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50 thoughts on “Should a litigant be able to appeal to a citizens committee to have a judge removed from a case? Poll #24

  1. I wholeheartedly think that there should be an appeals committee that would oversee these treasonous fools! If a judge cannot be impartial and not “Lean” one way or the other that would be great. Split the kids, make child support affordable, remove state benefits for awatding based on the amount awarded, and hold criminally liable any judge that does not follow the letter of the law! and more importantly, the constitution! These fools think because they call themselves a court of equity they are exempt! It is my hope that one day soon there is accountability for their crimes against families and that the reign of tyranny is almost over!

    • The parent victim(s) of a given family court case have both a
      wonderfully humane opportunity and arguable moral duty to right
      the wrong in their case, especially if they sought joint custody
      and mediation, and in the process of doing so, to write a wrong
      in each of as many as hundreds of other cases. Each state
      is developing protocol–for identifying all the victims of a given
      family court predator–by predator type (lawyer, judge, psychologist,
      etc.) Each state Committee is encouraged to share the protocol
      they use to identify the names and contact info. for each parent/child
      victim of a given predator type. It is essential that all or nearly all
      of the living victims of a family court predator be contacted and invited
      to participate in the roasting of the predator. Victims are urged not
      to take individual action, but to wait until the entire group of victims
      of a given predator are contacted and invited to participate in the
      campaign to eradicate that predator, personally, professionally, and
      financially. The first step in most states is for a parent to find just
      one other victim of a given family court predator, and then they
      each take steps to locate two additional victims, and then you have 6.
      Once you have 6 victims of a given predator, you can pool your money,
      about $100.00 each, and pay an investigator to come up with 20 more
      victims, or run an ad to find those 20 or so. Westlaw, Lexis, and court
      database searches are often available at courts and libraries to search for
      predators by name in all cases in that state. This should all take about
      a week (an hour or two per day). Once you have about 25 victims of
      a given predator, any attorney specializing in legal or medical malpractice
      can be retained, often for free, to locate the other 100 or 200 victims of that
      predator, to form an army. This may take a week or so. The next step, according to
      model protocol, is to formally document/compare the actions of the predator,
      and its effect on the victims in each case. Often the predators’ tactics at generating
      parental conflict are boilerplate. After as few as about 15-20 victims of a family
      court predator are located, state or federal law enforcement will often join
      in the investigation of the predator, though this is not essential in terms of
      neutralizing that predator, permanently. Once most of the victims are identified,
      the predator can be personally, professionally, and financially destroyed through
      coordinated efforts and actions taken by the squads, but those actions should be
      done simultaneously by the entire group (the Group of 100), including through
      state licensing boards, professional associations of which they are a member,
      and even picketing their places of work, favorite restaurants, churches, schools,
      etc., but it is critical that the Group of 100, so to speak, act simultaneously in
      all actions taken against the predator, so there is no chance of retaliation against
      any victim, and zero chance of professional survival for the predator.

      • Perhaps this site or other similar can start a database where one can enter the name of their attorney, judge, opposing attorney, guardian, state, courthouse, etc so victims with these individuals in common can easily find each other.

  2. Absolutely! This should work better than jury trials in domestic court. Judges have no responsibility to be fair to either party in the case. It’s more about keeping the lawyers happy and typically the more powerful lawyer wins the case no matter the facts.

  3. And they should be able to do so after they go through the trial are at that point realize that the corrupt judge is friends with the crooked opposing attorney and grants his every wish, and denies any evidence, or expert witnesses that you, the pro-se litigant has to offer, and severely prejudice’s your case with bias, and violates your civil rights by denying you a fair trial.

  4. As in Marin, San Diego, Nevada, Sacramento and Shasta Counties, the 170’s are often overruled by the very judge being asked to be recused – and many CA judges & AOC’rs simply manipulate & alter filing dates on orders, thus retaliating on disfavored litigants and GOOD attorneys (whom also face fiscal retaliation by being denied proper attorneys’ fees…). All the way up to the Chief Justice herself… the largest Judiciary in the western world is as corrupt and collusive as any RICO syndicate in history! althepal55 on YouTube

  5. Absolutely!!! Some of these Judges think they have the right to do whatever they want while disobeying each and every state and federal law there is, including failing to uphold their oaths they took to get on that high and mighty bench. They are also failing to protect the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, they being judges should protect the constitution as our soldiers are fighting to protect it. They illegally steal children from the better parent and place these children in the hands of abusers, molesters and only the good Lord above knows what else these innocent children have to endure at the hands of the abusive parent. Sad just really sad, these judges that are corrupt and fail to protect the innocent should be removed from their benches and placed on trial for treason. The bottom line with these Judges is money, if you have money to pay their butts off which is typically the abuser whom has the money, the abuser gets away with whatever they want because he/she pays a little extra money to the corrupt judge to have that POS rule in his/her favor.
    So thankful to live in America land of the Corruption! Land of the lost and stolen children of our future! Land of the high and mighty corrupt judicial system!
    So thankful that we have such corrupt judges on these benches looking over the trials of murders, rapists, bank robbers etc. Why have these corrupt POS’s even on a trial bench when chances are they are more corrupt than the person being convicted.
    Time to take a stand against this crap and make these judges and our judicial system be held accountable for their illegal BS and place their ignorance lazy money grubbin’ corrupt POS’ behind bars and depending on what they allowed in their court room should depend on their conviction. They need to be held accountable, until we as American Citizens take a stand against this crap it’s just going to get worse and our children of our future will have no chance in heck because of these ignorant judges playing GOD!

    • Well Said….I would go on about my bad experience….but, I would have to write a 500 page novel…..So, I would just sum up the entire Family Law Court System and my 4 year experience.

    • It is time that our so-called justice system strips the almighty power of these judges who think they are God from being able to solely make a decision on the lives of families and kids that are in their hands. One person should not have that much power over the lives of family and children for whom they know nothing about and for whom they care to know nothing about.

      After yesterday, the one little flame of hope I had in our justice system was snuffed out like a candle, never to be rekindled again as long as our justice system remains as is.

      It is amazing to me how corrupt our justice system is. More amazing, though, is how lawyers, judges, politicians, and citizens also know the corruption and the response I get when talking to these people knowing the corruption is: “But it is the only system we have.” Really? Then it is time for reform!

  6. Now that my credibility has been destroyed in the corrupt process, I can’t even get law enforcement to help me as a victim in several other circumstances. It’s as if I’m not quite a human anymore. So anything to hold the people accountable, like Judge Jean Rietschel, I’m all for it!

  7. I’m going through this right now so it gives me strength to see other people are as outraged as me. I have a judge (for what should be a very simple family matter) that has a very narrow way of looking at things and is totally rigid. He looks bored and bitter — he’s 67 so I wish he’d just retire. The sad thing is that it affects people like us and our kids.

    I was thinking today that I’d like to see something like this…

    Everyone of voting age has to attend a half-day seminar on jury duty every two years. To learn how to make fair decisions, and how to discuss issues in a jury room. Some people could be strictly involved in family law cases, some in criminal law, some in corporate law, etc. Then, instead of having judges, everything would be decided by a group of our peers. Majority rules. Yes, it would take a lot of civic involvement, but jurors could be compensated by all that money that is no longer going to judges. I feel this would be fairer and cheaper. I’m sick of these idiots in their robes sitting up there like they’re god almighty and treating people like they are inferior.

    I’m a loving Dad with a spotless record, but every time I go to court I feel like I’M on trial, even if it’s me who has filed the motion or complaint. That just isn’t right.

    Thanks to everyone on this thread! Good luck to you all!!

  8. I endorse all the preceding comments. We need accountability and redress against biased and bigoted judges at all levels. Self-regulation as presently set up does not work. And the doctrine of absolute judicial immunity based on Sump v. Sparkman is antithetical to American and ethical values.

    • There should not be judicial immunity. There has to be accountability for all, especially ones that have power over others and abuse that power in such a destructive manner.

  9. Yes. But this will not solve the problem of dysfunctional family courts. Crocked, corrupt and collusive courts are well demonstrated and should be addressed, as mentioned in the movie Divorce Corp.

    A far better solution would be to change the laws so the matters brought to the courts were truly worthy of a court’s attention. Normal, standard, most, the majority divorce settlements should be:
    – community property split of 50/50,
    – each party takes their individual property (reasonably defined),
    – children are assigned 50/50 to each parent
    – child support should only be exceptional for items outside the home (parents support kids when in his/her home)., items such as medical costs of education could be supported more by the parent with the greater income
    – alimony should be limited in time and only to cases where the adults are not able to support themselves, after a marriage lasting longer than 10 years, alimony should not attempt to maintain lifestyles for low income earners

    Simple, transparent laws with no discretion by the courts for most divorces and most families would remove the incentive of money which feeds the corrupt, abusive and immoral family court system.

    Our children deserve a better system than what we have today.

  10. I have long advocated for a Citizen’s Review Committee to oversee Judges, Attorneys, Police, CPS workers, Domestic Violence Program workers and any Government agency or agency that receives tax dollars. The Citizens Review Committee would not only take on all complaints, the same Committee would fire those involved in appropriate and or illegal behaviour. Judicial Ethics Committees, Bar Associations, Police Agencies, etc. are all biased and useless. To make all judges, social workers, attorneys and others truly accountable, their “immunity” status must be removed and especially every judge held to the highest standard and moral character.

  11. It is about accountability and without check and balances in place corruption spreads like a bad virus. There needs to be an avenue for people to appeal without that the system breeds corruption.

  12. Yes, definitely. How many judges have been swayed by one side and then refuse to accept any evidence from the “guilty” side? They have too much ego wrapped up in appearing infallible to change their minds or admit they were wrong. So children and targeted parents are punished, false accusations fly from the hostile parents and their skivvy lawyers. Ultimately the children pay the price in broken parental relationships, abuse, and psychological damage that follows them the rest of their lives.

    Maybe rotate judges so you never get the same judge at subsequent hearings/appearances. (Of course it would be likely they’d talk in the courthouse and the “bad rep” parents would be screwed by all the judges…..or maybe I’m cynical).

    • Yes, you hit the nail on the head. It is a money game, and judges are wrapped up in their own egos and think they are God, and disregard what is really best for the kids.

  13. I personally wont be happy with just a review of a judges performance.
    A lot of these judges are criminals, who have been actively denying peoples civil rights.
    There needs to be a tribunal to try those judges and mete out appropriate punishments.

  14. Understanding that most Judges have to first agree themself to being removed, or permitting a request for change of venue — some form of oversite MUST be established.

    Today it is lose / lose for the citizen. Because most often the very reason / problem that initiates a parent’s request to remover the judge from the case (or get change of venue) is that they are experiencing a judge with a some kind of “power complex” and a huge bias (for whatever reason).

    So if the cause for making the request in the first place is followed by something that would further inflame the judge’s “subjective bias” – and the judge has final say so over whether the requested change can be allowed – virtually everyone is scared to death to ever make the request. There MUST BE some other objective party (i.e. citizen committee) involved in determining if it is best for the judge to no longer handle the case.

  15. I think there should be a committee. Probably a seven member committee with about two lawyers on there and the rest are regular citizens. I don’t like lawyers anymore the next person but, they are needed in situations like this to help give legal advice as to why certain things are done and what there opinion is about the judges actions. This would also prevent litigation as to incompetence or not being judge fairly because there will be an experienced licensed attorney on the committee to help guide members as to what is the legal aspect of what is done. Then the everyday people can make educated and informed decisions and make the moral and person decision to oust a judge or keep him.

  16. Get rid of the lawyers. Use a standard questionnaire for polygraph exams and show the results to a jury for a decision. Even there is no jury and only a judge making the decisions, with polygraph exams there would be recorded results to view to show the information the judge used to make his or her decision and would quickly weed out the just from the unjust,

  17. Judges should be able to justify their position with logic and the law; not the bully crap that they are the law and cannot be challenged.

  18. Judicial Term limitations; capped GAL fees; set child support amounts for each child in an effort to remove the children as pawns for cash; eliminate campaign contributions for judicial re-election would be a start. Hit them in their pockets. It’s all about the mighty dollar. Facebook:Tandi Temple please like our Facebook page: United Coalition for Judicial Reform. Our current efforts are targeting Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta. We would like to hear from you if you have been a victim of Family Court. Thank you Divorce Corp for giving us a voice!!

  19. Yes. All hearings should be on video tape so that a citizens panel can review judges for bias. Failure to allow one party to speak, or prejudging one party seems to be commonplace. If judges new they would be inspected that might actually behave. The only question is, “How do you choose a citizens panel that is truly unbiased?” It seems that the people who apply for the job might be lawyers or radicals with an axe to grind if we’re not careful here.

  20. The judge in my case was unusually young for the bench and was very new to the bench when we were assigned to her. She was so transparent in her bias right form the get-go. She made outrageous
    comments and decisions. I wrote to the the Family Court Commissioner’s office several times to complain about her demeanor and her callous rulings because were directly injuring my child’s wellbeing. What I heard back was “quit your complaining”. Unbeknownst to me, several other litigants were experiencing the same treatment in her courtroom and were also complaining “through the sanctioned channels of the Fam Law Commissioner’s office. The end of the story is that a citizens committee was formed and petitions were brought against this judge that called for a recall election. The movement got enough steam and support that finally some action was taken. I was not privy to how it all “went down”, but the judge was removed from the family Law bench and the Commissioner
    suddenly retired early. I don’t know if all states have a judicial recall option or procedure but California does and it is one way to bring a bad judge down or at least moved to traffic court.

    • What court and county in CA was this matter? This sounds llike exactly what happened twice in the last few years in Alameda County at the Hayward Hall of Injustice. There were two awful Commissioners sent to Traffic Court from Family Court and were replaced with a 48 yr ol newly elected judge who just could not seem to get it right either. She was transfered to Alameda City Court which is much much smaller and replaced by a Judge from the Civil Court who had no experience in Faniliy Law. Maybe someone in Hayward is trying to take the nepotism out of the Family Law Division to clear the extrodinarily overburdened docket. What used to take two weeks now takes over 4 months (even with a lawyer) to get a court date. Let me know please ift this is the situation you are referring to. Thanks.

  21. Thanks…Check out Judge Elizabeth Feffer, Los Angeles Superior Court and check out the website
    “Therobingroom.com” That’s where Angelenos go to complain about Judges…….

  22. Yes! As well, we propose citizen committees to audit ALL CPS, as well as Family Law matters for ANY signs of corruption, bias and misuse of public funds! Our nation is full of victims of our corrupt systems! It is time WE THE PEOPLE spoke out against it and rallied for change!

  23. Quite simply, by removing a judge one would only be a band-aid to what is a government-sponsored, nation-wide, attack on the family unit. If a circus were to loose its joker, that would not be a show stopper. The system would spawn another clone. What do you propose to do about the lawyers, custody evaluators, guardian ad-litems, the psych evaluators, the financial evaluators and the rest of the dangerous animals in the divorce eco-system?

    I recall an earlier post (by bd paraphrasing Hunter Thompson in the section that inquires whether courts are user friendly etc) which labeled the family court as “a long shallow money trench where pimps and thieves run free, and families are bankrupted and torn apart.” Well said! But a few days later another post (by Signula F) expressed their displeasure that bd had disparaged sex workers by associating them with those that run the divorce system. According to this second poster (Signula F.), the divorce system is run by folks who have more in common with pornographers, rapists, molesters, child exploiters, slave runners and other “divorce workers” (lower than “sex workers” ).

    Another post in the same thread likens the divorce system to an American re-write of Dante’s inferno. These comparisons hint at a human tragedy of immense proportions that the present divorce system has visited upon families. A citizen’s committee acting to remove a joker in a federally-incentivized circus where other equally dangerous ferocious predators roam is clearly not an adequate solution.

  24. Yes… it is imperative that those entrapped by the Racketeering Enterprise have an outlet (3rd party) in deciding situations that may be critical in the final outcome of ones livelihood. How can one receive a fair trial when the lawyers and Judges are members of the elite Bar Club whose only concern is generating revenue for the Enterprise. Just my opinion of course…walshie

  25. I absolutely agree with the idea. Groups like the Judicial Review Committee (Judges) and Grievenance Committee (attorneys) are in place to protect these individuals. In CT there have been hundreds of complaints filed against Judges, GAL’s and AMC’s. not one individual has been found guilty of wrong doing. Therefore we are looking at doing what these individuals have failed at for years – creating a citizens committee to hear complaints against GAL’s and AMC’s.

    • A judge can’t be guilty of wrongdoing. The judge’s job is to be a “Federal Funds Flow” maximizer. The judge is supposed to rule to maximize the amount of matching funds available (Part IV-D and other) to pay for the $100,000 per year lifetime pensions of all of the judges, including the appeals and Supreme Judicial Court judges. There is 66 cents on the dollar from the Feds for every dollar awarded in child support, alimony and legal fees. Lopsided verdicts that take some or all of the litigants’ past, present and future money is doing their job right. Divorce court is about what you are going to do for the judge, not what the judge is going to do for you. Judges are aristocrats who do not need to listen to the proletariat peasants.

  26. Let us be clear and call this for what it is, which is a WAR. As in all wars there are casualties. Wars only end thru attrition and so far the losses are almost exclusively to one side (citizens). There are over 5000 suicides of family court litigants each year. I have yet to discover data on how many children are compromised to the point of suicide as a result of the evil doers. My 12 yr old daughter was admitted to a mental hospital very recently due to the more than four year war between her mother and myself. She has told me that she has been cutting herself and has been suffering with suicidal thoughts for the last year. I know war and I know that the only thing that will change the system will be when the casualties are unacceptable to both sides being the Citizens v Family Court. Hopefully this media attack will result is a societal change however, I think it is preaching mostly to the chior. Only 5% of divorce and cutody battles see the inside of a court and that is due to one side being crazy. There is no cure for crazy and the lawyers, judges, and mediators know this. So long as there is money the lawyers wont go away. Until the lawyers go away there will be no end to the fight and the continual loss of life. If only 10% of the suicide victims took one enemy out with them then I believe the losses to the enemy would become unecceptable, the main stream media would find this war sexy enough to shine light on the conflict to raise public awaremess to the war enough to get sane people’s attention away long enough from the “Bread and Circus” to effect change. It worked with Viet Nam when we sat around our dinner tables watching the war on our TV’s. Why do you think the government does not have the current war 24/7 on TV as with Viet Nam? They don’t want this current war or the Family War to end so they keep the casualties off the TV and out of our minds because they do not want change because there is just too damn much money to be made from war. $50 Billion a year in the Family War is it?

  27. The other ridiculousness that goes on, is that if you File a Motion for Reconsideration, which means the Judge ruled incorrectly, or made an incorrect statement on their decision, the SAME EXACT judge, who you said did wrong, rules on your Motion for Reconsideration. How messed up is that?

    • File it again as an appeal and it goes to appeals court. After appeals court decides not to disturb the ruling, ask for supreme judicial court to consider. Keep at it. There needs to be momentum and critical mass to get anywhere within the system.

  28. It is the responsibility of each of the parents, those subjected to the family court process, to identify each of the predators in their case, those benefiting from and escalating conflict (lawyers, guardians, evaluators, judges, etc.), and then ascertain the contact info. for each child and parent victim of
    of each such predator (this is alot easier and less costly than litigating even one two-year round in the family court). Once all victims of a given family court predator are identified, it is the duty and responsibility of the parent victims, after all living victims of the predator are identified, to simultaneously go after and take out the predator. Usually it will be anywhere from 50 to around 200 people simultaneously going after a given predator (through licensing associations, malpractice actions, protests at their workplaces, hangouts, favorite restaurants, etc., with as close to 100% of a given predators’ victims participating in each event and activity through which the predator is sieged and personally, professionally, and financially destroyed.

  29. I would like to change the process into a panel with a psychologist, finical expert, sociologist, and child psychologist. Judge only know law and perceptually influenced additional information if they choose to research on their own the topics my recommendations for panel members would have.

  30. What a mess the Probate system is…..many many problems…..Not sure if they can all be fixed but thank God for the people behind this movement..
    We have a very long ways to go and cannot stop until things change…
    We also have a very powerful force ($50 Billion) to challenge and need as much participation as possible..
    Thanks again for taking on this fight.

  31. Yes, there needs a means to appeal to a citizens committee. However, doing so cost money. What is most needed in reforming the system is to have very few decisions made by judges in the first place. If the system was fair and not so one sided the spouses could resolve the issues themselves. For example: if custody was protected and could not be taken away, without grounds for doing so, then the decision of what is “best for a child” would be left to the parents. Neither parent would have the power of a judge behind them to take custody away from the other parent. Therefore, parents would have to work together as equals to decide if custody should be anything other than shared.

    In the same way alimony should not be awarded unless the one paying is at fault or is choosing to divorce by their free will. A judge should not be increasing the disparity one faces when being force in divorce by adding alimony to it. If they are concerned about the welfare of someone who chose to divorce then they should pay them from their own pockets. If they’re concerned about the government having to provide welfare then they should understand they are the government. Therefore, when they award alimony for no other reason than need, they are the government providing welfare. The only difference is that alimony comes out of one person’s pocket where welfare comes out of many. In fact alimony is likely a greater burden on the country than welfare is. The amount of taxes one pays that go to welfare want put them in the poor house but alimony will.

    If we want to make divorce fairer then we should work to keep the government and judges out of it as much as possible.