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Many of you have reached out to Divorce Corp asking for specific ways you can help make a difference to correct the injustices of the family courts. We believe that there is a real opportunity to speak up and help right a wrong in the case of Carnell Alexander. The story takes place in Michigan where Carnell Alexander has been ordered by a court to pay $30,000 in child support for a child that everyone now acknowledges, and a DNA test confirms, is not his. The child’s mother named Mr. Alexander as the father in order to qualify for welfare benefits. Carnell Alexander was not served with paternity suit papers and had no knowledge of this until an officer arrested him for being a “deadbeat dad” during a routine traffic stop. He has been fighting the charges ever since. The court is holding him responsible for the child support, even though they acknowledge he is not the father, simply for not filing a motion to set aside the acknowledgement of parentage within the time frame required by the court.

How can you help? Read more about Carnell Alexander’s story using the links below then copy the following text and email it to the addresses provided. If we all stand up to be heard, we can put an end to this injustice.

Judge Orders Man to Pay 30K in Child Support for a Kid That Isn’t His
Detroit Man Turns Himself in After Not Paying Child Support for A Kid That Isn’t His
Michigan to Jail Carnell Alexander for Child Support for A Kid That Isn’t His
Judge Orders Detroit Man to Pay 30,000 in Back Child Support for A Child That Isn’t His
Carnell Alexander Detroit

Copy The Following:

I am disturbed about the injustice perpetrated on Mr. Carnell Alexander. I am further disturbed about the anger directed at this innocent man by Circuit Court Judge Kathleen McCarthy, captured on film, and her complete lack of sympathy for a man who is the proven victim of lies, including a lie by a process server, who is an officer of the court.

I demand that:
Judge McCarthy recuse herself from Mr. Alexander’s case (Case Number: 1989-960301DP);
She be demoted from her post as Presiding Judge of the Family Division of the Third Judicial Court of Michigan;
That Mr. Alexander be relieved of his requirement to pay child support for a child that is not his; or, if the statutes do not allow this, the Court use its discretion to create a payment plan requiring him to pay $1 per year.
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