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This is the 11th in a series of Divorce Corp polls.  Please vote only once. We will post the results once we have received a statistically significant number of votes.

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And here are the results with +/-2% accuracy:



Well our followers know the difference between right and wrong.  Yet every state in the union allows judges to approve the fees charged by lawyers and experts who appear in their courtrooms. What’s worse, these same lawyers and experts are allowed to make campaign contributions to the judge who just approved their fees!  Sound like a conflict of interest? Sound like something an honest government would do away with? Sound like we don’t live in the same United States that we thought we could trust?

How can relatively intelligent, educated people rationalize a system that is so terribly prone to corruption? How can they ignore the thousands of posts by people on our web site and Facebook page, people who clearly know that so many of the practices carried out every day in family court are wrong? Let’s get the word out – join our reform movement! Sign up at www.divorcecorp.com/reform. Thank you.

46 thoughts on “Should a judge approve the fees charged by court-appointed lawyers and experts? Or should a citizens committee review and approve such fees? Poll #11

  1. All court-appointed lawyers and experts should be abolished. The main purpose they currently serve is profiteering and corruption. If family cases are simple enough to be handled without juries, aren’t they simple enough to be handled without experts? The overpaid lawyers should just do their jobs to begin with: bringing credible proof to court. If lawyers want to go hire someone, it’s on their dime and any request for funds from the other party should be flat out illegal.

    • Judges are corrupt, the judicial system is messed up not even married and I go through a divorce I lost everything including my son. NEVER married but really I should have been. I owe over $100,000 in attorney fee’s for my ex-boyfriend (NEVER married), I owe more than I make in child support every month, my son’s father is a drug addict and an alcoholic that admitted to paying prostitutes and he has my child????? I have to now support his drugs, alcohol and prostitute addiction. Not to mention I am a victim of domestic violence. Which is legal in our state and in family court!! So what does it matter. I also owe $10,000 for a guardian ad litem which was suppose to asses his drug & alcohol addiction problem but instead turned everything on me. Really… What is the point might as well say anyone who goes to court whether married or not if “F’D” why because our judicial system is messed up it’s all about who has more money and who can sleep with who. So what difference will it make none, why because it won’t. VIOLATION OF MY AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!!!

      • This is another example of court gender bias. If you are a man and you want to collect alimony and child support, your best strategy is to become an alcoholic or drug addict. This is the easiest way to prove to the court that you are “unemployable” and must therefore be supported forever by your ex-wife.
        This is another way that family court provides rich rewards to the least deserving in society.

    • Not to put too fine a point on it, but the “Black Robed Thieves” as they have become to be known, are the culprits. They generally more often than not allow any jury to be appointed, because they do not want public record of any kind to be made of their decisions. Absent that, complete and total family court reform! Abolish their decision making ability and limit them first to a presumption of shared parenting. If the two parties cannot decide, then empower the judge to do what he/she has always done. This should give the two parties incentive to work things out with out involving the courts, and potentially becoming a weekend visitor to their own children. Getting rid of the incentives from the federal government will drive the states to do this. Without the money, the states will not be as invasive into the private lives of parents.

    • I had a GAL in my case and even worse a 604B, they both were nothing more then an extension of my ex wife’s legal team.

      They did not look at a single piece of compelling evidence that I gave them!

      The 604B did a year long investigation that luckily was split down the middle and cost me $5,000 Even though my ex wife requested it I had to pay half.

      Same with the GAL which was just another lawyer, a female lawyer, so I had three women against me. The GAL never even met my son LOL

      Get rid of them all

      Thank God for DivorceInc finally addressing the corrupt system head on and getting the corruption into the spotlight. I am not sure how it is in other cities, but Chicago has to be the worst!

        • From one Illinois citizen to another; Completely agree! The whole system is a scam!

          • From my experience I would have to say Massachusetts has got to be the worst state to get divorced in. The courts are
            run by Masshole lawyers and judges who hate men; except if their gay.

    • In Los Angeles the Family Court judge appoints a Minor’s Counsel to represent the children. The parents pay whatever is billed and the MC says parents are not her clients so can’t question the charges. My children’s Minor’s Counsel lost 3 of her clients to parental abduction. Then mine were abducted to Singapore after she was appointed. Very sharp. The judges don’t care what is billed and who pays. It is a blank check given to Minor’s Counsels in LA. This has to change.

    • Hello,
      This country really needs a real make over in family court, and many other aspects of laws such as false accusatiions, restraing orders, etc. It is not a nice country any more. It is going to be a terrible country because former presedent of the USA Carter is afraid of the USA federal government. He does not send email to his friends in overseas. He sends them hand writtern letter because Fed is reading all the emails.

  2. What’s the point? As the movie shows, family court is legalized racketeering and extortion, (ie: treat the GAL good, don’t question his bill or he’ll work against you). Lawyers, even opposing counsel are colluding against the couple. Judges have ex-parte meetings. Lawyers have their greedy little eyes on your money and property. Nothing about this system is for the benefit of the people paying the money or the children. It’s a big sham! Because of the no-fault system, on spouse can steal, gaslight, lie, cheat and manipulate to their hearts evil delight and the court just uses this to their advantage. It’s discusting that his goes on in a system associated with the word “JUSTICE”. And these judges, these are the law makers whose responsibility it is to review what happens to families because of other laws, connect the dots and filter the information up into new laws that protect our children from harm. Let’s say perhaps all the extremely explicit music on the market that’s allowed in the name of free speech, yet is sexually exploitive. Or perhaps music videos and movies targeted at teens that are clearly sexually exploitive. The US has become an elitest, arrogant, two faced, hypocritical country that serves one god and that god is MONEY!

  3. Citizens, judges – people tend to get numb to the figures and lose sight of the true value provided. And sorry, but i don’t trust anyone in the process and believe anyone can be bribed. Reality is that a strict cap is needed on all fees.

    • Very astute! This is why we need to remove the financial incentive for citizens to litigate family matters. If citizen had nothing to win in family court, they would be far less likely to bring family law cases to litigation. And then it would not matter what the experts charge, because their business will dry up regardless. Thanks

      • The statistics shows that litigation is prolonged for those who have financial means. So even after each side gets his or her fair share of hate, they cannot stop the machine the started. Stuck with parenting facilitators, or less educated version – coordinators, psychologist for a child, parenting classes for parents. Just check out this well oiled machine Parening Partnerships, run by Debra Cashen and Susan Marsh. Loads of appointments from court, plus 100s of thousands of dollars in federa grants.

  4. Our Judge didn’t seem to need to approve anything, they just charged what they wanted. If you want time with your child, you need to pay. Extortion or ransom you tell me??

  5. I have been advocating for “Citizen Review Panel’s” for several years now to oversee judges, attorney’s, CPS, Domestic Violence programs, police and other agencies, government or government funded. Every American deserves fair and equal justice. That is why the Declaration Of Independence and US Constitution were written. Right now, “the foxes guard the hen house.” Give Citizens back the power including that of financial decisions over their own lives and their families.

    • The tenth commandment says “thou shalt not covert thy neighbors goods”. Tell Mr. Neisenbaum that those black robe thieves a far from a God and maybe they need to be judged.

  6. This is definitely causing racketeering and no judge should appoint anyone in court. The entire family court system should be abolished!!!

  7. Is this really a question? Lawyers simply can’t approve another lawyers fees. It’s called PRICE FIXING, folks. And believe me, the government caught on long before its constituents.

    • Leigh Anne, I assume you know that judges currently are the ones who approve the fees charged by the experts/lawyers they appoint to work on cases. And those same experts/lawyers are free to make campaign contributions to those same judges.

      • Yes. I believe it’s called “the business of divorce.” My point is this; judges are lawyers too and to think they might possibly be sympathetic regarding an egregious fee for an even less than average performance or, how about the truth, is utter insanity. In Georgia, all GAL’s are … what else? Lawyers.

  8. The solution to the problem is not WHO decides the fees.

    The solutuon to the problem is to reduce the incentive to litigate by doing the following:
    – assign time for the kids at 50% with both parents,
    – split the community property 50/50,
    – simplify the rules which define community and separate property,
    – use the lawsuit filing date as the financial separation date for purposes of the financial settlement and
    – rerquire both parents to support the kids (each supports the kids at their house, even if the living standard is not equal at the two houses – costs outside of the home like education and health care may not be equal)

  9. I like the intent, but by and large, the average citizen isn’t going to know very much about how to apportion fees. And in some cases, it’s probable that they might do worse damage than your average judge.

    If you want to get down to a more thorough analysis, it should be that the state should first establish a compelling government interest in hearing such cases, which means that there must be a finding of substantial harm in order to intervene. Otherwise, most cases should be referred to private mediation, along with [probably] couples counseling, parenting plans, parenting classes, divorce referees, etc. Some of these measures are now being mandated in various states.

  10. The Wall Street Journal reported that the average custody case generates $78,000 in legal fees. That does not include other revenue streams created or other inner dealing with “Special Master”, Supervised visitation, restraining orders, bankruptcies and even home sales and auctions the lawyers create from these divorces unnecessarily.

    Unfortunately there are a couple of facts the movie left out that I think are crucial to understand this racketeering scheme we call “Family Court” and why judges and lawyers cooperate to maintain it:
    1) Under U.S. TItle-IVD all 50 states receive matching funds of around 23% on all child support ordered and collected. Billions of dollar annually. This create incentive for EVERY judge in the U.S. (not just family judges) to maintain this criminal racket because it is billions annually into the budget that pays them.
    2) We have known for about 20 years that sole custody is child abuse and drive up social pathologies in children by 14,600%. That 146 times more problems with kids in sole custody homes. Yet some states award over 90% sole custody. When you understand the research and statistics you must conclude that divorce judges are responsible for more than half of all problems in society today including crime, drug usage, gang violence, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, rape and about a dozen other things which main come from fatherless homes they create. See http://www.FathersUnite.org and http://www.BestInterestOfCHildren.org for the facts.

    These judges and lawyers are not just criminals robbing the estates of divorcing couples, they are responsible for creating most problems we have in society today. Its a fact!

    This system is getting rich of the destruction of our children! I am told that family court is now over 50% of all legal business. Hence any lawyer or judge is suspect (not just family court lawyers and judges but also legislators and other judges and lawyers) since we know they do nothing but cause trouble intentionally.

  11. The biggest problem and inherent corruption I perceive with the Domestic/Family court system is that the Judge gets to be “judge and jury”. I firmly believe that if we take this survey one step further and hold Domestic/Family Court with juries (giving the parties an opportunity at mediating a resolution) child 1st and parents 2nd would more likely actually be the benefactors for a change instead of attorneys and judges who bankrupt most families.

  12. The judge and the lawyer are usually in cahoots and the payments ordered by the judge are crooked. The judge and the lawyer slop in the same trough.

  13. Lawyers charge what they want and I would love it if I could set my own wage. There is no reason for these scumbags to get things settled quickly, the longer it takes the more money they make. They don’t care about the cost to children, parents or anyone else. There is no justice in our justice system. Just like politicians its the one with the most money who wins. What a sick country we are and we can tell other countries how to do their business!

  14. Well, here I am 2 years into the fight. I have a protection order against me even though I work half way around the world and have not see the ex for 2 years, I have an exuberant amount of child support that I am ordered to pay and cannot afford, plus legal fees in the 50 to 60K range. I lost count at this point! And I had to threaten my lawyer with the footage I am about to do for Divorce Corp. to expose them before they made any effort to get my case moving!

    It is to the point that I told him today that if things do not begin to move forward, I will quit my job, go to jail, and good luck for any of you to collect the money you have raped me for! I will take 3 hots and a cot at the gray bar hotel to never pay another dime ot the leaches and open aired burglars of the family court system.

    • Extortion only works on a person if they have something left to lose.
      When the courts have taken everything, and the only thing left to threaten a father with is jail, well jail begins to not look so bad.

  15. Absolutely not Judges – these, if anyone, are the leaders responsible of the decay of the Family Court and they have failed miserably as elected officials in serving the community. Of course there are a few exceptions and are acknowledged [This judge in Texas is one http://wallbuilderslive.com/archives.asp & click on the show for Tuesday]. Family Court system is a playground for these Nobles and we must reduce the power they covet. Judges like a noble in the time of the declaration, is one who makes law, interprets his/her law and enforces his/her law. That’s one powerful dude! For months I questions, how we the people would allow such to persist. It wasn’t long before I determined: Winners love the system and martial any effort to keep it in place; Losers are left fighting the almighty (strangely, the one we empowered to protect us) and typically end up broken either spiritually, emotionally, financially or otherwise gone (may they rest in peace). Actually, I’ll nominate the citizen committee to also oversee the Judges sort of like board of directors oversees a CEO.

  16. Ditto to everything said so far! Unless the monetary incentive is removed there will be no justice to families with the children being hurt the most. I am sickened by the greed of the judges, liar/lawyers, inept therapists, biased GALs and lets not forget the monitors and supervision centers. Even though my children have aged out of the system the damage has been done and our relationship destroyed and forever changed.
    Thank you divorce corp for raising public awareness to court corruption!

    • Oh so true. I am dealing with this issue right now. My daughter and I were getting hurt, many ways. I left her dad (never married) and he lied so much. I left to another city to keep us safe and away from being harrassed and stalked by him.
      He put a warrant for me for kidnapping???? My own child? My daughter came home saying ” dad hurt, dad hurt, I dont want to go daddy” then last episode was when she said as she was laying in the bed for the night (almost 3 yrs old) and pointed at her private part and said “eat my pussy”. How about that???? I freaked out. I got scared sending her for visits. Even though prior to all that when she was talking I told the judge what is happening to my daughter and NO ONE helped me, no one! I had to money to hire an attorney, so I left. Well, I came back and spent 3 days in jail for protecting my daughter and me. He lied to police and everyone that know me know I am a great, loving and caring mother. It breaks my heart how the system can restric a great mom from her own daughter. I did not do anything wrong, just left. I never hurt anyone, not even a fly. I love children, home and good people. I was raised in a good home then came to America for better life. OMG now I wish I could stay home. My ex is a person of power and control and more. Big on drugs around the nations and who knows maybe the world, crooked cops as his friends and one of them was probation officer. All about money. I have NOT seen and heard my daughter in 7 months now, just recently I started to work part time and I have not enough money for attorney. Courts charge so much for paper, for filing, for anything… It is impossible to do anything and no money to live off.
      It is so bad in family law and so many judges and attorneys do not care.

      I cried so much, I have a heart condition now and I am only 39 yrs old. My heart hurts many ways and I worry about my daughter so much and no one is helping me. I am restiricted from my own daughter because he lied about me. Everything is lies. I cry so much and my daughter there, she is 4 yrs old. I pray for her so much, day and night.
      The system is Ameria is awful! I am very dissapointed. I do not know who to ask for help. I called hundreds of attorneys for pro bono help and not even one found.
      I am in tears a lot. All these useless programs have no help, no attorneys to help people and young children placed in wrong person hands. No wonder children grow up with drugs, violent, raped, bullied by their own parent and more.

      I pray!

  17. The ideal situation is to lessen or eliminate the financial incentives….therefore, there should be flat fees that are “basic” and paid for by taxpayers as part of their civic duty, not a “fee” that is “charged” for regular citizens to go to court. After all, we are not supposed to have a “pay-per-justice” system, so regular citizens should be able to file and go to court and receive a fair hearing and have justice served without the constraints and obligations of a BILL. last I checked that’s what we pay taxes for…city, federal AND state I might add….so why are there any “fees” at all??

  18. My personal thoughts about how divorce court is like touring the sewer in a glass bottom boat aside. I’m writing my state congress to put a law on the statutes that limits attorney fees to 5% of the couples combined taxable income on the prior years tax filing for each attorney on uncontested or no fault divorces. The amount will be set at the interim order by the court. With both parties having the option to obtain an attorney within 15 days of the order. I bet our three year back log in New Mexico will disappear in 8 months. There are limits to what charge in other matters such as bankruptcy, S S benefits, etc. I might send a copy of the video to each if I ever recover financially.

  19. Take a look at what Daddy Justice is doing in Lancaster PA, He has been fighting this fight for 10 years and got almost all of it on film. If you want change, support what he is doing and help him in any way you can.

  20. The employment expert I hired charged me reasonable fees, considering their status as a top disability evaluator for the Social Security Administration. The problem I have is that the judge completely ignored the report and testimony of the expert without any explanation, and without any questioning of the qualifications or skills of the expert. Instead, the judge simply copied the summary statement of my wife’s lawyer almost word for word. It was almost as if my attorney and I were entirely absent from the four day trial.

  21. why may i ask can a celebrity that goes through the same divorce horror not come out and expose this? i am thankful that divorce corp is taking steps to reform this dysfunctional system in our society who you expect to protect your rights but the opposite is true. They are the ones abusing your rights through promotion of greed and corruption.

  22. I’ve been feeling hopeless until the day I found Divorce Corp and this community. I am a working mom punished because I have to work for a Company Monday thru Friday 8am to5pm, Annual Income $80K. To get this a perfect case for the corrupt family system, I am the only one who works; therefore, I only have the right to see my kids every other weekend and pay child support to the Dad.

    So far, $130,000! charged in Attorney fees I can’t afford without considering the Amicus & Psychologist fees appointed by the court. 2,5 years and still the custody evaluation is not completed, the Psychologist has a complicated agenda, no time for us until the next 6 months (being optimist).

    The total system instead of resolve the conflict , make it worst and a simple cause of divorce such “Insupportability” becomes in a series of counter demands and false allegations of “Cruelty”, “Abuse”, “Violence”, etc.

    This is not against the gender; is against the Provider who file for divorce! Agree the total system needs to be abolished.

    A Working Mom Victim of the Family Court System

  23. All so-called experts should be abolished. They are leeches who hide behind immunity, are unaccountable, and are often corrupt. They help maximize child support awards to gain the bribes the Federal govt pays states based on amount of child support collected, not percentage.