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72 thoughts on “If you did not hire an attorney was drafting and filing papers with the family court an easy process? Poll #20

  1. Reasonably so in New Jersey, but one could be easily intimidated if you do not do your research.

    • Sarasota Florida has a pro se self help phone number… Unfortunately I got a voice mail box that was full and in 9 years, never got a call back.
      There is a notice at the Court house that the self help division is closed to the public…. I tried to take a picture, but a police officer wouldn’t allow it.

      • http://www.HowiGotCustody.org

        99% of the pro se self help entities are completely incompetent. Many hate fathers who need help. Many give BAD advice.

        I got full custody without an attorney and there’s only one way to fight this. I did that and that’s how I won or even got anything fair. I’m still harassed by the opposing attorney and it’s allowed.

        But, there’s someone somewhere in your area who won in court…FIND THEM and DO NOT talk to someone who doesn’t prove to you that they know what they are talking about.

    • My personal opinion, I believe that everyone is not received the same. Most of time I personally feel a high level of negative vibrations anytime I enter into these agencies . So is someone is robbing you and not just your energy is that still suppose to be easy. I believe that ,that question is very far from the mark.

    • Hi John,
      Good to see you here, keep up your pursuit for justice and equality.

      The thing we discovered her in NJ is that all of the rules do not apply to all of the people. For example when my brother filed one of his motions he left his proposed order blank. The clerk rejected his paperwork because of this. His ex-wife had also left her proposed order blank yet her motion was accepted. Thankfully he had her order with him to prove this and even though his motion was accepted it was done so begrudgingly.

    • There’s help out there. Folks often just don’t look hard enough. I found help at the very beginning in my case because I cared enough about my daughter to search high and low for answers, till I found that God send who taught me how to fight and I won. And now I’m teaching others how to win.


  2. It was very difficult, as Tarrant County Cannot find 12 of my Motions even thou they have been Stamped File and dated. I have the originals.

    • The way I was being treated. I felt like and did inform them that I was not a dead beat dad or a bad cheating spouse I did not understand their unprofessional behavior. I am starting to understand that it is just a front and a smoke screen for the wrong doing that exist in the family courts, I am convince that it does not stop there. And you will see it when you have to deal with other agencies. It been like this all the time. But if it does not concern me, I don’t care until it does. When there is an election all the dirt seem to come out. What going on all of the other times. Yes a few in and there the majority is crooked. we as citizens need to stop the nonsense and united with common goals

  3. Last time I went to Family Law Court without a lawyer the judge wouldn’t let me speak. My ex-wife’s lawyer got to do all the talking. I took my ex to court because she wouldn’t allow me to speak to my two children over the phone, and she had denied me parenting time, including Easter and Fathers Day. At the end of the court session, I lost three hours of my parenting time on Sundays, and had to pay all of her lawyer fees. I never got to say a word and I was the petitioner. There is NO JUSTICE in family law.

    • Judges absolutely favor the lawyers, When the judge’s mouth opened, my ex’s attorney’s words came out. It was disgusting. I wouldn’t refer to a judge as “Your Honor” unless threatened with contempt.

      • The way I was being treated. I felt like and did inform them that I was not a dead beat dad or a bad cheating spouse I did not understand their unprofessional behavior. I am starting to understand that it is just a front and a smoke screen for the wrong doing that exist in the family courts, I am convince that it does not stop there. And you will see it when you have to deal with other agencies. It been like this all the time. But if it does not concern me, I don’t care until it does. When there is an election all the dirt seem to come out. What going on all of the other times. Yes a few in and there the majority is crooked. we as citizens need to stop the nonsense and united with common goals

      • Eric, I agree completely there is nothing honorable about a person setting on a bench with the power to distroy peoples live by adminsting oppressive decrees. I could not afford an attorney any longer with the robbing of funds by not only my lawyer by my ex also. Judge John Phillips of the palm beach County 15th family court told me to my face I would not win a case in his court room with out a lawyer. That being said as pro se nothing I submitted to court was allowed. I now have a judgement on me that in a thriving economy would be impossible to do. So now I am in contempt of court. What did I do? Looked for fairness, I found out you will not get Justus in any family law court unless your buddies with the judge.

        • We had to let our attorney go toward the end of the process because we could no longer afford to pay. The judge was a pompous a** and his assistant a condescending b***ch. We could not even ask a question or point out a mistake without filing a “motion”, yet his ex’s attorney could call his office and get things reversed and changed. They even made a decision on a motion that we had before the court without a hearing or us being there. It’s the most frustrating, infuriating, unfair process I have ever seen and there is NO accountability by anyone in power.

    • Parental Alienation is what you are describing. Feminazi’s want to say it doesn’t exist – according to them no exwife has EVER INTERFERED with her children’s father being with/talking to his kids which is obviously false.

      Oh they will tell you they only interfere when child/sex abuse happens which is another load of crap. Reporting abuse is just a tool in their arsenal.

      And the court’s often touted “The chlld comes first” is another load they pay lip service to. Before you get these issues addressed you GOTTA PAY.

      • I would also like to say that I DO NOT automatically support ANY FEMALE just because she’s female.

        I want what’s best and FAIR – and there are jerks on both sides however due to the phony WAR ON WOMEN females get all the breaks and its really disgusting.

        Whether it’s RAPE, ABUSE, whatever – ALLEGATIONS should not be enough – they should have to come up with something besides just coz they said so.

        But don’t get me wrong, having been the victim of rape myself, I want rapists held accountable but its got to be done fairly – no assumption of guilt – just as there should be no assumption that she’s crying rape. Whoever you are you need to PROVE IT.

        • I so agree with that. I hate the man bashing women who expect me to join the pack of lemmings just because we share the same level of estrogen.

          As a country we have the federal VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), yet there are no gender specific laws to protect men who are abused. There are shelters to protect women who are abused, yet there are no abused and battered mens shelters.All literature provided on domestic abuse is geared towards women by using pronouns for the attacker as him or he, but none to the opposite. This is discrimination and bias towards men.

          I have seen men abused and beaten by their wives and the wives know that they can get away with it simply by saying how could I be the abuser; he is bigger than me. We let me tell you something a Labrador is a big dog that will never bite you but a tiny little Chihuahua will tear you to bits.

          If women claim to want equality than it must be equal in all aspects. No longer should it just be your word that gives you the right to claim abuse, you should have to provide proof just like a man would have to do.

    • http://www.HowiGotCustody.org

      That is WHY your paperwork has to be completely on point. Then you INTERRUPT and DEMAND your right, under the Fundamental Fairness Doctrine to be heard. And then you do a Motion for Reconsideration and say what you did not get a chance to say. Then you appeal if you are still not heard. THIS is how you get any chance to get something fair.

      Take it from someone who HAS WON at all court levels against veteran attorneys.

  4. Filing in family court was not easy without an attorney. In fact it was only manageable with extensive research. I did so much research and felt so out of my league it prompted me to take legal classes. I have since graduated with a degree in paralegal studies and I am now considering going to law school. That is how much research is required to file in family court without an attorney.

  5. I used to use lawyers, but unless you are rich, you don’t get to use them very long. I had to learn the law the hard way. I am pretty good today, but I still sometimes find myself questioning time limits on responses and replies, proper service specifics and what to include as exhibits in order to get the exhibits into evidence.

    I have a case coming up in 8 days on a divorce from 2008. She has not filed a response. What do you want to bet I do not get a default ruling, even though I complied with all the rules of court and she did not?

    • http://www.HowiGotCustody.org

      Then you need to cite case law and policy on defaults and case law on how the courts should not be dragging this out and LEARN THE RIGHT WAY to talk in court, persuasively and adamantly. It’s a “show” in there and you have to put on the better show. Sometimes a judge will just rule the way they want to. but, if you don’t try this stuff, it’s 100% change you don’t win.

  6. Labyrinth laws intended to support racketeering and plunder are typically confusing, and CORRUPT FL Judges withheld information in my trials to necessitate me hiring an attorney.
    Abolish the $65B+ Racket!!

  7. First of all, get the book on Rules of Court for your state. You can buy this from Wolters-Kluwer. That will give you the rules for deadlines, procedure and process, as well as the forms for whatever you are trying to do.
    2. In my state, you can get a free library card to the Trial Courts for the asking..
    3. There is a lot of law on-line.
    4. There are “ask a lawyer” for answers on -line that are cheap if you have a specific question. Research your question first, as the answer may not be 100% reliable.
    5. Some courts have a “lawyer of the day”. You can show this lawyer the rough draft of your motion. Or you can pay a lawyer for an “hour” of their time to read over your motion in front of you and make corrections. This keeps the legal fees lower and not padded with $500 charges for driving to court and associates doing unnecessary research and taking too long to draft motions.
    6. If the judge or the lawyer for other side disregards the rules of court, go ahead and file an appeal (bring the paperwork to court with you so that you can do this immediately after your trial court session). Read the code of conduct section in the Rules of Court book and report violations to the either the Bar or Judicial Conduct Committee. One complaint may not get them disbarred or removed from a judgeship, but enough complaints will. Someone has to file the first complaint.

    • I have always found it to be any easy process. I started out by searching my case and others for documents similar to what I wanted to file and then just changed the relevant facts. Often times in Indiana I just go into a court, grab the file stamp, stamp my filing, and leave in a bin. As for questions, anything that does not implicate making a legal determination or legal strategy is readily answered.

    • http://www.HowiGotCustody.org

      (1) Actually DON’T BUY a book on the rules…ALL THE RULES are available online and it’s easier to copy and paste them from the internet than to type from scratch.

      (2) Why are you telling people to RELY upon the CORRUPT LAWYERS in the system? Talk to someone who HAS WON PRO SE, not a lawyer who’s in on it. That’s like saying, “In order to find out how to do a start up business, talk to your local mafia godfather.”

      (3) DON’T go right to an appeal. You can do a Motion for Reconsideration and try and fix things at the trial court level first. I’ve won many of those. But, I also set up my appeal really good by doing so. You can see my two winning appeals on my website for proof that I know what I’m talking about.

  8. I handled most of my divorce case which never went to trial. I then handled my own Appeals.. 2 of them in 2 different Florida jurisdictions. One was my Alimony.. which I never received and the other was an injunction from the former wife’s attorney stating she was in fear of comments made on my political blog. If I learned anything about Divorce.. it’s one hell of a racket. My Divorce was bogus as was the injunction. Criminal activity occurred in both cases and since I notified the Department of Homeland Security last yr. that this lawyer is a terrorist… I would have no problem snapping her neck if I saw her on the street. Why.. because it’s my duty..


  9. It was easy to file, but the slightest error in the wording, or the paperwork format, etc, and it will be denied. It is extremely intimidating and I have to believe the founding fathers would be disgusted with the legal system that was intended to be”for the people, by the people”. I have a masters degree, written many 18-24 page research papers, did a thesis, etc. but never felt more intimidated than filing a contempt charge on my ex. The result is that she is given carte’ blanche to do as she wishes knowing the court will allow her to do anything. It sucks!

    • I have seen a tremendous difference in how easy it is from state to state. Some states have readily available forms – others you have to search or do your own.

      The hard part, in my opinion, is not with the forms – its with the formalities and all the stuff that happens IN COURT and out of court (I think the good ole boys engage in ex parte communications because what the commoner doesn’t know won’t hurt them OR MORE LIKELY they do what they can get away with.

      Regular people don’t know all the in and out tricks. They don’t have a list of “friendly” experts.

      Some judges are clearly prejudiced against pro se litigants – I can testify to that, not in a domestic dispute but a financial dispute. The attorneys are in there everyday with the judge and they get chummy but give the cold shoulder to “outsiders”. Save yourself the trouble of filing a complaint against the judge because 99 times out of a 100 nothing will come of it although if its in an ongoing case he might recuse himself and you get another judge.

    • http://www.HowiGotCustody.org

      That’s when you have to CARE ENOUGH to LOOK AND FIND someone who HAS WON pro se in court and get info/help from them. There’s always someone in your area. If not, then there’s people like me and the fathers’ rights group in Vegas who KNOW what they are talking about and have a track record of helping people, not a sales pitch.

  10. Eventually hired and fired the same attorney. Attorney’s are worthless money hungry jerks that will take everything you have and sell their souls to the devil to obtain every penny you have.

    The attorney’s whether yours or the opposing party is not on your side those attorney’s are only on the side of the litigant that has the “MOST” money whether male or female does not matter it’s all about MONEY MONEY MONEY, not about your children it’s about how to abuse a victim even more by stealing everything from them but legally. How is this legal?

    A lot of extortion in family courts, a lot of perjury in family courts and a lot of Amendment Rights broken, federal laws and state laws broken every single day and no one cares, no one wants to hold these judges who allow this illegal activity accountable?

    Welcome to the land of the corrupt! Land of the free my arse

    • Who else is in the courtroom, besides you, to hold the judge accountable.The judge’s job is to take as much money as possible from you for that 66 cents on the dollar, as entitled in the Federal Child Support Enforcement Act, Title 42, Chapter 7, subchapter 4, part D sections 651 to 659 and 666. These are matching funds from the Federal Government based upon child support, alimony and legal fees awarded. Your past, present and future earnings are to go to both lawyers,experts,and your ex so that the Judge and other court employees can have their pensions funded with those matching funds. That is what you are being divorced for. You are the only one in the entire courtroom that cares if you get to have a life after divorce. Everyone else is after ALL of your money. Once you are jailed, there are probably even funds from the Federal Government to pay your jailors pensions.

    • My position is that whatever I lack in knowledge is made up for by the fact that I CARE about the outcome. Attorneys don’t care – some will act like they do and some blatantly don’t care. I actually got the better of a greasy-haired attorney because HE didn’t know the local rules even though I had mentioned it in a previous filing – he blew me off and figures what do I know. So he made his statements in court (about the requirements for responding to discovery) saying my responses should be thrown out because they weren’t on a disk – at which time i informed him that local rules provide for other methods PLUS if a diskette is required its supposed to be on the standard generally accepted form for the day and this guy used a size disk that is not standard so I couldn’t have used it if I want to.

      Pride goeth before a fall sucker.

      That same day he eventually told the judge that he elected to dismiss the case but said he might refile later which was just to save face.

  11. Absolutely not easy! Antiquated process, language, forms, and rules! Not to mention that they change the rules as they see fit to make it more time consuming and difficult for all litigants especially those pro se…..It is a set up for complete failure!

  12. In my county in Az it is relatively easy to file pleadings. However, you need to take responsibility to understand the law to make a constructive argument and court procedures. If you do, you can have some success. But again, there is nothing more that irritates judges and opposing attorneys is a pro-per that follows the court rules and state law… Be prepared for massive retribution by the court system.

  13. The court frowns upon and penalizes parties that do NOT use lawyers. If any Judge had to endure an 5 to 8 year divorce process themselves, they would be up in arms. I would love to see the average length of cases for judges who get divorced.

    • Yeah, but they aren’t supposed to – you have a right to represent yourself.

      The problem comes when you try to prove he behaved in a discriminatory manner.

      If you file a complaint against a judge – they all cover for themselves and whoever reviews your complaint will almost always find against the one who complained.

  14. When I tried to file papers in family court, the clerk at the window barked at me, “Don’t file these papers yourself. Have a lawyer do it for you.” When I replied that I could not afford a lawyer, she snapped, “Find one anyway.” That was the end of the discussion. As far as how the judges related to me without a lawyer, they didn’t let me speak; when I tried to speak, one of the judges voiced objections from the bench to stop me. So much for the legal system.

    • Well she should be fired, she gave you legal advice, WRONG LEGAL ADVICE, you have a right to represent youself and she was out of line. I would have asked to talk to someone else, the Clerk of the Court or a supervisor. She’s getting too big for her britches, someone needs to take her down a notch or fire her.

    • Next time ask her if this court is located in the United States. If she says yes…or if she says nothing say that in the United States it is your civil right to represent yourself and unless this court is a separate sovereignty acting independent from the rest of the United States that she is denying you your civil right to represent yourself. Oh and make sure there is someone else there when you do this. Always have a witness, always.

  15. At first the task was daunting and overwhelming. After 2 years, one judge confirmed I wrote them, then told me that many attorney’s don’t write motions as clear as these… Go to the Law Library and see the best ones. Create a template and go to town…

  16. This was the only comment that I actually have to say that I filed many motions during my 9 year custody battle in Chicago.

    When I could no longer afford my attorney and filed motions pro se it was actually easy once you do it once. You can find all the files online and fill them out online to avoid waiting in line for an hour while lawyer ads file hundreds of cases at once.

    I would go to the Daley center with my motion, wait in line, wait for some rude city employee to finally stamp my motions or tell me what was wrong, then Pay of course, then wait in another line to get a court date.

    The reason I would tell people to file pro se if because you get a court date for the following week as opposed to two attorneys and your Judge find a date where all three are ‘available’ for your motion to be heard. This can take months and nobody cares that you will not see your child for months. Then you need to file an emergency motion, with an attorney, and they charge you even more for it.

    So again filing pro se and doing your own research and filing your own motions is the best alternative to a sc*mbag family attorney.

    • Great point! Exactly.

      But, you should tell the city employees, “Hey are you an attorney? Well, you’re giving me legal advice by advising me what to say on my paperwork. And that’s a crime! Can I have your name and your boss’ name please?”

  17. It was very, very hard and done that way on purpose to steer money (business) to the equally corrupt lawyers. The entire system is a scam, everyone knows it…

  18. NO!! Furthermore pro se litigants in Florida are put thru an administrative process that never gets you anywhere! My husband filed 18 pleadings and only 13 were answered with one denial after the next…5 of them are still sitting unanswered! You have to fill out a FORM A or FORM C and a (non existent) case manager will get back to you in 6 to 12 weeks…then sends you a letter saying your pleading was not on Supreme Court approved forms and until you comply you’ll get no hearing….which you never get anyway without an attorney!! Its nothing but a crock…..

    • Tina Granstrom, ditto on that. It wasnt necessarily very difficult to file motions, especially since I live near the court house. But a good majority of them, the important ones, were totally ignored, like My motion to compel Discovery to get transparency of the close friendship that there was between the opposing attorney and the judge. Agreed Tina,,,,its a total crock of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,And in the end it doesnt even matter,,,,they are going to do what they want to anyways, and the end result is the same. Nothing I did, filing motions, retaining a professional Vocational Analyst, having her testify her findings at the joke of a trial, bring out state statutes that were ignored, proving my ex didnt need permanent life time Alimony, she just needed to get employed to her full potential, instead of working 1.5 days a week,,,,,none of it mattered. The crooked judge threw all of my finding and evidence, and professional witness testimony, out the window and did what his buddy the opposing attorney told him to do.

  19. To reiterate others, it is not difficult. With some practice you get pretty good. That is not the problem. The problem is that for most it is a system that is not lay-person friendly and demands particulars that are unique to the law system. This is fundamentally why divorce needs to be taken out of the court or the court needs to accept simple “letters” that state, simply, this is what happened, this is what I want, this is what I disagree with, and this is why. No legalese, no special formatting.

    A person should not have to gain or learn a special skill set to communicate in a system that is made for and is suppose to serve the individual. Get divorce out of the court.

  20. I meant to say NO! It has been by far the
    Hardest and most intimidating issue , learning
    The rules of court, taking a paralegal diploma
    Course now and knowing opposing lawyers have
    All the loopholes. The worst.

  21. It is not the paperwork that was hard, it is dealing with a known to support abusers judge, 10 years later still fighting for my childrens education and health both physical and mental.

  22. Indeed, filing legal documents were much easier than using an attorney. My situation however reflects probably as many others, our legal documents were largely either ignored or ‘lost.” and buried by the judge and court. In America, if you have access to massive amounts of finances, you can afford an attorney and probably get your justice. Seeing how many every-day folks do not have that sort of access to cash, most of us are forced to use up every penny we have, borrow more, go into debt and when representing ourselves pro-se, our legal documents do not much good. In fact for me, I insisted on justice for my children and I in the courts, it only got me a City of Batavia, NY cop to threaten to murder me for my efforts. http://www.corruptgenesee.com

  23. Fred Walls you told my story completely! That was always my experience. No matter how perfect my paperwork was ( written by or corrected by a professional attorney) I was always ignored in the courtroom. It was as if I wasn’t even there. My ex broke every rule and that was completely ignored as well too, he was never held in contempt for his violations of the court orders,
    My ex was not held to the same standards as I was and I was denied parenting time and all phone calls. Every trip to court resulted in a reduction of my visitation time and an increase in child support payments, I lost all around every time. As it was I was allowed two four hour visits with my son a month monitored, and 16 hours a month with my daughter unmonitored. I never understood how I was more of a danger to one child but not the other, and only allowed half the time with our son! It was bizarre!

  24. After 8 years I was pro se, and finally got contempt held against my ex, and the judge actually asked me why I hadn’t gone to law school. I was stunned; was that supposed to be a compliment? Do I really need to get a law degree to see my children, who 10 years ago were awarded to me with sole custody, by a jury. I will go to law school, but I am not waiting three more years to see my children.

  25. I realized after 43 appearances i knew I was wasting money, even with my ex wife’s smoking gun in hand backed by police calling her manipulative lying child abuser. the courts don’t side with fathers.
    Representing myself I have taken advantage of the freedom of speech.
    Every chance i get I remind the judge of equal civil rights,
    I speech openly exposing he tried to blackmail me into not exposing the truth.
    His words on transcripts
    “If you want to see your children you will not expose these police records in queens bench” he then offered to pay my legal costs
    I refused and stated “I just want my kids home safe with me”
    Corrupt Judges hate being exposed

  26. My question to all is, how do I write a pleading when I have to take into account the judges discretion. If I wear the wrong tie to court the judge can just dismiss my case. I have learned that since there are no punitive measures I dont have to do what the court says anyway. I will never be submisive.

  27. What can you do ?, they own the rules, the procedures and they are well rehearsed, they own your time, your labor and your life all in their hands, they own the courts and if you try and be smart they simply tack on more fees and legal costs and call it the law. They even can make calls to others and suggest coercive actions against you. The strangest thing I summarized or discovered is child support is a debt the courts claim but never actually pay. They are mostly private debts and interest derived on debts that were never payed. If child support was operated like insurance, in case of default or sickness, unemployment it would make sense, does anyone understand the biggest scam by government officials on the American public ever and the over inflated figures they continually quote year on year . Like money debts which are created by coercion or promises but end up in the back pockets of those who live well and have great lifestyles. But all it is at the end of the day is stealing from the people and then socializing the costs. Just like money printing paper. Lawyers do the same thing, they make paper debts in collusion with the state, fed and with an imitable judge in court with an army of bureaucratic miscreants and professional welfare industries that do nothing but rely on the product of these courts. Most fathers and males and the rising number of females who have orders from these courts can probably tell you that they are worthless if you try and get them enforced if the state approved parent does not agree.

    Oh how we all suffer and when the true fallout comes, there will not be an attorney in sight. Why do I say this, it is simply because the amount of sufferage the state and legislatures impose on their own people for a dollar is nothing as compared to the suffering and trauma they deliberately inflict on others by fiat and because of expediency. TRO’s are a legislative creation for expediency determining a rush to state justice, and with their special status the results are inevitable.

    If you ever feel like a clown in a show, family courts is where you need to be. The best priced tickets will put on the best shows, but the end no matter the cost will always be the same. One a winner and the other condemned to be a deadbeat parent.

  28. I am now forced to proceed pro se after draining all funds on excessive legal fees. Navigating the system to ensure I am able to properly and efficiently represent myself in a timely manner is an overwhelming obstacle.

  29. The clerks are often in disagreement on what can and needs to be filed. I had a clerk refuse to take my documents at all. But I am not surprised. I had other people court docs in my file, am missing docs. Since I help actively in 16 other cases right now, I see the same thing happening to them. It is simple, the lawyer is supposed to win, that is how they force us to sell our cars and homes for the legal fees. And if you have any questions about procedures, they say to consult a lawyer. Soon up on my site: Writings showing the push to have everyone hire a lawyer, by everyone who makes money on litigants.

  30. In Maine, there was actually a yellow piece of paper attached to the court docs saying don’t hire an attorney until you’ve tried mediation first. We did the papers, not too hard, the judge looked at it said it’s in order, asked us both if we agreed, then said see ya. Took 3 months for the court date and 5 min w/judge. But we don’t have kids. Also, judges in Maine are appointed not elected, so no lawyers paying off judges thru campaign donations.

  31. Franklin county ohio, absolutely no help. I was forced to hire an attorney. If the producers make a sequel, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY reccomend they expose the horrors of the Ohio system.

  32. Not only was it “Not Easy”, the courts have a scheme to discriminate against pro se litigants by getting you so caught up in the paper pushing and waiting for the 10 days to get a hearing. (which is really 6 to 8 weeks) If you were an attorney though, you’d get a hearing set same day if you needed it.

  33. I have represented myself pro se. It is hard but not that hard. Lawyers I have found are dumb as rocks and do their dirty work on a one dimensional level. Use the system against them (judges and lawyers) and you can make their lives hell. I not only sued my ex’s attorney for slander but put a judge on trial who illegally presided over certain proceedings. I prevailed against my ex’s attorney and gave the court fits only to pull the rug out from underneath them by getting a proper court to assert jurisdiction. This nefarious court sealed one filing of mine after another knowing that should their abuses be exposed every one of them would be disbarred. Fight them with all you can muster. If more and more of us exposed this evil, held them to account, contacted our state legislators, and made their lives to feel some measure of the suffering we would see change.