposing counsel in law school. (My exes attorney also is married to a Los Angeles Superior Court family law judge… No advantages for him.)

    I called my attorney to make sure that it was only to get a court date. She said that she did this all the time. She said that my ex-husband would not be there and there would be nothing else they talked about and I should not show up.

    I live in orange county and the case is filed in Los Angeles County.

    The following day my attorney calls me up in the morning and asks me for the spelling of my last name. She asks me for my children’s names and their ages. Then she proceeded to give custody of my daughter to my ex-husband and we received a custody court hearing for 10 months later!!!

    There is no way that could have happened without my attorney colluding with opposing counsel.

    The day I received the phone call from court where she gave away custody of my six-year-old daughter… I sent her an email to file a substitution of attorney immediately.

    Anytime I mention to anybody that there was some weird colluding happening between attorneys… Everybody thought I was crazy.

    (Sorry if there are typos… I am talking into a microphone…)

    I have been desperately trying to get a divorce for almost 4 years now.

  17. I know for a fact that he did. As a result I sued him for malpractice and the case in pending. I asked for a jury trial, so that a jury of my peers can determine if in fact he was in collusion or not. I cannot disclose more at this time because the case is pending, but as soon as the trial is over I will be happy to put up a complete briefing in the internet, so that the rest of the world can see some of the things that occur in Family Court.

  18. I know without a doubt, my first attorney wirhdrew fom my case, he saw the handwriting on the wall. He waived all fees and refered mr to a McBrien friendly attorney, Charolette Keeley. On September 2, 2005 Judge Peter J. McBrien told me I could not have her as my counsel, I have the transcript. After theat day I found it nearly impossible to find an attorney in Sacramento, because the judge was McBrien, literally no one would take my case and found one in San Jose.

  19. My brother wound up prese after the 3rd court appearance. He met the the panelist (in NJ it a pre-mediator mediator) in court that day. This panelist assured him everything they discussed was confidential. The panelist then spoke with her lawyer. We were standing out in the hall and could hear what they were discussing. This panelist told her lawyer everything my brother said. When my brother went to speak to the panelist again he said you lied and told her lawyer everything I heard it through the door. He denied it burst out of the conference room and ran down the emergency exit stairs. Yes they do talk they lie about it but there is no doubt that collusion is common practice.

  20. During FOUR days of mediation lasting 12 hours each both attorneys and the mediator privately met multiple times and I was not allowed to attend these meetings during mediation nor would my attorney tell me the details of what was discussed.. Ultimately, the mediation did not produce an agreement. I know my ex to be wife was being unreaonable, but I object to being excluded from discussions related to my case. Paying an attorney did not make me in charge of how he treated me. But of course I still had to pay him and the mediator.

  21. outstanding question. call me. 203.505.7840 Im in sun valley, Idaho.

    call me. it will blow you away.

  22. Most definitely! The outcome was decided BEFORE. We went to court, not what the Judge decided.
    On the day of court all the attornies would go into chambers with the judge. Then they would all come out and put the decisions on the record with the court reporter. It was a joke! I lost every time! and lost more with the orders after hearing which opposing counsel would take liberties with. I complained to my attorney and he NEVER helped me to get it right.
    My exes attorney got his friends in as the GAL and picked the 730 evaluator and all therapists on the case. It was 10 against one every time we went too court, even my attorney was on the other side!!

  23. No. But, I do suspect that the opposing attorney, his client (my ex) and the judge conspired against me. They were all attorneys. Every motion we introduced was struct down; my order of protection was vacated “because there was no blood”; I was locked out of my home of 22 years; I was denied access to my clothing, even a coat, boots in a brutal Chicago winter; I was told I couldn’t spend my own money; threatened with being jailed for contempt because I couldn’t share the address of the battered women’s shelter I was living in at the time.

    • The court has an established way it works – fail or not. Of course the attorneys get together to write up a settlement they think both their clients will sign. If both clients are not happy with the settlement and sign anyway, then it has been successful. There is no “satisfied” or “happy” in a divorce. Every client feels they were cheated in some way and being “objective” is impossible. Having said that, hopefully someday divorces will decrease even if it means less marriages and hopefully – if not – people will be able to do their own divorces and exclude the necessity for lawyers in the equation all together.

    • Marla, look into VAWA violence against women act- if you filed protection orders and was declined and vacated the home the state is participating in domestic violence, the judge is not trained in noting issues of DV. I filed a fed suit under the claim.

  24. With the numbers of people enrolled into this quasi judicial state of Family and probate courts, run the numbers ! You will be surprised at how many familes, individuals and children are wholey organized and trapped in this system. Consider those amounts and multiply them. Also consider the amounts of money, the number of beuracrats who require feeding and clothing and housing at their entitlement levels. Along with the research and the law with federal (central banker) policies and you will realize that something else is going on.

    The courts will always pick a winner at the outset, the rest of your case is academic interpreted as a rule and numbers game. This is a four decade old problem that has only got worse and the product is as easily disposable as the ruling of family court judge, worthless on examination and creatively backed by a menagerie of court whores or the dearth of theoretical experts who can drum up the business necessary by choice words and the articulation of legal penumbras.

    For females the problem will get increasingly worse since males have learned their general lesson and the blowback for encouraging this type of system becomes detrimental to the very people who inititialy benefitted which is an interesting social one for the future. More and more females will be targetted since now their is a dearth of females who are rising in wealth and rsorces that need exploiting for the bread and butter incomes of family courts. After all along with padded bills, and attorney collusion for a specific outcome what will be the longterm result ?.

    For the social costs, always remember the law follows the money and the primary reason for choosing females is that they are the better federally designated model consumer in a rising 84% of all consumer citizen choices.

    When two so called adults who once were in love are willing to practice and follow scorched earth policies like the military. The void created is intergenerational followed by permutations of family destruction as a result of it and its practices and soical mayhem it causes other families. Deliberate ? Well lets ask the bolschevists who practiced the very same type of family code as that adopted by the US and still from four generations suffer the consequences.

    If an attorney manages to liase many or all all your issues, then you have already lost, especially if they have told you not to talk to the spouse and they have served their purpose by fait accompli. If it comes down to money, you have lost, that is the level of basic understanding marriage has become for males. At the outset for males whatever you have now when you enter it you will lose at least 50% of, when married you will lose that and then some. guaranteed. Choose wisely or find a place where there are better choices of females than state trained ones!

  25. Please share the informatoin at the following link widely.


    (“Wide Majorities Losing Faith In John Roberts’ Supreme Court, Want Term Limits”)

    The rot in the family law courts originates at the the Supreme Court – the top of the food chain. This is the same court that gave the divorce industry the midas touchstone called “The Best Interests of the Child” designed for the use, abuse and reabuse of the families that seek refuge in the judicial system. For all of us facing insurmountable odds battling it out in the lower courts, there is very little chance that the corruption and collusion can be rooted out. If you do decide to appeal the decisions of the family court, the Supreme Court, no less, will very likely uphold and support the malfeasance of the family court because the antics of the lower court personnel mirror those of the Supreme Court. I bet the family court personnel have recognized this and are busy minting. Of course, the hydra of the family court needs tentacles. The lawyers, GALS, custody evaluators and others are the tentacles of this hydra. Collusive? Naturally. Corrupt? Inherently.

    This is disgusting. At the very end of the chain stand the hapless children looking on with broken hearts and lost hope at their parents who were foolish enough to invite the courts into the sanctuary of their marital home. Now they are caught in a never-ending gladiator contest in the foul smelling arena called the family court system. While the death-match is being played out, the corrupt divorce lawyers and other members of the family court cabal are busy systematically destroying the innocence of the children while raking in the spoils from both parents. .

  26. Oh yeah! My attorney took $35,000 & ran with it to the opposing party. My abuser got everything he wanted because of my POS lying attorney including my baby. Now I’m left picking up the pieces from a corrupt ignorant attorney that withheld my evidence, lied, cheated & stole from me. Attorneys are no better than a corrupt judge!

    Family law needs fixed and if it continues at the rate it’s going the ones who end up in family court can guarantee theirselves a lifetime of poverty, homelessness & loss of everything else.

  27. My attorney went as far as endorsing my ex’s attorney on her website. How about them apples. Let’s not mention the hugs and misses in the hallway in the courthouse and how she loved getting together for lunch and dinner.

  28. I have hard evidence. Here’s a couple examples. My attorney was a fine black man. The opposing counsel was the former Bar President of the Virginia Bar. After submitting a motion — a motion that had previously been sent as a courtesy copy to opposing counsel — opposing counsel blew up in court and caused a recess. During the recess in the hallway, opposing counsel SPIT IN THE FACE OF MY BLACK LAWYER screaming at him that my lawyer shall NEVER submit a motion to the court that isn’t preapproved by him OR ELSE! Here’s another example. My lawyer Glenn Lewis — who is now disbarred — put in a motion to withdraw from my case after getting me involved in hearings in a state without jurisdiction, only then to enter his appearance to represent my rapist in the custody trial against another mother victim in another adjacent state. How much was he paid to do this? My lawyer that withdrew warned me that I would be annihilated in court unless I voluntarily signed his papers to withdraw. Of course, I would not. Here’s another example, another lawyer of mine was fined over $40,000 for filing in the original state of filing in my case based upon the pro se filing of my Rapist at $1000 per hour — a thousand dollars an hour — and then the Rapist told my lawyer that he would drop the Motion and fine if my lawyer withdrew from representing me. My lawyer did not withdraw, and the Court of Appeals overturned the ruling… However, my lawyer — not a rich man — had to borrow money to pay the $40,000 or go to jail. Going to jail may have meant that he would lose his law license. But really, who should lose his law license? I say my Rapist and all the lawyers and judges that helped him. I also have hard evidence from transcripts in trial where the judge is negotiating getting the head of the family law committee to get the Virginia legislature to appoint him to a higher court if he heard my case and threw it to my Rapist, even though there was absolutely no basis to assert jurisdiction — no one lived there and a prior case was underway in the adjacent state! Now the judge is appointed to the higher court and just as my Rapist threatened, he has made sure that I never see my child because I refused to have an abortion after he raped me. Pro-choice also means that a woman has a choice to give her baby life. No man, no rapist, no government should allow a Rapist to continue to torture a mother and child simply to get revenge, yet that is what has happened in my case. Worse, I did everything I could to forgive him and to get him to change his behavior and be involved with me and my daughter — I was soooooooooooooooooooooo nice. My mistake is that I didn’t realize the corruption of all these lawyers, judges, quasi-court officials and others who wanted to make about $1 million off this diagnosed psychopath big whig power-broking Washington DC lawyer. They torqued him up with hate, and his hate has turned into 2 known attempts on my life and the need for me to flee to the protection of family in other states. There is a lot more to this story. So, all you angry men out there who think you are the only ones who are victims of court abuse and such, this is much broader than you and the research shows that the the vast majority of victims are abused mothers and abused children. Nonetheless, I personally know men who have been victimized. What is important about the Divorce Corp effort is the illumination of court corruption and systematic abuse of the civil and human rights of parents and children. In the end, the most important thing is keeping parents and children safe, and maintaining the economic viability of parents. These all involve human and civil rights. What despairs me, is that the judiciary is far too willing to rule in favor of men in appeals, and not take cases of mothers and children. We appear to be going backward in time to where mothers and children are the property of men, and the US Supreme Court appears willing to go back to this atrocious state.

  29. The shysters called it negotiations, but it was really a let’s make a deal that is a money maker for both lawyers.

  30. My attorey Stan Sala is the 3 rd biggest crook in Lenawee County Michigan. The 1st and 2nd are my husband’s attorney/cousin/FOC Hearing officer and their buddy Judge Margaret Noe. After he sold me down the river they funded his campaign to run for a judge election. Sala adertised himslf as a “Legal Tiger” So I put signs on my car calling him a ? Legal Tiger? More like a PUSSY cat!! Michigan has a well deserved F! for total lack of ethics http://www.stateintegrity.org

  31. No, I think my attorneys were paper factories and I was supposed to know the law and what I wanted. I had one attorney with rows and rows of files on his desk as if he were a manufacturer of legal cases without paying attention. I basically did the paper work he had his secretary draft and signed and mail the copies.

    • The cost of a case is proportional to the length and the breadth of the paperwork. Like federal scrip, you can create debt by articulating an argument on paper. That is what statutory law is, the creation of debt. On average if the paperwork is not a valid contract it is simply at best a billable script called attorney ‘work product’. know the difference, an attorney is a processor of statutory law. A lawyer the nearest of which still exists is the practice of a municipal judge or state officer of the court. Quite simply they are a fiduciary, a county executive member and they all work from the same building. The treasury, the federal government and the state courts all in the same building, just like congress. . There are no lawyers in the continental US, only bar member associates and a political party that occupies all positions in the executive, legal and state branches. Think Barack makes his decisions without someone operating the strings, think again, we are literally the only nation on earth with a declared democracy that has an established legacy of old guard that just change faces on the receptionist, no one who ever entered the house of congress does not know what is going on and is forever committed to the big communist/federal plan, nor do they ever leave that special club, they just change roles.

      Tell me other than those who retire, or are disappeared or ousted on penalty of death to all who know, what members of congress are not lawyers, not a member of a family of lawyers nor well connected to a family of old money. Nepetism, corruption call it what you want, butnone of the old American established families have ever left control, they just take a back seat and control the checks. We don’t even have the moral turpitude to shun those who abuse the system hence the turmoil and for now as long as parents forget that life is about the future and the future is children and their outcomes. It is what people believed the future was about, a better world. We have much to be concerned with when the system indirectly affects so much of cultural and social thinking. Not my problem ?, good well then pay for it, I look forward to the day when this social project based on consumerism comes to an end, unfortunately for us the system treats its clients as does the federal government as cash cows with an entire subsidized legal industry and menagerie of subscribers as if they are not going to themselves be a victim of it.

      We have so let our children down for they inherit the wind for greed and ignorance,and more than likely a very insecure future. I believe one of recent federal bills passed unanimously and with a well redacted and secretive background format regarding its target and contents indicated that an entire 87% of the population was deemed problematic. That is an awful lot of people and why are they problematic ? Are you hopefully one of of the 13%, better think again ?

  32. And I also know my attorney colluded with the Judge.
    And I also know when I was pro se, the judge colluded with my adversary’s attorney.

  33. Fortunately, in my case, I do not feel this happened. I was able to finally secure counsel that had the utmost respect of the judge and absolutely trounced opposing counsel’s team of LA lawyers that “Cost” twice as much as mine. While this certainly was not the norm that I saw year in/year out every time I sat in court watching others, there is certainly something to be said, (Out here at least), that the judges are frustrated with each and every case. They know everyone bends the truth to their own designs, and it’s their job to figure out who is being more truthful. When counsel walks in there that is held in high esteem of the court, decisions went their way-EVERY TIME.
    Any lawyer who will do whatever his client wants is not the one to use, it’s the lawyer who knows the system and lets you know that you tell him what you want, and let him work the system to get it. As a very wise man once told me, “We have a legal system-NOT a justice system”

  34. I was left in the judge’s waiting room while my attorney, my ex-husband and his attorney conferred with the judge. They discussed alimony and my pension – I am absolutely aware of this because my attorney came out of chambers to ask me questions and returned with my answers. I thought this very strange at the time, but after reading comments here – not so much. My ex-husband is in a support service to divorce attorneys, so the boys who knew each other worked everything out. I was left homeless.

  35. I understand this is a National organization. I’m a member of Florida Permanent Alimony Reform. I’m concerned of the criminality of the 20th Judicial Civil Court of Lee County, based in Fort Myers Florida. It seemed my Attorneys didn’t know that much about each other but who knows. Attorneys , because I had to have four do to the’re incompetence. What is, I believe criminal, is that my former spouses obscure attorney ran for the vacant family law Judge and won the election, for the same court and represented my spouse until the end through the rehearing. Presently, this is my fourth attempt at reducing or terminating my permanent alimony. Former spouses works in the office of the local Catholic grammar school we helped build, and was ordered to maximize her work and income. She as all summer off, while I work 60-70 hours at the car dealership and can’t make enough to pay my bills after alimony. Back to her former attorney. If your not part of the Judicial cliche in Fort Myers, your f—-d. I cannot afford more attorneys, so the last time I tried to modifiy, her Attorney / now Judge interferes with an order on my case, I complain, she recuses. Then butts in again with a stupid order, than recuses again. Then the new Judge and Magistrate treats me like a murderer/ rapist, I have it in the court report. The last time it took the court almost a year to make a deteination while I pay exorbitant payments to her in alimony. No children were involved in this divorce. When the decision was handed down in Febuary, I was already unemployed for three months, for the first time in my life. Truth is, I had more income unemployed than working and paying her. I have paid $60,000 in alimony to her and her boyfriend in the past seven years. She could have had her Masters Degree instead of taking summers off. The court condones this to drag everything out to financially break anyone who worked their life away. The bums are free, only the hard working, supporting men get screwed. $5.25 comes out every week for the courts administration fee. Times that by 1 million people who pay alimony in the State of Florida. Do the math. That’s better then the Mob can make. It’s extortion!!!!

  36. I had this happen about six or seven times so it happens pretty routinely. This is one of the most corrupt and unethical parts about the entire Family Law system. I saw my lawyer out to lunch with the other side and I also saw them meet with the judge before our trial on several occasions as if my fate was already set and the trial was just a formality. On another occasion, my lawyer didn’t show up to my trial leaving me in court to go up against my ex-wife’s attorney and the judge all by myself. The judge screamed at me “Where’s your lawyer? Well go out there and find her!” Then, after we were walking out of the courtroom, my lawyer was walking into court room and never even apologized to me or tried to explain to me what had happened. Once my lawyer told me that she contributed to each Judge’s re-election campaign in order to get favorable decisions. Another lawyer told me that he had no favors coming or no relationship with the Judge hearing my case so I probably had no chance of having her rule anything in my favor. The bottom line is all about money and when the government got into making money off of child support payers, that’s when the system spiraled out of control.

  37. I doubt that many on this site would argue with me, if I called divorce a racket for the attorneys, GALs or other receiving financial benefits. Some cases would even qualify as RACKETEERING. I’m confident that a thorough investigation and review of certain divorce cases by a law enforcement agency with expertise in the federal racketeering laws, would lead indictments of more than a few trial court judges, divorce attorneys and others receiving financial benefits from their friends in a self serving legal community.

    It’s clear trial court judges are willing to hold a petitioner or respondent in contempt, but how many of you have witnessed a judge ignore issues related to the professional misconduct or unlawful acts of an attorney?

    In Illinois the Judges and Attorneys are suppose to report professional misconduct. A system that does not work very well. It’s like three cars speeding down the interstate at 100 mph, but there are no state troopers to enforce the speed limit. The only way the speeding violation gets reported would be for one of the three cars that is speeding to report the other violators. Under the right circumstances collusion can be turned into a well orchestrated racketeering operations by unlawful and unethical officers of the court.

  38. I was so terribly hurt in ways that are now part of Government information and they will be working on it.
    Company is Balance Point Funding in L.A. CA.
    See nytimes front page article in 2011 or 2012.

    I welcome phone call from you to help others who may get caught in the web,of despair and then ….
    If interested, email me and I will be glad to call the appropriate person there including Gloria a. Esq. Who may know of this fund ” for women whose spouses have assets above 3 million$ or so.

  39. I don’t really believe our attorney’s colluded, but I do believe that they both intentionally pushed the boundaries way outside of what the state of MA considers “fair” in order to keep us at each others throats and refusing to settle as long as possible. They knew exactly what they were doing: my lawyer would demand things she knew my ex’s lawyer would never allow her to accept, which leads to hostile responses and escalation fighting. I figured it out and tried to break the cycle, emailing my ex with the subject “are our lawyers playing us?” I was promptly informed that it was just a negotiation and that I should let the lawyers do their work. After 10 months at $2k/month each to let the lawyers write hostile letters back and forth without any progress, I finally told my lawyer to file for divorce, have them served with a court date, and cut communication except for reasonable offers to settle. Fortunately, my ex wanted to avoid a trial badly enough that the strategy worked and we settled a week later, but I realize that not everybody gets so lucky. The lawyers would gladly have continued writing letters that could never lead to a settlement if we let them, but it did not require them talking to each other and plotting….it’s just what they do, which makes it so incredibly difficult to punish (we could make intentional collusion illegal, but how could we force them to stop “trying to get the most for their client,” instead of pushing for something fair and reasonable for both parties?). Oh, yes, and we did try a mediator, but his proposal was so sexist, lopsided, and outdated that I couldn’t take him seriously…..turns out that for the most part, it wasn’t him, but the system that he represented that was sexist, biased, outdated, etc….but he was way out of his league on certain issues.

  40. ex’s attorney and my attorney definitely worked out the plan – when they told me that ONLY the ex’s attorney could make changes to the agreement and that I/he couldn’t object to them or make any changes, my IDIOT attorney told me that I would be “sued for breech of contract” if I didn’t sign the agreement with their changes. My attorney refused to return calls/emails about court dates and so I went to the D. Court Clerk to check the schedule – come the court date, they called my name and he thought I wasn’t present, so I sat in the gallery – and listened as he told the judge that he was having such a “hard time” and could never locate me (I lived a block from his office) and that I wouldn’t answer his communications – that he had tried over and over without any response – so he would go ahead without me…should have seen the look on his bloated face when I walked up behind him. Wonder he didn’t mess himself. He had to pick his jaw up off the floor. After about 4 years in court, I know now that attorneys ALL talk amongst themselves and see where the money is and figure out how to get it. Here’s how I know ABSOLUTELY – The next attorney I was going to hire said to get a continuance and she would take my case – I go before the judge and the ex’s attorney tells me that my prospective attorney is now no longer willing to take my case after talking with him (on the record) and that he spoke to her about ME and that is why. Court recording varies a little, but it’s basically there and when I called the woman, sure enough, she was in a meeting and turned my case down. (she had asked for a flat fee from me – and he was telling the other attorneys how he would drag things out indefinitely).

  41. Of course they, meaning not only the attorneys but the judges, collude. I have learned that if you accept and recognize, as soon as possible, that the system is your enemy, and determine in your soul and will to fight them with all that you have, you can make their lives miserable. Sue them. I did. I sued my ex’s divorce attorney for various actions of his buffoonery and won. I took a crooked judge to a judicial review board and though they did nothing, cronies one and all, this judge got his name in the paper and publicly exposed him. I went to the FBI and reported their actions and my suspicions. No, other than my victory over my ex’s scummy attorney not much was accomplished. But keep fighting. I was able to get another court to assert jurisdiction which will be the former court’s undoing. What I’m saying is to fight and NEVER give in. If we put into the fight the weapons we have available to us we will bring attention to the wickedness of this system. Eventually and with perseverance we will change the system.

  42. One last comment: as I’ve read through the posts it is clear that there is a sense of despair. I would encourage each person who suspects the collusion of attorneys and judges to go and file a report with the FBI. Before I filed mine I consulted with two retired FBI agents who advised me that public corruption in the courts is “red meat” to the agency. You should have seen the judge’s face and opposing counsel when I testified in court that I had filed a complaint with the FBI. They were aghast and shaking with rage. I can imagine the fear they still feel wondering if their little back room meetings and phone calls are being watched and listened to.

    • Please explain how to file a complaint with the FBI. Who do you contact? Is there a form?

  43. Sometimes it’s not even collusion as much as it is YOUR ATTORNEY JUST DOES NOT WANT TO REALLY FIGHT for you at all. They don’t wanna make waves. It’s EASIER to make money being lazy and just going to mediation than to actually FIGHT FOR YOU.

    That’s why YOU are your own best advocate and people do better when they learn how to represent themselves the right way without an attorney.

    I had a godsend of a guy teach me a little bit and I took it and ran with it and got full custody, even with multiple false allegations. I also have repeatedly defeated a 17-year veteran and a 49-year veteran family law attorney over and over and over in court and in the Court of Appeals a couple of times.

    And there’s people in every area of the country that can help folks fight their own case now.

  44. In my case I was brought back to court by my ex-wife because she insisted that my wages be garnished to pay alimony. My employer and the bank said they only did that for child support. I was now given an outrageous inflated bill by my lawyer and told I was to pay an even more outrageous inflated bill to my ex-wife’s lawyer. These thieves have no conscious.

  45. Well, it is not only true that my lawyer worked with the other side, it is completely plausible that he was working against me as well!

    Finally after 2 years, I get a “Divorce” but the other issues that have been outstanding such as financial and property are “Outstanding” How in the heck can this hack of a judge even make a call like this? Now, I have been threatened by this judge that if I do not come home and take time away from work for the financial hearing or he will rule in favor of the ex? What the heck is this? I was told it is so that my demeanor can be assessed! My demeanor scks because of the way I have been screwed over in this court by an unlawful judge, and all of his minions that is so damn corrupt!

    The best thing that can be done is to abolish the family courts and hold a mass sentencing for treason for all of these judges for going against constitutional law! There is a special place in hell for these people and greed stricken ex wives!