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Here is the sixth in a series of Divorce Corp polls. Please vote only once. We will post the results after we have received a statistically significant number of votes.

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And the results are as follows, accurate to within + / –  2%



We sincerely hope that politicians will consider this information seriously.  The poll did not end up 45:55 or 60:40. This is a compelling answer from 470 people. The general public believes that it is unethical for judges to be taking money from people who appear in their courtroom.

We need to change the system to provide public funding for judicial election campaigns. If you want to participate in our reform conference to discuss these and other related issues, please sign up at divorcecorp.com/reform.  Thank you.

61 thoughts on “Campaign Contributions To Judges. Poll #6

  1. never should they be allowed to preside over any case if a party that is there donated to them.

    • It is an obvious conflict of interest. Corruption is encouraged by influence peddling. It should be viewed as bribery and therefore outlawed.

    • I agree with you. All the judges in Family Court are unfair and they hand out stupid judgment. All the male judges are in favor of or to female party. They hand out their judgment based on emotional voice they get from female party in the court room. I am a victim of their unfair judgment. Judges are Stupid because a bios therapist or psychiatrists write a report against other party whom they do not like. Most of the time, men are unfairly treated by the therapists and psychiatrists. There is only one type of therapists or psychiatrists. The one type is who know how to secure their job. When a child or children go(es) to see a therapists and psychiatrists, they make money out of the kids pushing other parent to the curve. Most of the time, males are the victim of the therapists and the psychiatrists. So, the Judges are blind and they are stupid enough to hand out the judgment based on unsubstantiated allegations of spousal abuse, child abuse and so on. This society is so crewed up.

  2. Absolutely s/b disqualified. Also, they should not be allowed to invest in any companies that offer services to the legal community.

  3. He IS disqualified. He has a duty to recuse himself where his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Title 28 United States Code 455.

    • Please see in my book, Divorce Corp, where I cover a U.S. Supreme Court case where they debated whether a $3 million campaign contribution would cause a conflict of interest necessitating a recusal. Four of the Nine justices did not think they should set precedent to require a recusal!

      • I worked as a paralegal for 7 years in Nevada County, CA, before the law office in which I worked closed. Family Law comprised 90% of the attorney’s business, and in Nevada County that is a recipe for stress. Not because of the inherent aspects of divorce litigation as much as the court’s complete lack of adherence to the laws that are supposed to protect the parties, and the blatant favoritism in court proceedings. I am still preparing legal documents pro bono for a couple of previous clients and am a member of the Family Court Reporters originally formed by Emily Gallup, who is featured in Divorce Corp. After seeing the rampant favoritism in court, I can’t imagine how anyone would feel that donating to a particular judicial candidate is not creating a conflict of interest. A $3 million contribution should be a conflict in anyone’s mind – a “no-brainer” – which makes me question the ethics of the 4 justices who did not think it was a conflict.

          • The presiding judge in our divorce trial was abruptly substituted in on the first day of our four-day trial with no notice whatsoever; he was oblivious to the 18-month case history; he admitted all of my husband’s unsubstantiated evidence and none of mine; he gave me only two years of paltry alimony ( at age 60 after 25 years as a housewife and mother ); and then he sanctioned me with $145,000 attorneys fees (in a no-fault jurisdiction) even though ex-husband exited with 4 times more money and filed the vast majority of the spurious litigation. The attorneys fees ruling was unanimously reversed on appeal but the Appeals Court ignored judge’s behavior which blatantly disregarded due process. Turns out that this judge and my ex’s attorney had shared a close association on the DC Bar for 25 years! They “persuaded” my attorney to throw me under the bus at trial. All of this is documented in the Court Record, but whoever reads the Court Record?!

  4. If the judges were honest to begin with, they would step down themselves. But we know how that works, don’t we 🙁

    • Right! Currently judges are allowed to take money from lawyers, litigants, and experts who appear before them. Although there are dollar limits in many states, firms can circumvent this by making aggregate contributions from all employees in the firm. This is covered in more detail in my book, Divorce Corp.

  5. It is not just campaign contributions but speaking engagements, contributing to books and attorneys hiring their law clerks. We need very clear rules on what they can and cannot accept as well as “gardening” clauses for Judges.

  6. The system is so corrupt in CA, it needs to be blown up and rebuilt from the ground up.

  7. Stupid question, as the answer is so obvious. Many years ago, my spouse’s attorney became a judge. She then tried to hear a motion in post divorce actions. Hey, anything is possible in the Family Court System in New Jersey, a corrupt judiciary if there ever was one.

    • Agreed, but currently judges are allowed to take money from lawyers and other experts who appear before them. Although there are dollar limits in many states, firms can circumvent this by making aggregate contributions from all employees in the firm. I cover this in more detail in my book, Divorce Corp.

  8. Oh, forgot to mention, the recent case In New Jersey Family Court wherein you had an 18 old suing her parents, still married, for support, tells you whats is wrong with the New Jersey Family court system.

  9. Iowa Fathers and Iowa Children and Families Coalition will be teaming up to bring a public showing of Divorce Corp to those interested. Meeting/showing will be Tuesday, March 11th @ the Urbandale Library. We are also hopeful to get granted permission to show it in an auditorium at the Iowa State Capitol to an even larger audience @ a later date. Feel free to contact us with any comments/questions/suggestions. Thanks!

  10. Obviously this is a conflict of interest. It is not enough to disqualify a judge based on campaign contributions from lawyers and litigants, because a lawyer’s friend or family member can officially make the payment. Another flaw in that plan is, what if I do not like the judge we were assigned? All I need to do is contribute to his campaign fund and the judge is booted from the case. Even better, what if I ere granted temporary custody, and I wanted it to stay that way? All I have to do is contribute $1 to every judge in the county and our case could never be heard, so it would be tied up forever, leaving me with temporary custody.

    The root of the problem is the existence of campaign funds at all for judges. Has anyone honestly ever seen where this money goes? I don’t recall ever seeing a sign or a campaign commercial for a judge on TV, radio etc. In the State of Arizona, we get a list of judge’s names to vote Yes or No on. Logic would dictate that if you like a judge, you vote Yes, if you dislike a judge, you vote No, and if you are not familiar with a judge, you don’t vote at all. Well, your logic would be incorrect. If you do not vote for a judge, they count it as a Yes vote. This is why every year I vote No for every single judge. Most people do not realize it works this way, so it is very simple for a judge to retain their seat in office. So why do they need campaign funds at all?

    • These are very good points Andrew! There should be a government fund to provide minimal campaign money for judicial candidates. And an abstention from voting should not be counted as a Yes! Please join our reform effort on our Reform page! Thanks

  11. Recently had to reopen my divorce case My ex was granted that I would keep a $350,000.00 life insurance policy on me to protect the annuity I pay her evrey year. The anuuity amounts to $15,500.00. I am 67 years old and my present insurance policy is expiring this year. The premiums will now be astronomical and unaffordable for me at $5500.00 per year. This far exceeds the income difference we originaly settled upon for our income spilt in NY. The income difference was only $2500 a year. My Ex claims she needs this amount of insurance until deaht do us part. A/bosulutely unjustified and to top things off if the jusdge awards this amountof insurane, I wont have enough moeny to afford my own burial and funeral costs. The courts are truly unfair to men, and for me this will be a death sentence , not a divorce decree.

    • Care to “OUT” your judge? Don’t jeopardize your case, but if you want to let other people know the name of your unfair judge maybe they will be voted out of office.

    • Agreed, but currently judges are allowed to take money from lawyers and other experts who appear before them. Although there are dollar limits in many states, firms can circumvent this by making aggregate contributions from all employees in the firm. We need to change this. Please join our reform movement at http://www.divorcecorp.com/reform.

  12. This is obviously a no brainer to set the stage for a conflict of interest, but what can you expect with all the PAC money flowing through the halls of congress, I learned the Golden Rule a number of years ago from a previous employer “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES!!”

  13. Judges should not be allowed to deny custodial rights fit parents.
    FREE MUSIC about family/eugenics courts at ExiledFathers website:
    Big Black Robe
    Divorce Industry Blues
    Jail for Judges
    Do What You Gotta Do

  14. In Texas they call that bribery and last year in Collin County Texas a Judge received $30000 campaign contribution from fiancee of father that had filed a custody suit. Only problem in Texas is no one ever knows about it until someone inside the courthouse has there toes stepped on and leaks the information.

  15. I’m sure it’s probably already mentioned… Though, with business in general, this survey question is about “conflict of interest”. Of course the judge shouldn’t be involved in the case. Thank you for your time reviewing my post.

  16. My understanding is that a vast majority of money funding judicial campaigns comes from attorneys. It’s really not very different from lobbyists funding congressional campaigns.

    • We actually think it is very different. Congress is comprised of hundreds of different lawmakers. A majority opinion needs to be reached to pass a law. A family court judge is a single person. Buy that one person off and you get what you want. It’s much harder to buy off dozens of legislators. But thanks for the feedback.

  17. It’s like a bribe. Any person who helps someone usually, mostly, especially with these crooks will give them favor

  18. It does not what you do with these Judges and Lawyers, they are all friends and all Judges had been Lawyers prior to becoming Judges, they are all part of what’s The Bar Association and the association is nothing but a legalized Government Mafia, the chief Justice is the God Father, Judges and Attorneys are the Mobsters. The association makes sure they all stay connected meet together, have lunches together, attend all Bar Association arranged Christmases Party’s and every time a Judges are appointed or retired the association throws a party and all attended, in addition all Judges are friends with Gun and Badges, the Sheriff and all his officers are controlled by Judges. It was best said by New Jersey Governor Chris Christy “JUDEGS RULE THEMSELVES”. Bottom line you can never WIN with them.

    • We appreciate your sentiments. Our movie points much of this out, including the lunches, social events, and more. It’s a cosy system with almost no meaningful checks and balances. My book, Divorce Corp, discusses how the judiciary believe that they are capable of eliminating bias in their minds when making decisions. I know of no scientists or doctor who will back that up, and the very fact that they believe they can eliminate bias is a form of bias itself.

  19. Since the whole premise here is not to throw the baby out with the bath, perhaps the answer to eliminate $$$$$ from the ENTIRE equation. We all want good people supporting good people, right?

  20. How can we make stupid judges understand that there is a life to live out of the court rooms?

  21. In spite of their best efforts (supposedly) to self-police this (divorce) industry, judges (who were once lawyers), lawyers, psychologists, clerks, social workers, special interest groups (pro-mothers, pro-fathers, etc.) all contribute to the battles in the court rooms. Nobody wants to solve problems – this industry thrives on them. It’s an industry that bilks billions of dollars from children while killing their sense of family. Children are harmed by the battles, by the financial drains on the family, by the emotional scars on everybody involved – its bad enough that the children live in a two-home system or worse, with one parent while the other is condemned to the sidelines – but layering on the financial strain as well? There isn’t a judge alive who hasn’t had their own prejudices from their own personal lives and from their “lens” on the world impact how they rule over family law cases. When a judge has financial incentives pending on the outcome of a case, or if showing a bias over time across many cases, it can only make it worse.

  22. The very idea that any couple with an unresolved emotional issue of any kind would be before a judge in a court, is outrageous. My theory is “Divorce is about relationships and relationships cannot be adjudicated.”
    Chris DiMaggio

  23. These are the factual arguments for why Judicial lobbying has to be prohibited:
    House email address’s are listed below.

    In support of HB 2583 in KANSAS
    Judicial independence has been a core political value in the United States since the founding of the republic. Alexander Hamilton, in urging ratification of the Constitution of the United States, took as obvious the need for a steady, upright, and impartial administration of the laws by a judiciary of firmness and independence. Liberty, he said, “… would have everything to fear from [the judiciary’s] union with the legislature or the executive.” Federalist: #78

    Alexander Hamilton was also confident the judicial branch could never seriously encroach upon the powers of the legislative branch. Hamilton said it was because the judicial branch had a “… total incapacity to support its usurpations by force.” In Federalist: #78, he called the judiciary “… beyond comparison the weakest of the three departments of power” and the one that could “… never attack with success either of the other two.”

    Alexander Hamilton expected the legislative branch would define the reach of the judicial branch. He argued in Federalist: #80 that when the judiciary had to be modified, “the national legislature will have ample authority to make such exceptions, and to prescribe such regulations as will be calculated to obviate or remove these inconveniences.”

    Hamilton further noted in Federalist: #81, “There can never be danger that the judges, by a series of deliberate usurpations on the authority of the legislature, would hazard the united resentment of the body entrusted with it, while this body was possessed of the means of punishing their presumption by degrading them from their stations.”

    Judicial independence and impartiality is what the Judicial Branch has claimed or laid out as its sole reason for wanting to self-regulate itself. The ability of judges to decide disputes impartially is in absolute order for our system to work effectively. If we have Judges being able to curb or influence the legislative process of those laws or the decision making process, then we end up with problems we have now.

    Judicial independence, however, only exists long as we have an equally strong belief in the democratic process of accountability. When the state of Kansas allowed for the creation of the Administrative Office for Kansas, like the U.S. Federal Court system, it was to assume responsibility for court budgets, personnel administration and compiling statistical data on the business of the courts. It was not set up to oppose or support legislative actions every day of the legislative session within the Capitol.

    Within this discussion lies the issue of Separation of Powers. The separation of powers may seem an arcane principle, but it is not there to protect politicians. It’s there to protect our individual rights.

    James Madison famously laid out the theory of separation of powers in Federalist: #51. Madison argued in Federalist: #48 that there must be some type of “… practical security for each [branch] against the invasion of the others.” The most remarkable thing is that Madison feared the legislative branch would be the primary source of encroachment on the power of the other branches. On this point he was clearly mistaken! To use Madison’s words, the judiciary has, in fact, become the invading branch against which the other branches need to exercise practical security.

    Separation of powers is essential to the functionality of our republic. This doctrine provides, in part, that persons entrusted with power in any one of the branches of government are not permitted to interfere with the powers granted to others. The doctrine of the separation of power prevents one branch of the government from encroaching or infringing on the powers of another. Thus, legislative powers are granted to the legislature, executive powers to the executive and judicial powers to the judiciary.

    “Activism” has a real impact, and it is an unavoidable part of the debate on this subject. The rule of law requires that the principles announced and relied upon by judges be neutral in their application. Neutrality requires that a principle, once chosen, be applied according to its terms to all relevant cases without regard to the judge’s personal views of the parties or issues before him.

    The Kansas Bar Association (KBA), the District Court Judges and the Offices of the Judicial Administration (OJA) are working in total unison. Until this last year, the KBA web site offered public access to the list of bills they were supporting or opposing; now it is private. I would note that every single bill that is on that list is addressed identically by all three entities in every committee hearing.

    • Chris – you may have a typo in the number of the bill. HB 2583 in KANSAS has to do with taxation of machinery. Also it would be helpful for you to summarize the intent of the new bill that you wish to refer to.

  24. I will never give up my efforts to obtain Justice for the Violations of my Rights!!
    The Complaint Process in Michigan DOES NOT WORK!!

    My name is : Allison MacArthur-Ruesink (you may view my credentials on LinkedIn)
    10495 Springville Hwy.
    Onsted, Michigan 49265
    Ph: 517.902.6698
    Email: welshponies@tc3net.com

    The Judicial Tenure Commission is just a bunch of tax payer funded lawyers who don’t give a damn about Joe Average! The same goes for The Michigan Attorney General-Bill Schutte, his Assistant AG Richard Cunningham- Integrity Division, and James Hughes, Region II Administrator, Michigan Supreme Court. Considering that Michigan has a well deserved “F Grade” for lack of ethics from the National Center for Public Integrity http://www.publicintegrity.org/

    The same Judges/Court Employees (Lenawee County Judge Margaret Noe and Priscilla Ruesink Jackson)that stole my farm and hundred$ of thousands in livestock and personal properties in 2009, now conspired and succeeded Alienating my former son-in-law Charles Willis III from his daughter after 11 years of systematic Parental Alienation, for Priscilla Ruesink’s niece Paulette Ruesink Folger, has now forced him to sign over parental rights to stop the harassment!!

    Priscilla Ruesink Jackson in ~2005 also represented niece Tina Clark (after getting caught in bed with her 1st “baby-daddy” by her then husband Prim Nieto) , and sibling Todd Clark (alchoholic) in his divorce from wife Karmen about the same time. In both cases the former in-laws at not at-fault party

    I am an 11th Generation American. You’d think my Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights would be protected by the Elected and Civil Employees of this State, but they are not. My family has served Liberty since colonial days, my son Owen Whitman Sr. formerly a Sargent in the Michigan National Guard and US Army, served in Kuwait, brother Walter F. Brown Jr., Petty Officer 20 years with US Navy Nuclear Subs (deceased), my father Walter F. Brown, Sr. Captain US Army Airforce WWII (deceased), and going back to 1620.

    Until I had the misfortune to be bullied and robbed by a bunch of unethical thugs I had no idea just how corrupt Lenawee County Michigan and the State of Michigan are. In fact I had never even had a point on my driver’s license or been in and legal trouble in my entire life but I have been treated like the dregs of society. The MacArthur-Ruesink Trust established in 2004 is Revocable by Mutual Agreement only yet my former in-laws with the help of several corrupt Judges and other Corrupt Public Officials, and Savoy Energy, are stealing all of the assets. The Trust which entaileds a 205 acre farm in Lenawee County Michigan has producing oil and gas wells.

    Paul J. Fischer, Esq.
    Director & General Counsel
    Judicial Tenure Commission
    State of Michigan
    Suite 8‐450, 3034 West Grand Blvd.
    Detroit, Michigan 48202
    Tel (313) 875‐5110

    Complaint No.2009-18229 to 18234 against Priscilla Ruesink Jackson(Lenawee County Friend of the Court Hearings Officer/Attorney/Notary/1st Cousin of ex-Husband Paul Ruesink and Dori Ruesink Durbin), Circuit Court Judge Margaret M.S. Noe (Previously attorney for Dori Durbin on her last 3 Real Estate Sales & Purchases 1998-2008) and several other Judges who were directly involved in the multiple frauds and harassment I have suffered. Fraud on the Court, False Prosecution, Repeatedly Violating my Right to Due-Process, having Court Hearings without Notifying me or my attorney, Issuing a Restraining Order without cause and without notifying me or my attorney, violating my Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, charging me $450 per day to live in my own home for 6 weeks (actual mortgage was $33.00/ day and the mortgage was paid through October 2009 from a joint bank account with my former husband), and seizing/stealing 27 horses (5 horses belonging to other individuals, 23 years of breeding down the drain! One of the stolen mares recently resold for $35,000 according to a trainer who had bought several ponies from my over the years, all of my farm equipment, family antiques and auctioning it all off (Nearly all owned before I ever met Mr. Ruesink! My list of missing properties is 5 Pages Long!) Oddly enough their cost to hold the auction equals what they supposedly made.$?! More Fraud, and Felony Embezzlement as much of the “Seized” property never went through the sale but probably is in the possession of one of the individuals who were working for the Lenawee Courts.

    Then several months A F T E R the eviction, Priscilla Ruesink Jackson & Circuit Court Judge Margaret M.S. Noe have a hearing which neither I or attorney Dan Randazzo was notified of, or available for, they bill me $20,000 for various BS like #1) putting a new bathroom in the farmhouse (their greed is insatiable! I had made $100,000 in improvements to the house and barns in the 9 years I lived there!) #2) Replacing the front door, nothing was wrong with the door #3) $2400 for not giving them a horse I haven’t owned since 2006 #4) Paying for Lenawee Court Services, Mr. Steve Matthes, to seize my property (although I had committed, been accused of, nor convicted any crime), guarding a “Living Estate Sale” by my former Step-Daughter Dori Ruesink Durbin and her husband Tom selling most of my household goods and antiques (most boxed for the 44 ft. moving trailer which was parked in the driveway when they evicted me at gunpoint) and then guarding at the “Auction” #5) Giving Dori Durbin’s dog his shots (really!?!), #6) garbage service, #7) lawn mowing, #8) appraisals of my antiques which they stole & sold, #9) boarding & Vetting for the 27 horses that they stole and auctioned off, #10) advertising for the “Estate Sale” and “Auction” of my stolen horses and property, #11) bills for utilities which had been left unpaid by my ex-husband when he abandoned me and the farm in September 2007 (2 years before the divorce and eviction).

    NO accounting of my property which was seized/stolen (Mr. Steve Matthes, Lenawee Court Services) was ever filed with the court as required by law. I have transcripts of all the proceedings and a copy of the entire 37th Circuit Court file!

    The Michigan Attorney General does NOTHING! The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Does NOTHING and closes the complaints.

    NOTARY FRAUD by Priscilla Ruesink Jackson
    Attention: Michelle Martin
    Michigan Department of State
    Office of the Great Seal
    7064 Crowner Drive
    Lansing, MI 48918
    Notary Fraud and Prohibited Conduct by Priscilla Ruesink Jackson
    The Michigan Notary Public Act, Act 238 of 2003
    • A notary public cannot certify or notarize that a record is an original or a true copy of another record.
    • * A notary public cannot notarize his or her own signature or take his/her own deposition.
    • A notary public cannot claim to have powers, qualifications, rights or privileges that the office of notary public does not provide, including the power to counsel on immigration matters.
    • A notary public is prohibited from using any term that implies the notary is an attorney, and from advertising in a foreign language, unless the following statement is prominently displayed in the same language: “I am not an attorney and have no authority to give advice on immigration or other legal matters.” The appropriate fees as specified by statute must also be displayed.
    • A notary public cannot use the term “notario publico” or any equivalent non-English term.
    • * A notary public cannot perform a notarial act in connection with a transaction if the notary is named in the transaction or has a direct financial or beneficial interest in the transaction.
    • * A notary public cannot perform a notarial act for a family member.

    A violation of the Michigan Notary Public Act is a misdemeanor. Upon conviction, a person can be fined up to $5,000 and/or be imprisoned for up to one year.


    Please note that Priscilla Ruesink Jackson violated this law for the 3 * Prohibitions , The Office of the Great Seal responds that it’s up to me to report it to the local prosecutor.

    This same Prosecutor, Jonathon Poer, who had me arrested and prosecuted for the fabricated crime of “ horses breaking into a dairy barn and stealing silage?!” at the request of Priscilla Ruesink Jackson, the same day I had filed a Motion To Set Aside the divorce settlement because of fraud. There is no evidence, no pictures, NOTHING but the “Lie Witness, Priscilla and 2 of her buddies” I pay ~$1000 dollars in fines and I am put on Probation ( These creeps even slipped the complaint paperwork for a drunk en driver into my file and I caught it when the Probation Officer was going to make me go for random drug testing ) for a year, and I have to miss my family’s 381st year reunion of the Alden Kindred Family at the family-farm in Duxbury Massachusetts which a Nation Historic Register property.
    Barrington Carr, Director
    Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau
    Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
    2nd Floor
    2501 Woodlake Circle
    Okemos, MI 48864

    Complaint No. 316652: Dennis E. Makula (Employee GreenStone Farm Services)
    License No. 1201000291
    Blissfield, MI (Lenawee County)
    Intentional fraud (low estimates) of appraised property for divorce, comparisons not representative and Mineral Rights omitted intentionally .

    Since my husband had remortgaged the farm right before we married, there is a previous 1999 GreenStone Appraisal to compare it to, $400,000 plus Mineral Rights. Not surprisingly, the ex-husband Paul Ruesink used to work for GreenStone and Paul and his attorney/cousin/court officer/notary Priscilla Ruesink Jackson and their respective siblings, were already in negotiations with Savoy Energy of Traverse City for mineral rights. They all signed leases with Savoy immediately after having me evicted at gunpoint, they are pumping oil from my former farm at 5285 Knight Highway., Adrian, Michigan. (Interestly, Paul’s younger daughter Paulette Ruesink Folger went through bankruptcy in 2010-2011 in Toledo Ohio, although she is one of the primary beneficiaries of the real estate fraud and Oil Revenues. I have recently left this information with Trustee/Attorney Douglas D. Dymarkowski of Sylvania Ohio.)
    Case Number: 10-36646, Chapter: 7, Filed Date: Sep 29, 2010, Entered Date: Sep 29, 2010
    Discharged Date: Jan 27, 2011, Judge: SPEER, Trustee: Dymarkowski, Fee: $0.00
    County: LUCAS-OH, Name: Paulette S. Folger , Party Type: Debtor
    LARA does NOTHING! and closes the complaint.
    James Hughes, Regional Administrator
    Michigan Supreme Court
    State Court Administrative Office-Region II
    P.O. Box 30048
    Lansing, Michigan 48909
    (517) 373-9353
    hughesj@ courts.mi.gov

    Roxanne Holloway, Lenawee County Court Clerk
    Martina Aranda, Clerk
    425 N Main St
    Adrian MI 49221-2198.
    Ph: (517)264-4594. Fax: (517)264-4533

    I file a Complaint against Lenawee County Clerk Roxanne Holloway and her employee Martina Aranda for holding my papers of a lawsuit against Corrupt Attorney Stan Sala for 4 weeks + 1 day. When I got my Complaint papers back, the were date stamped the day AFTER I filed them. (2 days before the 2 Year Statute of Limitations for filing a Legal Malpractice Lawsuit against Stan Sala . I provided Notarized Statement which included my Official Worktimes at the State office Building in Jackson for the date they claimed I submitted my Lawsuit Complaint.
    Michigan Court Rules (MCR) 1.1.1 and the Revised Judicature Act (Act 236 of 1961) Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 600.1974 REQUIRE that the Documents must be date stamped at the time they are submitted.

    Mr. Hughes 5 sentence response closing my complaint states “the court clerk has complied with court rules.”!?
    Detective Lt. Jaime Corona Michigan State Police Special Crimes Unit

    Allison has put together hundreds of documents showing the numerous disturbing violations of her Civil and Constitutional Rights, Conspiracy, Fraud and outright thief of $hundreds of thousands in Real Estate, livestock and Personal Property. November 2010 Detective Corona tells Allison Assistant Attorney General Daniel Tanay is supposed to meet with the Lenawee County Prosecutor about the overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing by local court, public and Ruesink family and officials . There is an election, Bill Schutte replaces Attorney General Mike Cox and Allison’s inquiries and phone calls to Corona and Tanay are not returned.

    Apparently Mr. Cunningham, Assistant AG Public Integrity Unit and Mr. Bill Schutte, Michigan Attorney General feel unless a prosecution has some political advantage like getting rid of a Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway so the new Governor Rick Snyder can appoint his own party choice, there is no reason to enforce the laws of our country or state.

    Eventually Allison gets a letter from Assistant AG Richard L. Cunningham saying “he’s not convinced there’s been any wrong doing. Case Closed.”

  25. I cannot even believe this question is up for a vote…this is absurd and Judges should absolutely NOT be able to accept these “BRIBES”…..just more corruption in “Family” courts! NO surprises here…

  26. No argument. This is a total conflict of interest. I also want to point out that not only male is mistreated in divorce court. I am a middle class working mom who has been abused by my EX and his lawyer using the court system. My divorce has been going on for five long emotionally, mentally and financially exhausting years with no real end in sight. The judge spends nearly 10 minutes here in california court and donot bother reading and analysing the case. While lawyers take advantage in spining the case to line their pockets while my children can not even afford to go to college or even enjoy luxury that should be available to them since this entire industry bleeds you dry. I pay my ex his spousal and child support, my private retirement and pension also will be split with him while he was incredulously financially irresponsible and lazy before , during and after the marriage! I trusted the court not to get even but to be fair. I can not at the least get relief in 5 years! The system is so broken. I have researched every divorce blogs and see the same pattern – Male or Female. It needs reform NOW!

  27. There have been some changes made in CA Code of Judicial Ethics that took effect in Jan 2013 to address this very issue. The revised code is 53 pages long and now included clear, tight examples when a judge shall be disqualified, reduces the amounts that may be contributed during a campaign and requires disclosure of contributions. However enforcing this is another issue all together.

    “revisions address the manner of disclosure of campaign contributions by trial judges, required by Code of Civil Procedure section 170.1(a)(9)(C), and the disqualification of an appellate justice who receives a campaign contribution of $5,000 or more from a litigant or lawyer appearing before the justice. The disclosure provisions, contained in canons 3E(2)(b) and (c), address the nature, manner, and timing of those disclosures. Disqualification of appellate justices is addressed in new canon 3E(5)(j). – See more at: http://www.courts.ca.gov/19892.htm#sthash.tIJieXrq.dpuf

    “Canon 4D(6), which addresses the acceptance by judges of gifts, honoraria, and reimbursements, has been reorganized so that the general exceptions to the prohibition against accepting gifts—such as gifts from relatives and friends—are listed first, followed by the more specific exceptions, such as reimbursements for the cost of travel and gifts incidental to a public testimonial. The revisions also clarify the types of gifts judges may accept. – See more at: http://www.courts.ca.gov/19892.htm#sthash.tIJieXrq.dpuf

    from CA, Courts website: http://www.courts.ca.gov/19892.htm