Reform Conference


Join us this November in a discussion of ideas
to reform U.S. Family Laws.

The first session of the conference opens at 9:00 am, Nov 15th and concludes at 4:00 pm Nov 16th. Conference check-in and registration begin at 8:00 am, Nov 15th. All conference attendees must check-in.

Topics Of Discussion

  • Child Support – Who Benefits?
  • The Constitutional rights of Parents
  • Do Our Family Laws Reconcile With Modern Social Trends?
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence and Parental Alienation on Custody
  • Mediation vs. Litigation for Family Law Matters
  • Are Family Courts the New Mafia?
  • RICO Suits Against the State Courts
  • Equal Parenting
  • The Science Behind Primary vs. Shared Custody
  • Alimony Reform Success
  • Revising Child Support Guidelines
  • Judicial Elections and Their Impact on Judicial Independence