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13 Mar, 2014

We did not think that our movie would help with healing, but we are delighted that it does! Click on the graphic to learn how to get the movie.

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One thought on “Movie Therapy!

  1. Accept the fact that you do not control what goes on at the other parent’s house. If you are able to devise a uniform parenting plan with your ex for both homes, great. If not, you must, except in the case of real physical danger, accept the fact that you can only control your home and your ex gets to control his/hers. You cannot make rules for the other house. This puts the children in a terrible position of having to follow rules of which the other parent is unaware and potentially lie about them to the other parent. You cannot expect a full report every time the children return. This puts them in the position of feeling like they are tattling or getting the other parent in trouble. Any time a child feels guilty to you about something that occurred with the other parent, you have put them in the middle of your issues. (Huffington Post)