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66 thoughts on “Should all family courts be required to video and audio record all proceedings? Poll #29

  1. This might be the most effective way to show the complete lies that take place and hold these attorneys accountable for what we would be charged for perjury with the same actions.

    • I definitely think there should be audio and video recordings in the court. There was video recordings in my case. However in my case. The court officials were successful in keeping the evidence out of the courtroom. I am from Ohio. Ohio has procedure rules that specifically list what a Guardian ad Litem is required to do. And the law states a judge is required to remove the GAL if the GAL does not do a proper investigation.. Because I fired a local attorney in the good old boy network. The court officials retaliated against me. Using and harming my children to hurt me. Check out GalRule48.Blogspot.com for my story and links to videos, newspaper articles, and other websites exposing the corruption in the family, probate, and juvenile courts.

      These are the facts in my case. The Guardian ad Litem did not follow most of the procedures in Ohio Sup. Rule 48 in the one year and eleven months of being appointed GAL. The Judge and Magistrate refused to remove the GAL despite the testimony and evidence in the motion itself. Which included thirteen exhibits and letters from my ex-wife’s two Doctors stating the GAL had not contacted them. There was a stay in my case that ended up lasting eight months. The Mediator lied to my Attorney and was going to write a misleading letter to the Magistrate. I was able to prove the Mediator lied, and the letter was never written. The police lost evidence against my ex-wife twice, and the Clerk of Courts refused to send back subpoenas to my Attorney’s office for the witnesses I subpoenaed.

      Subpoenas were still not mailed back to my attorney from the Clerk of Courts the day before the January 18, 2013 trial. The Clerk of Courts refused to fax over the subpoenas to my Attorney’s office the day before the trial. I had to go down to the Clerk of Courts office to pick up the subpoenas and take them to my Attorney’s office. I ended up going door to door delivering the subpoenas myself that evening before the trial.

      After my ex-wife and I switched Mediator’s, the Magistrate ordered the GAL to interview the new Mediator. A few days before the June 26, 2013 trial, I was told my ex-wife’s Attorney made an offer by my Lawyer. My ex-wife thinks I made the offer. The terms of the agreement were the same terms discussed with the second Mediator. I never discussed these terms with my Attorney prior to this meeting. I was told by my Attorney I’m not going to get what’s on the table if I go to trial. I was forced to agree to these terms or risk losing at least a shared-parenting plan.

    • The visitation schedule specified by the judge verbally in court was never memorialized by him any written form throughout several court room sessions over approximately three years. Visitation issues came into play (denied vacation time, various holidays and many weekends). I contacted the local police for visitation assistance and they indicated that if the visitation schedule is not specified in writing in an order or any written document from the judge there is nothing they can further do. My children reside in Elko, Nevada and I live in Carson City, Nevada, (approximately a 300+ mile one-way journey). Many times throughout the divorce proceedings which began in 2011 until the children (twin boys) reached 18 on January 7, 2014, I was denied visitation. Sadly I did not have any summer vacation time with our sons during their last years in high school. I had proposed trips planed to Lake Tahoe and Lagoon in Salt Lake City, Utah. On various holidays which were rotated I did not have visitation. The judge’s visitation schedule was buried in the transcript. One transcript for a single days proceedings cost approximately $1,400.00 to transcribe.

    • Agreed Mark, not just the attorneys and solicitors….can you imagine having body language experts and people who can read lies involved to ensure justice prevails over fake tears and lies. ?? How amazing would that be….no more men being ripped off!!!

  2. I’m not questioning the integrity of court reporters, but mistakes sometimes happen. When a motion for review is considered, it would be helpful for the reviewing judge to see what took place in the courtroom. No matter is small for the person seeking review, because he or she wants justice to be done.

  3. Yes! There is currently no public recordings of all the criminal activity that goes on in family courts.

  4. After I requested video recordings of supervised visitations with my children, it was approved by the court and by my ex-wife lawyer. During an audio recording, the social worker found out and screamed at me in front of the children while threatening to end the visitation.

    Because of concerns of retaliation from any affiliated persons of the family courts and supreme courts, I prefer to remain anonymous, and I am requesting your sincere collaboration on these matters

  5. This would be far more costly than any court could possibly find resources to accomplish. They should be required to provide a court reporter for all family law hearings with no exceptions.

    • Courts don’t ‘find’ resources. They create/provide 1) what is in their best interest, and 2) convenient, passing the cost onto the parties (litigants). With technology today, a court-assigned-tech (CAT) should be created and responsible for audio and video of each and every hearing. This can even be accomplished for multiple courtrooms by one CAT. The parties name, or userid, is authorized by the judge and provided an initial password enabling viewing of any given days’ hearing. Consent to change attorney/dismiss = new password immediately via entry c/o software. Utilizing voice recognition software, transcripts can be readily prepared and sent as .pdf or other. Should there be a dispute of transcription, an email by the party, to the CAT, (cc:law clerk/counsel) is completed in the ‘dispute field’ and is rectified by both within (ie) 5 business days. If viewed timely however not resolved, the presiding judge is copied, and decision rendered. If either party remains unsatisfied with the judges decision with the following 5 business days, an electronic appeals process is made at minimal filing cost to the party citing date/time of the ‘dispute’ for clarification.
      I’m just kicking the thought around here, but why would a monopoly change for the betterment of anything other than itself? Sorry to say but as long as counsel fee’s are as high as they are, one can afford to ‘kick-back’ a piece of the action to the source-of-decision, still maintain one’s upper-livelihood, and still make ‘payroll’ to rest of the office staff.
      How many years did it take before your attorney was forced to start using email instead of $100/15 minute phone calls? Increased productivity tools to the client are in direct contradiction to the ‘efficient-production’ of any law office.

    • Linda, Are you living in the 1900’s? Recording is cheap and easy. Court reporters are an archaic, outdated solution. Perhaps you are one? Join us in modern times! Stop colluding in the corruption!

  6. It is a grave injustice that proceedings are not recorded. There is no justification in this day of inexpensive and otherwise ubiqutous recording methods that exist in every other aspect of the professional world. This neglect is perpectuated by deceptive design and the fees for recording and transcripts perpeuate an arm of the divorce industry.
    For nominal expense, digitial recordings could be implemented and established in short order; that this hasn’t occured years ago is a tribute to the absence of oversight and concern for the citizenry.
    Recorded records have intrinsic merit for “equity” and “justice.”

  7. The only way to shut down one of the most abusive practices in family law (and one that creates many of the problems) is to provide a way to easily document the lies litigants bring to the court so that prosecution of perjury is much more likely. When litigants and their attorneys feel at risk of such prosecution, they will much more motivated to tell the truth.

  8. If there is one tangible change that could be accomplished this fall, it would be that all family courts be required to video and audio record all proceedings that are immediately provided/available to involved parties.

  9. All courts should be filmed and posted publically. Nothing done by the power of government should be secret. In secret they rape the public. In secret they violate our rights and our children.

    If what they do in family court were public they would be run out of town.

  10. Family Court, aka Liars Court, should be ruled under the same standards as a criminal court; after all, non-custodial parents who CAN’T, not don’t pay support are considered criminals.

    It’s NEVER about the family; it’s only about the greasy ass lawyers making money.

    • Judges routinely tell the clerks to cut the mics. I’ve witnessed it. When the judge is being mean and abusive to the alimony payer (with combat) PTSD, etc. Or when he’s being unfair, by not allowing the combat vet with PTSD and memory problems to let his caregiver approach with him to hand him papers, etc., when he was pro se. He did however, let his alimony recipient approach with both her attorney and her adult son. Oh, and here’s the best one: When he apologized to the alimony recipient’s attorney for only being allowed to award such a small portion of the attorney fees to the alimony payer. We ordered recorded CD. Of course, none of it on there.

  11. The family courts are beyond broken. They are a shame to our civilized society. . And thus is a step in the right direction.

  12. YES: There is SO MUCH CORruPTiON that goes on in the courtroom……..Judges and Lawyers collude with eachother……Hate Crimes are committed in open court….. the transcript does not offer the truth since it could be erased….all of the above happened to me in NJ….where cronyism,pay to play and corruption are alive and well in a Kafkaeque courtroom……thoughts ?

    • The corruption and lies exist even more in the NYC divorce court. The monied spouse can buy the lawyers who are working behind closed doors with the judges. That is what happened to me. My ex husband got away with just giving us the marital apartment for his share of pre paid child support in advance. His share was not even close to what he would have owed if discovery was done. He was shielded and protected by the courts and I walked away from a 20 year marriage with no alimony, my legal fees were not paid and my three minor children received nothing. I was the non monied spouse and my ex husband a doctor pays absolutely nothing. It is inconceivable and the judge who had my case gave it up 1 month before trial and turned it over to a landlord judge who had never heard a matrimonial case before ours and told me he thought my ex husband was wonderful and I should be happy to get my apartment. None of the proceedings were recorded there were no transcripts until the last day in court when I insisted on it being on the record. My two sets of lawyers actually helped protect my husbands interests as well. I do not believe the courts are for the children. They are for who can pay the most. I wish I knew that from the beginning. I would have saved the fortune my life savings I spent on legal fees and given it to one of those crooked lawyers. The laws must change. Lives are being ruined while this injustice continues in our court system everyday.

  13. This would be prudent until other means of checks and balances can be legislated and enforced. Both parties should have access to all recordings.

  14. Yes, they should record even behind the judges chambers but someone who doesn’t work for the judges and is not influenced by the court system, like the FBI…

  15. I think if they were required to video and audio record each hearing, it would stop a lot of the collusion and corruption. You cannot change or re-word a transcript when there is video and audio available for all eyes and ears. When they (attorneys, judges, guardian ad litem, etc.) realize the rest of the world can see and hear what goes on in those closed door hearings without witnesses, I honestly think it will create change. Especially, after a few of them or disbarred/removed or voted out of their positions.

    • You are right- on about public scrutiny, I think it would make ALL parties very careful about what they say and do! A big change from the current situation!

  16. The law is so very jaded in the Family Law courts. It is a certain way for ALL parties to be held accountable for their actions and behaviors.

  17. All court proceedings should be taped. A lot times some things are said that are not included in the record and also, we need to see the demeanor and attitudes of judges, witnesses, etc.

    We can tell a lot by viewing and hearing what exactly transpired in a courtroom especially if we know if the judge yells, or a uncredible witness hems or haws during the proceedings that written words in a transcript just don’t convey.

    Our children’s future are determined by the decision made by these individuals so it must be memorialized. We have to get it right and if not the first time then make it right.

  18. In my personal experience after it was proven in family court my ex wife was guilty of perjury and her families 4 generations of sexual abusers exposed the family court judge ordered the equipment be turned off then he made this statement. Mr D if you want to continue to have access to your children you will not make any applications in the court of queens bench. You are going to accept separation assets here in my court (not legal in canada)
    I then expressed concern that in police video records my daughter disclosed her uncle the alleged sexual abuser threatened her with a knife.
    The judge proceeded to state. I have viewed the records and no such thing happened.
    My next application supplied the video evidence.
    The judge instantly blamed police but I had him admit he had lied on record and he then apologized but then proceeded to remove access to my children stating I had acted in an aggressive way exposing his lies.

  19. I think the question you are asking is to broad. First of all, I think for “small” cases, where little money is involved, say less that $100,000 (but one could argue up or down on this point) and where the information is very clear cut, for instance, the couple’s income is simple salary, i.e., they are not business owners, who could potentially filter income through the business, there is probably no need to video or audio record the proceedings. On the other hand, in larger cases or more complex cases, recording might be very useful, as long as mistakes on the witness stand could not be used against the injured party on appeal. If, on the other hand, the lawyer for the injured party felt that something was set by his/her client that was taken out of context or adversely influenced the judge’s verdict, and that comment could be used to influence an appeal verdict more favorably during an appeal, then I think there is a value in recording the testimony. Also, since there is already a full stenographic record of the trial, I’m not sure what additional value there would be in a video recording, unless one thinks that the nuance of how one answers a question is useful, since the same sentence might be interpreted differently when played back audibly, vs just reading the text.

  20. The courts should be public for visitors, for press and recorded for review.

    I have seen poor people denied public representation and imprisioned for lack of payment of child support, even though there is no way they can pay the amounts demanded. The courts easily see this from the information presented. I have seen courts fail to enforce the possession schedule, because there was some defect in the decree and of course more attorneys fees are needed to fix that and the father still does not see the kids (for 9 months at last count).

    Family law has no heart. Family law has no compassion for the chilren. The states-attorneys general have codified computer systems to extract child support and monitor this on a monthly basis. The states attorneys general have no system to track the following of the possession schedules. Family courts have only rules and the rules can only be followed by hiring expensive attorneys.

    Of course, our young people distrust government. Of course, our children refuse marriage in increasing numbers and prefer co-habitation. The government is killing marriage as a committment by both parties. The government tracks money. The government has no system to track how the children are treated.

  21. Right now in Dallas Family courts, in the Associate Judge’s court, there is no Court Reporter and hence there is no record of any proceeding, allowing the AJ to make all kinds of outrageous remarks and hand down rulings unconnected to the facts.

    So any type of record of these proceedings (audio/video/transcript) would be a huge improvement.

    • You are right. There should ALWAYS be a record. Who would object to this unless they were a liar and a crook?

  22. Absolutely, the judge in my husbands divorce called him a blue-collar worker & refused to look at any of the documents we submitted. When I got a copy of the transcripts it was completely edited out. Totally disgusted in the Family Courts system and have lost all faith in this country for treating people this way.

  23. My answer is yes, but I’d want to know what the recording would be used for. Personally I’d just be happy if courts would adopt some common sense and stop treating 13yr old children like adults.

  24. In a divorce were children are involve the phone communication should also be recorded. The mother of my daughter use to call me pretending to be my daughter. During the call she would insult me and tell me that she didn’t want to see me ever again. (Thinking that I didn’t know it was her and not my daughter). Well I did record the conversations and they my not have been admissible in court, but the social worker and the psychologist found them very educational.

    PS. In my jurisdiction it is illegal to record conversations with out the knowledge of the other party. But I thought the risk was necessary in other to show the deviant behavior and actions of my ex. And thanks in no small part to dose recording I have the custody of my daughter today.

  25. I am currently unraveling a collusion at Capitol level to destroy these tapes. Court Reporters Board is behind it, but they are just the beginning of something bigger.

  26. One thing that bothered me about my final court hearing is that I had to pay for a court reporter but, when I asked for a transcript, I was told I would have to pay $65 to get a copy of it. None the less, having video and audio recordings would be good but, it should not replace a court reporter. The reporter will insure all that is said is recorded where an audio recording may not pickup every word clearly.

      • And BTW…. Even though I paid to have the court reporter there she told me that the transcript( by law) was also available to the opposing party. There was no way that my family or I could afford to pay for more and Mr. Money bags has access to the transcript that I do not.

  27. The more is learned on behavior, linguistics, communication strategies, as they apply to interpersonal conflict, the more useful video taping interactions in the courtroom will become, as people are under pressure to tell the truth, and their internal reactions to that pressure should be on the record, even if discerning what it means has to wait until interpreters get more enlightened.

  28. While this may seem like a good idea, and to help these entities to be held accountable for their actions, in practice, I do not think it will make much difference. Most courts already do record all proceedings, but the problem comes in when a party requests the documentation of the recording. Paying high fees for transcription of proceedings deters many from requesting the information, so it’s really of little value in changing a bad outcome. The other aspect is that a lot of the “drama” takes place Share: Cite / link: ” In Camera” or behind closed doors of meeting rooms, before or after the actual hearing. And much of what goes on in these rooms, with lawyers “duking it out” or parties being influenced to give way, is private and not recorded. It’s in these rooms that the real injustices take place, with those in power using emotional blackmail tactics to force a party to give. Because of this tactic for the “success” of the machine, and the power over it provides, I highly doubt anyone will ever allow recording devices in these private conversations!

  29. It is a known fact that the court reporter does not record all incidents or notations within the court, I have had recommendations to carry a small recorder in court

  30. As a last resort to counter my ex’s repeated lies, I told her during negotiations that I want to record whatever is being said. She immediately ran off to see the judge and the judge obliged her by having an immediate court session. She didn’t have to say but a sentence. The judge said he will hold me in contempt for wanting to record our private negotiations. He spent several minutes upbraiding me and threatening me with consequences. I had to agree to record nothing. Ironically, in this modern edifice for the family court, are notices everywhere including in its restrooms, that all conversations are subject to recording. Need I say more? The lawyers and the judges want nothing recorded to protect their monopoly and dictatorship. Crying shame there is nothing in America to check these monsters.

  31. Absolutely yes! My husband’s ex wife misrepresented her income and continually perjured herself on the stand, despite the fact that we went into court with documented evidence from her bank records. She admitted in court that she got the money from her mother for her attorney’s fees but we ended up having to pay them again. If we had a record to go back to, we could have pointed out the inconsistencies and bias in the judge’s decisions.

  32. ABSOLUTELY… and WITH a certified court reporter for redundancy! Hundreds of thousands of protective parents and children have suffered when there is no record. Aside from “Judicial Immunities” and self-protective “Assigned Judges Programs,” judges and other corrupt & collusive officers/parasites of the court can select their own facts, obfuscate, intimidate, protract, and marginalize the disfavored litigant/situation with impunity… “they” profit to the detriment of those with our effective counsel or in Pro Per. I know – FIRSTHAND! #NationalParentsOrganization
    ~althepal55 on YouTube

    • No, a lot of proceedings are mundane and no effect even if they were taped. However all trials, and hearings should be vidoed and audio taken. What the lawyers say with regard to motions etc. Some judges will say that a lawyers argument is not evidence, however if the lawyer says things that are not true, the judge still has in his/her mind what was said.

  33. M.R.Civ.P. 76h says that any party to an action can record it for his own personal use. The court or judge cannot deny this. It is when the recording or any part thereof needs to be used as proof for any given situation or comment for a case is when the court or judge can admit/deny its use. However, a transcription of the recording or any part thereof can be sworn to in an affidavit. I know from personal first hand knowledge that court recordings and transcripts can be and are in fact altered as mine was. So having your own recording for reference and corroboration is almost a must.

  34. All courts should be filmed and posted publically. It will keep the judges honest and ethical if everyone can see what is going on; there are too many horror stores of corruption and abuse.

  35. Absolutely and remotely held so they cannot alter transcripts, as is seen way too often. Change the accountability over professions as well.. Having judges over see judges and lawyers over see lawyers and police over see police.. is criminal and allows for tampering and protections unlawful and illegal violating Individual rights and protections… as well as children rights. Official abuses for any officials that step outside legal means or conspire to vote or rule against any citizen or child out of bias means or retaliation or to cover up misconduct of any other Official. As well to not disclose all personal gains in hidden connections is a major Breach of Office. Vote protections for our PEOPLE.. not Officials or large business. Public Servants must be held to a higher standard.

  36. Yes! I was so tired of getting transcripts with large gaps of missing information due to conversations that took place off the record. Also I asked for a court reporter to go in to the illegal chamber hearings that occurred and that was denied.

    I wanted to mention here that I would love to go with you to. Washington to support your cause and attend all those sessions, but it is cost prohibitive to me.
    I am one of those that lost my life savings, retirement accounts, ran up my credit cards to bankruptcy level, almost lost my home, still pay child support and drive an 11 year old car I need to replace before it leaves me stranded., all thanks to the Family Court system. I WISH I could go!!

  37. Yes! Record everything. We have been fighting the suppression of evidence by husband’s ex for years. Her lawyer lies in every hearing, the judge now believes those lies are truth. And to top it off, in the last hearing the judge said “I understand about the first amendment, but I have the power to do whatever I need to to protect the children”. WOW! She wants nothing on the net because “the children might see it”, and wants to hold him responsible for anything I post! The hubris!
    Recording everything would keep everyone more honest.

  38. The case for recordings can be best made through the following i observed as a third party in a family court and could not stomach. There is an incident (one of many like it all over the state) at a divorce hearing at a family court in Minnesota USA where the presiding judge overruled all objections and allowed a private parenting supervisor (who moonlights when also holding a full-time government job in the same court) to freely express her opinions and perjure herself during testimony. It was pointed out that the person testifying was not an expert but only a fact witness and should not be allowed to mouth off her opinions. The judge agreed that she was a fact witness but asserted “i will allow it anyway”. Throughout the testimony, the judge was actually guffawing and mocking the party against whom this private parenting hack was testifying. On several occasions the judge actually asked the hack offering her testimony questions designed to fish for the answers that the judge wanted to hear. He vigorously made notes smirking all the while. It got to a point that the private parenting hack realized that the judge was being flagellated by her testimony and began to ratchet up her delivery. At one point, the frenzied orgy of lies, innuendo, and falsification was so grotesquely out-of-whack that the attorney to whose benefit the private parenting hack was testifying actually tried to caution the hack that the parent-child scenes she was talking about could have been recorded by the parent (it was the attorney’s way of trying to forewarn the hack that the fantasized testimony would be publicly compared to the actual recordings and it would not be to the advantage of the attorney’s client). But wonder of wonders, the private hack was not deterred. She was a veteran of this type of hatchet job for the judge and the court and she knew the judge would “fix” it so that the outcome would be what had been prearranged and per-paid for.
    It has come to light in a post-testimony inquiry that this so called private parenting supervisor (private hack) may be mired in a hell of bad parenting and dysfunctional family history in her own life. It also came to light that she is a hired gun known to the court and the judge. The judge makes a specious order at pretrial stage against one of the parents that sends the parent scurrying to locate someone who can provide the services offered by the private hack. The parent’s lawyer recommends the parenting hack. The judge also appoints a court-appointed evaluator to “strengthen’ the judge’s hand in taking away the child of the parent that the court has determined would be the scape-goat. This evaluator is a “government appointed bureaucrat” who not only knows the game but regularly converses with the private hack about the posse of cases they are working on for the court. Surprise, surprise the government appointed bureaucrat recommends that the court appoint the parenting hack formally(this is what the parenting hack was angling for all the while she was being paid by the dispossessed person so the judge can allow the parent to see the child). But now the parent has to pay the parenting hack the judge-calculated sum monthly for the next umpteen years. If you are thinking that perhaps the child was harmed by the dispossessed parent. Not at all. No harm says the report the court obtained from its own appointed henchmen. But they tried to concoct someway to empower the judge to keep the parent on the hook. The judge enters it into the “record’ with a look of satisfaction on his face.
    This judge is not and cannot be neutral and is definitely unfit to sit as a judge in a equity hearing which this case is according to that court. Given the play described above and staged in the court, neither the judge nor this parenting hack nor the state-appointed evaluator should have been allowed anywhere near the hearing that can demolish something as beautiful as a parent-child relationship. But the attorney for whom this parenting supervisor was testifying for has contributed in the past and will contribute to the upcoming election campaigns of not only the judge but also other members of the family law bar. The attorney has also signaled the judge through papers submitted to the court that all payments that the court can impose on the other parent will be petitioned to be made through the state-set system of collection. THIS is the payout. The Clincher for the judge and the court. This system of collection allows the state to collect equal matching contribution from the federal government from what is called Title D. Such contributions directly contribute to the judge’s paycheck, the paychecks of the other government bureaucrats in the system and in a quid-pro-q the system fixes it so that the attorney that delivered the other parent to the state gets to collect huge fees. The federal government is complicit in the game too.
    A scene from the Divorce Corp movie playing all over again? Yes. I was an observer to all of this and it got to me. It must out.
    The other parent who is without means to counter the power-plunder structure will be made to loose his parental rights so the judge, the lawyers, the court workers, the divorce businesses, the state and the politicians/legislators can benefit from the loot. It is no wonder that the judge and everybody else in the system are prepared to make sport of the case. In the commerce-conflict-power and corruption ridden props that form the so-called family justice system, all of what is described above is just in a days work for the court and its henchmen. All par for the course.
    This is just one vignette of what this judge and many others of his ilk are engaged in perpetrating.
    A video-audio tape of the proceedings could tell the above story in much more gory detail than this observer of the court can recount.Imagine actually being able to observe the cold sweat dripping down the brow of the parent whose child is being snatched by the family justice system as the parent realizes during the proceeding that it is a party of one in the lion’s den and that its own lawyer may also have bought into the system.

  39. More importantly, the court recordings should be provided when requested. I was involved in a questionable hearing about three years ago regarding the potential implementation of a Parenting Coordinator. We filed a motion requesting the court recordings from that hearing and we were denied access. Of particular interest is the fact that we were denied the recordings because the magistrate stated that the court recorder’s were to busy to process the recordings and that it was also taping the financial resources of the court by having to provide them. So we were denied access to the court recordings. We were told that we could have copies of the transcripts, but not the actual court recording. When we finally received the transcript nearly one year later, there were many, shall we say, questionable portions of the transcript that were not reflective of our recollection. So what would have truly been the most expeditious and cost effective? Providing us with the existing recording, or having a transcriptionist listen to the recording and provide transcripts?

  40. The question answers itself. Why in the world would we NOT want to? To even ask this question gives the unstated (but perfectly clear) position that they are trying to hide something, which of course, we know already. As a matter of fact, EVERYONE knows this already! Those who say otherwise are a liar, plain and simple.

    The ‘better’ question is, When will we finally do something to stop it?

  41. The parties have a right to the official record. The proceedings are open to the public, To impose some antiquated and perhaps corrupt restrictions to recordings leaves the court open to corruption and allegations.

    Requiring a court recorder and transcription is an error prone and expensive process.

    The technological aspects of reproducing sounds is simple and inexpensive. Allowing the court audio to be broadcast at all times would allow the public to supervise the courts.


    As Perry Mason said, I am always on the record”

  42. after being arrested 30 times in nine month. The judges in Topeka and Wichita finally decided to put me on the first one reverse house arrest lost several jobs couldn’t go to work I lost my business after being on reverse house arrest it proved her perjury in court then he let her slide on it due to the district attorney here in Wichita it’s a good ol buddy system here.I finally got my visitation right reestablished eventually got custody through the years.if city and county would work together I would not have had to go through this.

  43. If we want real change and desire true justice it is going to take more then just video tape. It is a start. We need to move the process away from one unqualified man or woman making complex social and economic decisions impacting generations of children not just the two spouses. I am trying to pick up and take the needed Changes Divorce Corp is suggesting and taking the next step in the best interest of society.