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double standard

Yes this question is a setup to a series of questions about gender equality. Here is the seventh in a series of Divorce Corp polls. Please vote only once. Many have asked if we would track the voting from men and women separately, so we are giving that a try. We will post the results…

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06 Mar, 2014

  Our movie, Divorce Corp, featured a disturbing scene in which Judge William Adams of Aransas, Texas, beat his handicapped daughter with a belt. The original video had been taken by his daughter when she was 14 years old, but not released until she was able to move out of the household. Because so many…

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  Is attempted murder domestic violence? If so, then should this woman still have temporary custody of her child? People are routinely denied access to their children based on unsubstantiated allegations of domestic violence. Many anti-domestic violence groups stridently claim that alleged abusers should not be given custody of their children. Yet in this case,…

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