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This is the 12th in a series of Divorce Corp polls. Please vote only once. We will post the results once we have received a statistically significant number of votes.

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And here are the results with +/-0.8% accuracy:


What more can we say?  99% believe that a judge should be fired if they show a pattern of racial, age, or gender discrimination. Yet do our courts keep track of the statistics?  No! But they clearly should. If you feel strongly about these issues, please join our reform effort at www.divorcecorp.com/reform and we will keep you informed about our progress with legislative reform. Thank you.


79 thoughts on “Should a judge be terminated if their rulings show a pattern of racial, age, or gender discrimination? Poll #12

  1. Judges have way too much say of people’s lives. They should not have immunity either, and should be held to the highest codes of ethic.

    • The only way we can make judges accountable is to get rid of Constitutional Rule 1.6, which protects both Judges and Attorneys.

    • Let’s face it.. Judges are Lawyers, one of the most despised professions and one of the most overpaid! But who has oversight? In Michigan it’s the Judicial Tenure Commission who are 1st Lawyers. In Michigan the Chair of the JTC Paul J. Fischer had his son appointed and his lawyer=son is a resident of Ohio and not a member of the Michigan Bar. Highest Ethics?! Hah, Lenawee County Judge Margaret Noe got her son Jeffrey Noe (out of lawschool only 6 months) hired as a County Assistant Prosecutor, and he was handling cases which went before her!!

    • I agree with Dennis. All the judges, police, court appointed psychiatrists, therapists, and many other so called officials should be off the immunity from law.

  2. In my ongoing case, even though my wife has been three times diagnosed with mental instabilities and I have been diagnosed as safe and sane, our judge has continued to favor her in regard to our parenting arrangement with no regard for our son’s safety. Since my wife has made up lies and has the support of the local YWCA (locally a known racist organization that openly states they only support women), the judge appears to act in fear of their power. My wife has even been dating a known federal level felon and takes our three year old son around his convicted rapist father who was released from prison last fall after 10 years in jail. I have not been able to find ANY organization that truly supports a father’s rights or even protection for families here in Kansas. Any help would be appreciated. And yes, I think that judges get away with too much with no possible consequences. It is time for our judges to have to answer for violating the Constitution or committing other crimes that regular individuals would face penalty for. Thanks for listening!

    • Matt, Fathers across the country, particularly here in Missouri, understand your hell of Gender bias. You have raised some serious concerns. Hopefully you can afford a good attorney to fight for your children, but I know that is not always possible.

      Connect with ACFC and the many Fathers&Children organizations for the best legal approach, because legal reform may not come during your son’s childhood. You have to fight with whatever legal means at your disposal for the sake of your son. A start is “Father’s Rights” by Jeffery M. Leving. The groups I am involved with, seek equal default custody with both parents, barring a truly unsafe situation. My groups are not alienators and see Parental Alienation as a much more common form of true child abuse. Particular when so many are enriched by the suffering of your child and his Father. But you have to do whatever you can to protect your child if there is true danger. You may need to contact CPS or the police, but be armed with the facts.

    • Hello Mr. Matt,

      I am in similar situation as you are. My ex is sleeping with ex con. My two kids are in her and his care. I am completely out from my kids life voluntarily. I am out because there is not way to fix this problem. I do not have tones of money and resources to handle this. In other hand, my ex is living with SSI money and Child Support which I pay for my kids each week. She does not have to worry about loosing a job, but I do. Well, keep your head above the water and do whatever the best for yourself, Kids will have to face the unthinkable challenge in their life, They may go to gail because of their mother’s choice to have a felon in kids life. God Bless America.

    • Mr. Matt.,

      Just say “God Bless America.” and walk out of your kids’s life. You will be happier and you can have another kid from another woman. Make sure you have a mentally healthy woman this time.

    • Check out the Daddy Justice site. You can see what he is doing in Lancaster Pa to help this cause, because the same situation exists there. You have to fight back and hopefully you can learn some tactics from him.

    • I feel your pain. I watched my ex-wife and her live in boy friend deal hard drugs (heroin ,oxycotin, cocaine, just to name a few) they were making a lot of money and were able to pay a dirt bag lawyer to screw me good. I am sure the bias judge got his share. He told me that my boys belonged with their mother and her boyfriend because I worked two jobs. I worked two jobs to pay these scumbags. I’m still broke.

    • a conscience’s will always come back to haunt you if you live long enough you can not hide from yourself. notice how people ages and look when they don’t do the right thing don’t let them transfer that negative energy on to you

    • There is a whole lot of things wrong in this society, and most of us do not care until it affects us. And most if not always someone benefit’s from someone else’s misfortune.

  3. Judges shouldn’t be voted in either. Judges should have to go to school to be a judge and lawyers go to school to be a lawyer just like medical school has specialties so should the law!

    • If this is really the home of the brave someone stand up, There needs to be people in key position not to be cowards.

  4. I remember hearing from a couple of attorneys and custody evaluates about the presiding judge on my case, “He never rules in favor of men” How can someone even be a sitting judge with such a glaring bias towards one side?

    • It is no coincidence that the entire amount of responses here will tell of a female-bias and yet, the females have no problem lying and saying that the men get custody in the majority of the time. The courts are corrupt, there is no doubt, and even their own records will show how much (currently averages 80-90% kids go to mom) corruption they practice. Come on people; there can’t be THAT many fathers who don’t want to be involved with their kids. That is just a females lie! Follow the money. Look up Title V of the social security act. judges get a cut from every dollar he makes fathers pay in ‘mommy-support’ or should I say,’ Child rental fee’ since many women will keep the child until the father pays ever more and more to his evil ex wife! It is fantastic the ‘legal-kidnapping’ that we let them get away with!
      When will you people FINALLY have enough?!?!?!?

    • Where do you think the root of that mentality derives from, that a person can do whatever they want concerning another person life or livelihood without any liabilities or consequences.

  5. Yes, I believe Judges, showing racial, sex, discrimination. I never in my life since sex discrimination, until, I saw my judge, badger my female attorney, and my ex-husband male attorney, and guardian ad lietm, it was very obvious enjoyed how the Male Judge, Badgered my female attorney.

    Yes, there is discrimination based on sex.. I realized that point on its a Males World still!!
    My attorney is an awesome but unfortunately all 3 males gang up on her in horrible ways, sneeking and dirty ways!!! Even if I filed a compliant it wouldn’t make a difference because there is so much corruption when it comes to complaining, I tried already one and it looks even there might some type of relation with that other individual..
    System is so corrupted anyways. Without money and power we are pieces of ant’s only trapped in this corrupted system.

    • It’s out of control
      Worst of all we gave them all the power of contempt which strips you of all your rights sits you in jail and you aren’t even charged!
      They have to justify it to not a soul
      The only judge that can take you out is the one that put you in
      Read www clean up the courts @ wordpress .com
      One guys been in jail 13 years in a divorce NEVER charged!

    • You say its still a male world I think it would be better said, if you said its still a so call white male world. I strongly believe that if women were not effected today by alimony there would be no push for reform. You cannot contain wrong doing to any one particular group without it not spilling over to another group. We as it stand now are all slaves regardless of creed or color and until we try to liberate all people of any kind of injustice we will continue to be subjected to the like.

      • I’m a strait white 62 year old male in Massachusetts and its pretty obvious we are the bottom of the barrel.

  6. This is the point of having a jury of our peers. When 12 people make a decision, the prejudice of the few are diluted by the majority. It is our civil right to be protected from bias judges under the 6th amendment, along with a speedy trial, which never happens in Family Court. It blows my mind that we are denied this constitutional protection so blatantly. The language and intent could not be any clearer.

    • Municipal courts are out of the constitutional fold there were design by the knights of Columbus and the kkk in and about 1853. Research Dred Scott verses Stanford. And with the information you have you will begin to put the puzzle together.

  7. I think that I have the most unique case in history. I was the more stable parent with the stable work history (the ex-wife was a drug abuser and had just gotten out of rehab when we went to court) and the judge in his infinite wisdom decided to have split custody (6 months with me and 6 months with her) but she never had the children because she did not live in the county where the children went to school and so I had them for the entire school year and she got them during the summers and on some holidays.

    The unfairness was that I had to pay child support to her the whole time that I had the children (they were 5 and 7 when I got them and now they are 18 and 20) and they never lived with her. To further add insult to injury my ex-wife kidnapped my youngest and took her to another state and lived in a shelter for a year before I could get her back. When I did and was able to get her back in school so that she could graduate on time.

    Now the state where they lived in the shelter is suing me to get the money back while they were living there by retaining my tax refunds…I haven’t filed taxes in two years until I can fight the state and win the right to claim my tax refunds. I cannot find any attorney to help and I have been unemployed due to layoffs since January 2014. There is something definitely wrong with the system, the judges, the child support employees and all of the organizations the favor the women over the terrible men that just happen to love their children.

    • I experience’s injustice in the family court system and I felted my situation was unique but now I am coming to believe after hearing from people like you that there are hundred of thousand of us who has gone through similar situations. There should be a state of emergency issue.

    • I feel bad for you especially because your children were used as pawns. Perhaps you are living in the Anti-Constitutional State of Michigan where Michigan has a well deserved F! Grade from the Center for Public Integrity http://www.publicintegrity.com Lawyers don’t seem inclined to defend the rights of honest good people in my experience either. Now if you were an actual criminal, the tax payers would pay for your defense.

    • Yes, you are not the only one. Its all messed up. My kids hardly see a dime of the child support I pay. We had $80K in cash at time of separation. Ex wanted to litigate everything, while I wanted to settle and put the money away for kids. Not only did she get half, she also go alimony and child support, so I was paying her $3200 a month. Over half my salary. The cash is completely gone. Luckily, she got married so I don’t pay alimony anymore, and one of my kids graduated (this took me almost a year to adjust child support, different story). Bottom line is they keep giving her money which is not used on the children, it is used to go to court and pay lawyer fees!!! What I am saying is NO judge have ever demanded from her to spend the money on the kids instead of legal fees. No judge ever asks why the kids don’t have good shoes, or clothes. They just keep giving her money without any kind of accountability, while she works, bought a new car, put a fence on her house, etc.

  8. Not only should they be terminated and hit with heavy financial sanctions-maybe even jail time. They should not be allowed to be immune from prosecution for their illegal and abusive actions.
    Triple damages should be applied
    I’ve sat in Court simply stunned by the total lack of regard for the Law, let alone simple common decency that should be afforded to ALL.
    Literally got screamed at because Judge didn’t like my answer or I didn’t respond fast enough. AND told an abuse victim when she begged for protection-no broken bones? too bad-maybe I might have believed you. Plus made it VERY clear the first time we went before Judge she made up her mind already. No amount of hard cold facts presented made any difference. Makes one wonder-what is the going price to buy a Judge these days???

    • Follow the money. We have the highest amount of lawyers and inmates in the world. Each State gets $51,000 per year in matching Federal Funds per inmate.
      Correction Centers of America buys prisons from States with a guaranteed 90% occupancy for 10 years.
      Canon City Prison in Colorado raises Talapia fish (farm raised and organic) and sells them to Whole Food in Colorado. Inmates are paid upto $5 a day for raising the fish. Check the price of Talapia at Whole Foods! This prison has 50 other, “for profit” businesses!

      Prisons for Profit and Cash for inmates don’t make for “blind justice”!

  9. Judges are supposedly put in office to be “fair” and weigh out justice to be equitable before all. The Bible is clear about justice. In Isaiah 10:1-2 it declares “Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.” Our American Forefathers did not tolerate corrupt judges, politicians and others. They tarred and feathered them.

    • Fair are you kidding me. I had a family court judge who lied pointblank, straight from behind the bench and on the record . If any one doesn’t believe that I have what he said on a transcript and a prove of his lies on anther transcript . It’s as clear as day light.

    • You are entirely correct Pastor. In my neck of the woods, Lenawee County Michigan, these Judges especially Margaret Noe, are Faux Christians! Spouting all types of pseudo christian statements then violating honest peoples Constitutional and Civil Rights to enrich personal friends!!

      • And now Judge Margaret Noe has denied a Navy serviceman a stay of proceeding for the custody dispute of his daughter, while he is out at sea. He is entitled to that stay under the SCRA, but the judge ignored federal law and is going to hold him in contempt for not appearing in court, while he is out serving his country on a submarine.

    • Isn’t the tenth commandment “thou shall not covert thy neighbors goods” and the judges want the ten commandments in a courtroom. They should practice what they preach.

  10. The problem is when you try to report a family court judge to the Commission of Judicial Performance you are labeled in the court and you loose everything. No matter what you do you lose custody and they have the power to get away with it all. We have no place to turn for help.
    It takes the child to be old enough to get fed-up and leave the sick parent and run away to get what they want. This sick system should not be allowed to put children in this position.

  11. Here’s another related issue:

    The jurisdiction that my case was decided in (Cuyahoga County, Ohio) has far more female Roman Catholics serving as Family Court decision makers than their prevalence in the population of the county. Since I’m NOT a Roman Catholic, and my ex-wife is, there were two factors that prejudiced the case against me – I am a man and I’m not a Roman Catholic. 🙁 This issue was raised in litigation initiated by other parties after my case began.

  12. Just ask Bensonetta Lane, a Fulton county Ga judge, her and her bigot staff attorney
    Ms. Lord will tell you “there is no such thing as a bad mother”. Stats show otherwise, sadly. Fmi
    Chauvanist pigs!

  13. We have the largest Judiciary in the western world – California. Rampant wrongdoing and lack of diversity by the FAMILY LAW/CPS INDUSTRY is enabled from the top (Chief Justice. non-democratic Judicial Council, et al) on down. Judges should also be terminated for arrogantly maintaining a culture of retaliation (i.e., judges egregiously denying awards for proper court fees) upon a dwindling number of GOOD attorneys whom dare to litigate in the TRUE best interests of our children. AND as well for frequent ex part communications that enable preferred litigants. Some GREAT attorneys have actually been for fighting the corrupt “Assigned Judges Program” as well as fighting for proper judicial oversight only to find their writs and challenges refused. [Today is DAY 1117 since my daughter was illegally abducted from us…] If we the protective parents can’t fight the wrongdoing and our GOOD attorneys can’t fight the impenetrable wrongdoing of our top jurists… we are all lost in this nation. althepal55 on YouTube

  14. I remember entering the Massachusetts Middlesex Courthouse in1975 and having the Judge point out that we have a “feminist” in the courtroom this morning. I stood up and in my most respectful tone told him that I was not a “feminist” but a Mother that was trying to put a roof over my children’s head, food in their mouths and clothes on their back and if that made me a feminist so be it but in my mind I was just trying to be a responsible mother. Years later I found out that he used this as a reason to take children away from their Mothers. I do believe that slowly but surely things are getting better

    • If they are getting better it’s not in Middlesex county court in Massachusetts where the judges tell you that they make the laws and nobody can do anything about it. In my case I appealed the judges ruling and the judge decided that I didn’t have a right to appeal and dismissed my appeal and placed a lien on everything that I own. Another judge in the courthouse tried to force my 90 year old frail mother to submit to a deposition. I would prefer to have my divorce case heard in North Korea.

  15. In my opinion Judges should be elected. Why? To create competition and prevent life long job security for a person who needn’t worry whether their job performance is good or bad. Since we already have this scenario what seems to be the problem. I know for a fact that the State Bars will dictate who runs in Judicial elections and who doesn’t. Why do you think most Judges are unopposed in elections? Again..it’s the Racketeering Enterprise (State Bars and Foundations) running the show. Another problem is Judges should have 4 yr terms not the 6 or 8. This is way to long and after two terms… they are out. Should a Judge be a lawyer ? This is debatable also. The lawyer is a member of the State Bar and so is the Judge. Once again they answer to the Bar. Could a Doctor be a Judge or a Plumber be a Judge? Possibly. Having an understanding of the law is obviously a necessity, but what I learned representing myself pro se in court its all about rules and procedure, and I know some people like Marsha Maines that can hang with the best lawyers and Judges. The problem is…she’s not a licensed attorney. The rest of the legal jargon is knowing how to talk smack. Just my opinion of course….walshie.

      • I see this as valuable to collect annonymized statistics and the whole system, judging the judges, lets say – as well as human interest people stories. If run overseas but targeted at USA nationals, it should be able to avoid judicial take donw notcies, and if it were to cross post onto facebook!!!!

  16. Judicial cannons, enforcement of attorney ethics in court, rules and statutory provisions are not followed in a court of law, even though they are written, those words are intended for us to assume judges and attorneys read them and follow them.

  17. While I agree termination should be a disciplinary alternative, it’s ultimately the lack of accountability that underlies so many men, women, and children’s unfortunate situations. It’s David versus Goliath all over again. We the people are the proverbial Davids whom must overcome the proverbial Goliaths which stand before us and our families. Together we will once again be victorious!

  18. There is a Constitutional concept in this country that NO ONE is above the law. But it doesn’t seem to apply in simple Family Court. Judges in these courts have established a world completely outside of Constitutional law.

    #1 they routinely take absolute dictatorial control over citizen’s lives, those putting those people “outside the rule of law” contrary to the Country’s constitution. #2 they are “self declared” in their dictatorial power, claiming (and essentially having) absolute immunity in every way.

    Nothing about the robe the put on nor the bench they rule from makes a person infallible – if they have the power to totally destroy a citizen’s life then they MUST ALSO be accountable to the greatest standard possible for their powers.

  19. The process should begin with measuring judges by parenting time, asset distribution. The data should be aggregated by county and then by state. The old saying that “anything measured will improve” will work for eliminating discrimination.

  20. This would require termination of most judges. They are sexist pigs who mistakenly think only women can raise children. They violate the 14th Amendment requiring equal treatment in most every case.. We have known for over 20 years tat sole custody is a form of child abuse that drives up pathologies in children over 14,600%! Dr. Warren Farrell did a 13 year meta-study and found over 200 scientific studies supporting this idea. No quality study ever has said sole custody is good for children. Yet judges award as much as 91% sole custody. See http://www.BestInterestOfChildren.org. These judges are all prolific criminals profiting from kickbacks on child support paid by the federal government. BILLIONS annually to ALL 50 states!
    Call your U.S Congressman or woman and DEMAND they stop rewarding state judicial systems for separating children from parents.

  21. One person should not have so much power over a decision that affects people for the rest of their lives. Post judgement petitions shiuld not be decided by the same judge who made the initial decsion in a divorce. The likelihood is high that errors will not be addressed due to a refusal of a judge to correct an error because of their prejudice or ego. Judges whose decisions are overturned by the Appellate with any frequency need to be removed from the bench with all haste. Better than allowing them so much leeway. The disciplinary committee is often comprised of attorneys that try cases in front of these judges putting them in an impossible situation and less likely to vote for reprimanded.

  22. Judges should absolutely be removed for ANY egregious violation of moral, ethical and especially LEGAL standards. There should also be TERM LIMITS for Family Court judges. Two terms of three years, and then out – this would be a limiting factor on corruption/influence peddling, and would give the public a measure of confidence in a system that is rife with abuse and fraud. Why is it that the same judge who crucified you at the Temporary hearing gets to work out on you for the entire childhood of your kids? It’s wrong. A fresh set of eyes on the family could introduce some much-needed fairness into the equation.

  23. Oh looky here come to Florida Women get yourself a bogus illegal business apply for EBT food stamps if you wish. Hide your assets and cash in someone else’s name. Cry out loud oh poor me.. Guess what crime does pay in Florida.Guess what? The Government encourages it.Change you say! Fat Politicians’and attorneys have everything to gain.To Hell with children and the family institution at the sake of being elected,and Lawyer’s pockets being lined.Yep Florida is the land of prosperity. Come to Florida and file.

  24. Yes, and add to that list patterns suggesting favoritism or dislike of attorneys and/or legal firms. I believe our founding fathers recognized absolute power corrupts absolutely and expected the 3-way split of power would keep things in check. Unfortunately, the 3 heads seem to act independently and avoid any indication of overseeing each other as designed. Oversight is required for all aspects of government and judiciary is no exception. Perhaps the legislative and executive branches need a reminder they are expected to overseeing the judiciary thru open tracking, reporting and review.

  25. In my hometown, we do not have any impartial judges. They are political appointments with an agenda.

    We have way too many female-man-hating judges involved in divorce cases.

  26. There ARE SOME HONEST JUDGES judges to whom RULE OF LAW has a meaning…
    I’ve met 2 of them (unfortunately though, i’ve yet to run into an ethical lawyer)…

    but they are outnumbered by unethical judges who use their positions of apparent authority to exercise and promote their own agendas in courts across the land… violating whatever written and common laws they find inconvenient…

    and the people in the appellate side who support them… that’s where the real standards of legal review are being abused, the laws being violated… and families destroyed…

    Michael Hense v. Latia W. Martin(J.S.C), Janette A. Baxter (White Plains NY Atty), Jonathan Lippman (Chief Admin Judge NY)… notice to Eric Holder (Dept Of Justice), Barack H. Obama (President Of The United States of America)…

  27. In Michigan the Judicial Tenure Commisssion is worthless!! I filed complaints against Lenawee County Judge Margaret Noe for Multiple Frauds, violations of my right to due process, issuing Restraining Orders without cause or Due process, evicting me from my home at gunpoint (which I had been paying for for 9 years and the Ex had abandoned 2 Years earlier) seizing/stealing 27 Horses, farm equipment and even my family heirlooms and auctioning it all off, ex-parte communications with the opposing lawyer Priscilla Ruesink Jackson who happened to be my ex’s 1st Cousin/Attorney/ and a FOC Court Attorney. Other Michigan Departments which are worthless are Office of the Great Seal, Priscilla violated Notary law 3 times on a single document, Notarizing her own signature, notarizing her family members signature, notarizing her own signature on real estate documents where she had financial gain. Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Real Estate Appraisal Fraud, intentional fraud by Greenstone (my husband used to work for Greenstone) Appraiser Dennis Mikula where Comparison Properties did not even remotely equate to my property and Mineral Rights were intentionally left out (previous appraisal had mineral rights for this 205 acre property). Not surprisingly the Ruesinks signed Oil and Gas Leases with Savoy Energy of Traverse City Michigan immediately after evicting me and the Royalties are in 6 figures per month.

    • Allison, I am an appraiser in Florida. if you feel you have been defrauded by an appraiser you can file a complaint with the appraisal board in your state, and they will investigate it, and the report that was written by that appraiser. If the appraiser is disciplined they will let you know, and that will likely be helpful with your case to show that the appraiser was disciplined for the appraisal on your property. To file a complaint is very easy. Wish you the best on that.

  28. Not only should they be fired or removed from the bench, there should be many more checks and balances in place for them to be held accountable. They definitely should not be immune to prosecution or accountability. This is a very elementary problem where common sense should prevail, but when you introduce personal gain and profit into the equation, that drastically changes the rules. The solutions of which are plentiful and simple….term limits, accountability, checks and balances….all very easy to draft and implement….but when you have huge administrations governed by money, greed and power….that leaves little chance for any form of justice.

  29. The question was too binary. I would have preferred an option for judicial discipline to allow for degree and duration of bias.

    The fundamental issue is that courts (or governments) don’t keep granular statistics on judicial outcomes as a basis for statistical process control. Just having such a system in place would serve to recalibrate judicial thinking, and could be used to identify outlieres for remedial action.

    A private analysis of family court outcomes at the Ontario Court of Appeal showed women win four times as often as men in general. On particular issues like custody, the ratio is 18:1.Moreover, An analysis of about 20 judges showed that every single judge was predisposed to rule in favour of women. The judges with the most one-sided rulings were promoted to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Judges in all jurisidctions have a self-policing council. In Canada, not a single judge has ever been dismissed(fired), although there have been some close calls ( typically the impugned judge hangs around at full pay on temporary suspension, and then gracefully retires before the vote goes to Parliament.

  30. Yes any judge who shows any bias should be terminated especially when children are involved and placed in harms way!

  31. I still say judges need to rotated out throughout counties in the state like the military every 3 years or so, to prevent them from getting too chummy with lawyers that suck up to the judges and wine and dine them and turn them into a tool, for their better interest. Either that or judges should not be able to have ANY contact with attorneys at all after court hours. There should be a firewall between judges and attorneys for communication, such as an appointed management office set up for handling any communication between attorneys and judges. Judges are human and lawyers are rich, and judges can succumb to the money offers, wining and dining, and charismatic personalities of so many lawyers that are very skilled at what they do. If the court system continues to be as it is at present then it will continue to be just as corrupt as it is now and will only get more corrupt as time goes on. Its the simple “Bad input,,,Bad Output” syndrome. How is the court system missing or the justices over the court system missing such a basic need to have a separation between attorney and judge, is beyond me. This is an age old problem and has not just crept into the court system yesterday.

  32. The dictator in the White House having no need for Congress, has just signed
    even one more Executive Order guarantying equal pay for men & women.
    Now, let this apply to alimony awards, hold judges responsible and enforce under penalty of Federal law.

  33. Family courts are very special courts created by congress and were mandated for reasons even beyond the need for corrupt practices. Does nayone know that purpose, sure you got your ass handed to you and probably by an attorney who says the judge didi it. The price these judges pay for what they do in the name of progress is interesting but do undestand in the land of the free and the brave we have amongst us, the most evil people created on US soil, they work under policy not law, There is only the appearance of law and the requirement that their practice are sanctioned and authorized without limit.

    Females don’t care much about anything as long as they get what they need, males are just hapless victims of state largesse and corruption disguised as justice. Anyone actually remember why family courts and probate courts were formed, the answer was to ease the burden on children during the process, that is what the judiciary claimed they would do. Have they done this, absolutely not, They have made things worse like they always have done, and better yet, why not make a buck or two on the side and call it law. This was the commission for the UDMA. And since the judiciary has taken on this task it has been as expected a fools choice for people to be unaware of them to do so.

    History has shown that when the law leaves its purpose and creates for itself business or appoinments it determines the fate of those societies. There is a reason those societies are part of history and we as a matter of the same ignorance will also follow the historical lesson.

    We have had at least four decades of judicial corruption and we are still at ground zero, Understand the problem, your ex and children are designed to behave the way they do, it is exploiting human nature and as the original UDMA called it, opening ‘Pandora”s box’, and we are made to pay for it. Many quite ahappily, so do try to understand a simple problem between adding two and two together. Even communism was a less evil practice, when compared to the mandates and polices of family court judges.